My Last Fantasy: I Wish I Were Marcos

Author: Marcos

Raquel is a 34 yo Spanish woman. She has been married for 16 years now while her husband is 40, having sterility problems due to a congenital reproductive system disorder so they don’t have any kids or progeny; they’ve been a happy couple though.

Passion has cooled off between them due to lack of enthusiasm and stimulation by part of her husband. But this problems began to change since a year ago, two months ago more precisely, as a couple’s pal had gotten to their homes to spend a few days here, vacationing in this city Tijuana.

This friend would look for a job here meaning he wished to settle in this Mexican city. His name was Marcos and he had just asked for a favor based on the good relationship the kept back from the timed Raquel and Marcos were buddies at school. Besides, all three had been co workers at their first jobs, where met Marcos at this company.

Some time later, while still in this business, Marcos introduced Raquel to Luis, and later on, Raquel married Luis were married. She didn’t mean to match up Luis penis to Marcos’, or put their penises and side to side, while she still showed respect toward her husband, her first and only marriage, especially if she had never seen a man naked before, other than her couple. Marcos was white, tall and a handsome, she thought while he was her visitor at their apartment.

Marcos was short, though nice and sympathetic, a sensitive guy. In fact, when they met for the first time, he immediately began to compliment her but stopped. It’s a pity, after being praising her attributes, for a long time now.

The fact she had seen him naked was but merely an accident and had stirred up too much interest in seeing his manhood again. It happened as she had forgotten she no longer lived alone; forgetting about this new guest at their house, while her husband was at work, got to Marcos’ bed room, but suddenly he showed naked for the second time as she opened the door.

She had now a good chance to see his dick again, so stood there frozen, staring at the massive penis, too impressed by its size. She began to wonder about the penis dimensions; perhaps 15 centimeters long, limp as it was now it was the size of her husband’s when erected. This man was not having a hard on and his rod still measured 15 cms. long, how come? She wondered.

Raquel had definitely come up to a conclusion: this is not bullshit; the man’s penis would have a thickness that would double her husband’s width. As a consequence, Raquel’s curiosity had been stimulated; it might be driven by a morbid that had raised all desires and feelings about that strange curved penis.

Finally, this stuff was forgotten, until one day they celebrated together as Marcos had been living at their home for one week already. A small party had been organized and soon they were chatting joyfully with drinks and bits of bridle and snacks. The theme here would be about the moment they had met, as well as memories and reminiscences. This was an informal party after all. Marcos began to comment:

“Oh, Raquel, you look so wonderful and gorgeous today like the first day.”

Her husband agreed, so Marcos resumed his chat about the good recollections as co workers at that company, flattering remarks, and the like, still complimenting Raquel whenever he had a chance. He even mentioned he had always liked her and used to court her but had quit as all chances were lost by introducing Luis to her.

Marcos had achieved his by midnight after many beers at the party and never missed an opportunity to stare at Raquel’s ass, especially if she had to stand up to bus the dishes or fetch something. He also would stare at her legs when the tight dress, though simple; moved up as she sat down. Marcos’ manners here were too evident, while Luis noticed this too, but Raquel’s couple wouldn’t care at all.

As Luis had become the disc jockey here by now, playing music from the 80’s, Marcos asked for permission to dance with Raquel. As permission was granted, Marcos embraced her while dancing and slowly would hug her more until Raquel began to feel a bulge slowly growing against her thighs. Embarrassed, she no longer wished to dance. She got back to her table and continued to drink a beer, until she spotted her husband dozing in a sofa… too much alcohol. Party should be over, she thought, and began to collect glasses; jars and bottles, to bring them into the kitchen. Marcos followed her into the kitchen whenever she had turned her back to him washing dishes in the sink. He complimented her:

“Oh, Raquel, I’m staring at your buttocks now and they’re as succulent as they’ve always been. I wish that dress stick more to your soft skin.”

This imprudent shameless poet had approached closer to her from behind and asked for permission to touch her ass. According to him, he said, this would be only to check how firm her buttocks were, after so many years. Marcos was a quite persuasive guy! Most probably he wanted to cop a feel, she thought. No doubt this was a fabricated story just to touch her buttocks.


He got closer to her and reached for her ass; he was now an eager amorist who entreated a quick feel, saying:

“Oh, Raquel, come on! Luis is soundly asleep. Besides, I don’t think he’ll be disturbed by such a simple stuff like touching your ass, least he’s not paying any attention.”

Marcos started by squeezing one asscheek using one hand. The other hand joined in to feel above the dress. While massaging both asscheeks he requested Raquel:

“Oh, please, Raquel, give permission to raise your dress now. Your skin looks so soft.”

She didn’t object, so Marcos cuddled the asscrack and soon her thong was pulled aside looking for something. His job no longer was hindered by the thong and Marcos resumed his stroking until he got to the vulva, where he stroked the clit, poked one finger inside her. Raquel’s body shivered. She already was having images of his monster cock shafting her cunt, the one she had once seen at the bedroom when Marcos was naked.

“What a great ass, what a lady,” Marcos thought. She was as wet as hell! Had succeeded to reach her vulva from his position almost kneeling behind her, with his face plunged into the bubble ass. His lips smacked her ample round cheeked ass. This scared Raquel who said:

“Shhh, don’t make a noise or Marcos or get caught, please, you’d better stop this.”

He straightened up and tried to convince her to take it easy. After all this was only about feeling her ass, he said. Facing her and pressing with his hands around her waist to her asscheeks, the big penis was now pressed against her cunt. She began to stroke the cock thinking:

“Oh, my share, after all.”

Raquel’s breathing became more rapid while her hips gyrated. She never realized she could get such feeling in her body. Her pussy tingled as Marcos had hooked two fingers inside her slit, making Raquel’s body shiver.

This story to be continued…

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