Mandy’s Gardener

Author: Mr. J

Mandy Johnson sat at the breakfast table with her husband. She liked to get up and fix him breakfast, and sit and have a cup of coffee with him before he went to work. Her husband Jim worked as a software designer, and they would be considered ‘well-to-do’ by anyone’s standards.

Jim was 45, and Mandy had just turned 40, a thought that depressed her to no end. They didn’t have any children, and Mandy spent the days alone in their big house. They used to have a maid, but Mandy told her husband that maintaining the house herself would help keep her occupied. Truth be told, Mandy was bored. Very bored. She tried gardening, but she hated getting dirty. She was complaining about just that thing to her husband that morning.

“Really, Jim, I tried, but I hate it,” she said, referring to the gardening work. He laughed.
“I never did figure you as the gardening type,” he said. Mandy was a striking woman. She exercised daily, and watched her diet. She was fairly tall at 5’9″ and she carried her 135 pounds gracefully. She was fit, and well tanned from days out by the pool. She had close-cropped black hair, and green eyes; with large, full 38D, breasts, and a slim waist. Her butt was firm and well shaped. Jim always told her that she had the body of an eighteen year old.

“Yuck, ” she went on, “dirt, worms and bugs, and I just know I’ll break a nail, ” she moaned melodramatically.

“I’ll get a gardener,” he told her. “I’ll make some calls today.” He got up and kissed her, and headed out the door. She watched him go.

‘What a good man,’ she thought to herself. ‘But I sure wish he was around more. ‘ She went to the exercise room at the back of the house. As she pedaled on the stationary bicycle, she began to feel something that she felt a lot these days ; horniness. Mandy knew that she was coming into her sexual prime, just as Jim was fading out of his, and she had to smile at the irony. Jim tried, but for him, sex once a week would be a lot, and a couple of times a day wouldn’t be enough for her. Spending all of this time alone didn’t help much, either.

Her thoughts always turned to sex, and she spent a lot of time with her electric buddies these days.

Mandy sighed deeply and stepped in the shower. She liked the shower in the exercise room. It had a big, clear window that opened out to the yard, and it was almost like showering outside. Their house was very secluded, and absolutely no one could see into their yard. In fact, the whole back of the two story house was huge windows, and the curtains were open day and night. Mandy didn’t even think about the windows, and she frequently padded around the house naked. There was a pool and a hot tub in the yard, and she thought nothing of relaxing naked in the tub and just getting out and walking into the house.

She didn’t usually lay by the pool naked, though. Although she was deeply tanned, Jim liked the contrast that the small triangles of her bikini made. The white, untanned skin that framed her nipples and hairless crotch was a deep contrast to her tan. Jim loved her hairless crotch too. He liked it so much, she went through countless laser treatments to keep it bald, and she loved not having to shave.

Mandy got out of the shower and dried. She felt the horniness on her heavily. She padded naked to her upstairs room, laid on the bed, and retrieved her vibrator from the bedstand. The wall at the end of the bed was all mirrors, and she watched intently as she spread her legs and applied the vibrator to her moistening crack. It didn’t take her long to cum, her ass raised off the bed, the buzzing plastic cock vibrating her clit.

As she lay there, basking in her orgasm, she wondered how many women her age actually took young lovers. She also wondered how many would, if they could do it and not get caught ; and she wondered if she would have the nerve to do it, if the opportunity arose.

The day threatened to be a hot one, and Mandy slipped into her bikini and headed for the pool. She was lying in a lounge chair when somebody hollered from the back gate.

“Who is it?” Mandy hollered back.
“It is Jose, Senora. Your husband sent me. For the gardening.”
“Oh, well, come on in.” She was surprised that someone was here so soon. The man was an old, stooped Mexican, and he came through the gate and approached her. He was looking around the yard. He didn’t look to Mandy like he could even walk very far, let alone do yard work.

“Hi,” she said. ” I was expecting someone a little, um. younger,” she said. The man laughed.
“Oh, no Senora. I own the company and I’m just checking the job. I have young guys to do the work. I will look around a bit, and someone will be here this afternoon. It looks like a lot of work here,”
“Yes, there sure is,” she replied. “Too much for me. I tried it for awhile, yuck.” The man laughed again.

“A pretty lady like you shouldn’t have to work that hard,” Jose told her. “My boys will do a good job for you.” He walked around the huge, landscaped yard; now overgrown with weeds and untended shrubbery. He gave her a wave as he left by the same gate.

Mandy laid in the sun awhile longer, then got up and went into the house. She looked at the clock and it was just after noon.

‘Screw it,’ she thought, it’s cocktail hour somewhere. This was another thing that Mandy’s boredom did to her; she started drinking earlier and earlier. She poured a big glass of lemonade and ice, and added about four shots of vodka. She stood at the bar and looked out in the yard. She felt the heavy feeling again. Basking in the sun always made her horny. She undid her bikini top and let it fall. She brushed her nipples and they hardened at her touch.

Then she slipped the thong bottom off and left it where it fell. She liked being naked. She picked up her drink and padded around the house, looking for anything that might need her attention.

There were lots of mirrors in the house; Mandy liked mirrors. And she liked looking at herself naked in the mirrors. She stopped in front of them, one by one, sipping her drink and looking at the naked woman in the mirror. She hefted a breast, one at a time, watching as the nipples, framed in their white triangles, grew hard. She tweaked them, and moaned slightly. She turned to look at her ass.

‘Damn nice ass,’ she thought. She longed for a man’s hands to be fondling it, squeezing it, perhaps even spanking it. That thought always made her hot, and she had to break away from the mirror before she got herself too worked up. It wasn’t long though, before she was standing in front of a huge mirror in the living room. Her eyes were drawn to the white strip of skin between her legs, her hairless slit perfectly centered in the whiteness. She drew a finger up alongside the crack and sighed. She loved the silky smoothness of the hairless skin.

Then a fingertip up the other side. She spread her legs wide and watched, fascinated, as her labia parted. She traced a finger up the center of her crack, and she felt her hot juices flowing.

‘God, I need to get fucked,’ she thought wistfully. Again she broke away from the mirror. She knew she was just driving herself crazy, but she couldn’t help it. She also knew that she’d soon be back in her bedroom, a vibrator between her spread thighs. She had just purchased a large anal vibrator, and she wanted to see what a double penetration felt like. Exposing herself in front of the mirrors was a form of foreplay for her, and she wasn’t in a big hurry to go bring herself off. She liked to let the excitement build during the day, until she was so horny she couldn’t take it anymore. She was getting there.

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