My Wife’s Fantasy Comes True

Author: talon

From time to time my wife Jean will browse a swinger website for other married couples. She saves potential candidates and we review them together. This system has worked well for us and we have become good friends with several couples over the past few years.

Recently, I passed by the computer and noticed Jean was reviewing a profile of a black male. When I commented on this she just shrugged and replied, ‘I’m just browsing Dear!’

One evening a couple of weeks later I saw Jean had left the profile of a young black male on the computer screen so I sat down and took a closer look. It read in part;

   Black male, 31, very well endowed, seeks mature, married, white

female for erotic encounters…….husband is welcome to watch

action……clean, discrete, expect same…….well-hung friends

available if interested in group fun.

Jean came into the room, sat beside me and said, ‘Well, I think I’ve found him.’

‘Found who?’ I replied.

‘Him’ she chuckled, ‘I want him’ and clicked the mouse to reveal a photo of the young man with a finely-tuned body and a large, thick penis hanging limply between his legs. ‘There’s more’ she said, clicked again and another photo appeared showing the same guy but with a huge erection. His cock was all of 12” long and very thick, the head was large and beautifully shaped and it looked as hard as black granite.

‘Wow, please do tell more, what’s this all about?’ I quizzed.

Jean looked me in the eye and said, ‘I’ve never mentioned this before but I’ve fantasized having sex with a black man for a very long time, or, to be more precise, black men. I’m getting wet now just thinking about it and I want you to watch and he has friends and.’

‘Hold on, hold on, one step at a time. You’re telling me that you want a gangbang with a bunch of black guys and have me watch?’

‘Yes please!’ Jean smiled as she felt my stiff cock through my pants. She squeezed it and said, ‘Does this mean yes?’

‘Well, you know I like to watch you when we swing and I’d be lying if I said the thought of watching you with a group of men hadn’t crossed my mind. Let’s see if this guy is for real and take it from there.’

Jean hugged me and whispered, ‘Come upstairs, I want to take care of this’ and rubbed my erection.

Jean sent an e-mail to the young man the following day inviting him to peruse our profile and reply if he liked what he read and saw and to include details and photos of his friends. Our profile contains three photos of Jean and two of me. Mine are nude while Jean is depicted in stockings and heels; the first is a shot from behind highlighting her shapely ass and slightly open pussy lips with neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair, the second, a full frontal shot that really shows off her slim but well-proportioned figure with small but firm breasts with large nipples and lovely legs and the third, a rather slutty shot of her laying back, legs spread wide with an even wider, CFM smile.

The following evening my wife could not hide her excitement as we sat together at the computer and checked for a reply. The in-box showed one piece of mail and Jean eagerly opened it. It was from the young man who introduced himself as Michael. He was impressed with our posting and especially the photos of Jean, suggested that we meet to establish compatibility and included his phone number. Several photos were attached of his friends, Barry, Jared and Rich who had met at university and remained good friends. All were in fine physical shape and generously endowed. Jean’s hand trembled as she clicked through the photos a half dozen times and admitted she felt quite light-headed with the thoughts flashing through her mind.

‘He seems genuine, let’s arrange a meeting’ Jean said in a low, hurried voice.

‘Okay’ I replied, ‘Let me talk to him, you’re a little too wound up at the moment.’

My telephone call went very well with Michael and we soon realized we had a lot of common interests. Not the least of which is a love of women in sluttty clothing and erotic lingerie. He related that while at university he lived off campus in a rented room next to Jared. One evening the husband of the couple who owned the house asked for help moving some furniture to a storage area in the basement. The items were not heavy and Michael wondered why he had asked for assistance and whether there was another reason for this unusual request. While in the storage room the husband whispered for the young guys to join him. He opened a small sliding door that led to the recreation room and there was his wife dancing by herself. She was in her 50’s and just a little overweight but still shapely with large breasts and nice rear end. She was dressed in high heels, black stockings, short black skirt that exposed her stocking tops and garter belt straps and a white blouse. As she danced she hiked up her skirt to reveal a lovely round ass and played with her pussy through the thin material of her panties. Half the buttons of her blouse were open, her breasts bulging from a black bra.

Michael was extremely turned-on by what he was seeing. His sexual experience at that time was limited and the sight of this mature white woman dressed in this manner made him highly aroused. Jared just stared with his mouth open.

‘What do you think of Julie?’ said the husband, Ron.

Both men could only manage an unintelligible mumble as Julie turned to face them and motioned for them to come in. She danced around, pressing her body against theirs, obviously feeling their erections as she did so. As the evening progressed the two young men exhausted themselves with Julie, who seemed insatiable, while Ron looked on and offered encouragement and suggestions on different ways for them to screw his wife. There were frequent visits to the basement for the remainder of that semester as Julie taught Michael and Barry the finer points of satisfying her considerable appetite.

With the start of a new semester, Michael and Jared welcomed two new students to the house, Barry and Rich and it wasn’t long before the foursome were heading to the basement to pleasure the always-horny Julie. For the rest of their time at university they ignored dating girls of their peer group, preferring the skills of Julie and were firm in their belief that mature women were far better sexual partners than the young girls around them. Julie had taught them a lifetime of skills in a few short years and they had been excellent students.

Following university they vowed to remain friends and seek other horny, mature women for their sexual pleasure.

Our telephone conversation ended with us agreeing to meet on Thursday evening at a local watering hole that was quiet and would allow us to talk without shouting over the noise. Jean had been listening on the extension upstairs and I went up to see what she had thought of the call. She way laying on the bed, naked, vigorously masturbating with a black dildo. I sat on the bed and took control of the dildo, her pussy was so wet the long, black shaft of rubber slid in and out easily. ‘Oh, I’m so horny just thinking about those boys, fuck me harder, harder, give me more black dick.’

Thursday evening finally arrived and Jean and I sat in a quiet corner of the lounge bar. Jean was dressed quite conservatively, not wanting to show too much at this stage, but still looked very desirable. The four men entered the bar and Michael spotted us instantly and over they came. Jean was, of course, the centre of attention and although I knew she was quivering inside, she remained outwardly calm and we enjoyed a very friendly evening. An agreement was made to e-mail Michael if we wished to proceed and he would do likewise on behalf of himself and the other three.

We arrived home and Jean ran to the computer, our e-mail had a message from Michael saying he and his friends would love to join us for a sexual evening at our earliest convenience. Jean was visibly shaken by what was developing and wanted to e-mail back immediately. I had to stop her and suggest that book a hotel suite first and then e-mail. I called a nearby hotel and reserved a large suite for Saturday evening, Jean then e-mailed Michael with the details. Within ten minutes Michael replied.

So, it was set, on Saturday I would watch my wife being fucked by four black guys with big dicks. How did I feel? I felt good. Jean had always been highly sexual and I did like to watch her with our friends, Don and Carol. Don would fuck her with his large cock on the arm of our couch. I would lie on the floor with Carol bouncing on my dick and look up at the pounding my wife was receiving and think how she loves a good, hard fucking from a big cock. I could only imagine how she was going to react with four cocks. I was looking forward to Saturday!

Jean was in the bathroom of the hotel suite getting ready and wouldn’t let me see what she was wearing, saying it would be a surprise. The guys were due in 15 minutes and I was to meet them in the bar so left Jean to her primping and went downstairs. They had just arrived as I stepped from the elevator so I grabbed the door before it closed and we made our way back up. I opened the door to the suite and we stepped inside. Jean was dancing very provocatively to music and was dressed in black fishnet stockings, stiletto heels, a short black skirt and a white blouse….an obvious tribute to Julie and one that Michael recognized immediately. She unbuttoned her blouse halfway revealing most of her breasts in a push-up black bra and then lifted her skirt to show the tiny black panties and garter belt. We all stood motionless until she directed us over to the large sofa. I stood behind it while the four lads sat down. When the music stopped she lay on a big, square ottoman that was in front of the sofa, opened her legs wide and began to caress her tits and pussy.

After several minutes she stands and beckons me over to her. ‘Please take off your clothes’ she says to the men and they comply without hesitation. The men are sitting on the sofa naked, their erections growing and she says, ‘Stroke your lovely black cocks’ and they oblige, playing with themselves to full hardness. She stares intently at them for a few moments, then turn to me and says, ‘Show me off to them’ I must have look puzzled because she says again while motioning to her breasts, ‘Show me off to them.’

I understand what she means and as we stand in front of the men I unbutton the rest of her blouse, remove it and caress her breasts. The bra is next and I maul her tits and pinch the nipples as the men watch and masturbate. I ask Jean to turn around and bend over and slowly lift the dress; I fondle her ass then pull down her panties and finger her wet pussy, spreading the lips for the men to ogle. Jean straightens up and turns to see three huge, hard cocks waiting for her. I take her to the ottoman and she lays down on it and spreads her legs wide. The men now watch as I fuck her with a black dildo. She is squeezing her nipples and moaning and after a time I ask her if she is ready for some real black cock. She just nods and I slowly remove the dildo and help her to her feet. ‘Well guys, she’s all yours,’ I say and they stand and surround Jean. They maul her ass and tits, fingers probe her wet slit as she jerks a cock in each hand. She is taken to the sofa and laid down. Two cocks vie for possession of her mouth while a tongue probes her pussy and flicks her clit. The men rotate until each has tasted her and she has sucked all four cocks.

I comment that it’s about time she felt a black cock inside her and Barry obliges. He enters her slowly, his thick, black shaft stretching that lovely pussy I know so well and Jean lets out little squeals of pleasure even though her mouth is stuffed with cock.

Barry’s pace quickens as he nears climax and I see his big dick, glistening with pussy juice, pound into my wife. He shoots his load inside her and as he pulls out some sperm squirts over my wife’s blonde pussy hair. She is moaning, ‘Oh more,’ over and over and Jared drives his cock into her and begins long powerful thrusts. Barry has his dick in Jean’s mouth and she is deep-throating his softening erection.

Jared erupts with a huge load and as he withdraws I see his seed dribble from her cunt. Rich is quickly into action, turning Jean onto all-fours and plunging into her from behind. I watch as his long prick fucks my wife hard, the harder he fucks her the more she enjoys it. He pulls out and moves to Jean’s face and Michael moves behind my wife, his immense black shaft rubbing along her pussy lips and as the head slowly forces apart her cunt, Rich cums all over Jean’s face. Michael buries his dick to his balls and begins long, rhythmic thrusts as Jean moans, ‘Oh yes, more, more, yes, more.’ Michael fucks Jean for a long time before sticking his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile Barry is eating pussy as Jean squirms beneath him.

‘Bedtime!” exclaims Michael and I turn to see Jared lying on the bed with another erection. Rich and Barry carry Jean over and lower her onto Jared’s stiff dick. Jean bucks wildly on top and pussy juice is running onto Jared’s balls. Michael walks over and kneels beside them, he squirts lube into Jean’s hand and she begins to wank his huge cock. He lubes his fingers and plays with my wife’s ass, slowly working two fingers into her asshole. He moves behind her, removes his fingers and puts the head of his cock against her anus. I think it will never fit but her pushes gently and inch by inch it disappears. As Michael and Jared pump away Barry and Rich stuff their cocks into Jean’s mouth. She is filled completely with black cock and loving every second of it. After Jared, Barry and Rich each splash cum in and over my wife for a second time I realize Michael still hasn’t ejaculated. He takes his dick from Jean’s ass and asks her to kneel on the floor, she is a bit wobbly but still manages it. He stands in front of her with his massive member twitching and she begins to stroke it. The other three gather around her as she masturbates Michael until her releases cum in her mouth, over her face and neck and into her hair.

‘Absolutely brilliant!’ cries Jean as she wipes sperm from her face then pulls the men closer to her so she is surrounded by cocks, ‘absolutely brilliant.’

Barry, Rich and Jared leave raving about the evening and hoping it could be repeated. Michael stays and Jean showers while we chat, agreeing the night was a success and it should happen again. Jean joins us with a towel wrapped round her and Michael asks if it is okay if he showers before leaving. While Michael is in the shower Jean removes the towel, lies on the bed, opens her legs and says, ‘Play with my pussy.’

I am tonguing her very wet pussy when I notice Michael at the bathroom door sporting another huge erection. “Here’s something else for you Hon’ I say as I move back and watch as the long, thick, black penis sinks into my wife’s cunt as she sighs, ‘Ohhh, yes, yes.’

I think to myself that I will be seeing a lot more black dick from here on.

Just the beginning?

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