The Exhibitionist

Author: Mr. J

Sandra was the typical, American housewife. She was 33 years old, married to her husband Ben for ten years, and had two children, 10 and 8. She dutifully got up every morning and made breakfast for her family, made coffee and got everybody’s clothes ready and made sure they all got out the door on time. She found out a long time ago that it was easier for the kids and her husband to eat lunch out, and she didn’t have to make lunches, thank god. After the hectic hour or so in the morning though, the day came to screeching halt. The dishes went in the dishwasher, the clothes in the washing machine, and she was done. Oh, a little vacuuming and dusting perhaps, but after that she didn’t know what to do. She was totally fed up with daytime TV and she talked her husband into getting her a computer, and it opened a whole new world for her.

She went into recipe sites and downloaded tons of stuff, and she checked out gardening sites, and the Web just seemed endless. She found out about newsgroups, and was amazed at the tens of thousands of groups available. She subscribed to, and rec.sourdough and a few others, and even participated in the dialogues. Now the day didn’t seem long enough, and she’d be glued to the computer when her kids got home. She’d feed them a snack and tell them to go do their homework, and she’d be back at the computer.

When her husband got home, she’d disconnect and fix dinner, but she’d be right back at it after dinner. Her husband and the kids joked about only seeing the back of mom’s head. It was all harmless fun, and Sandra was happy with her new-found world.

She had to go shopping, and she cruised through all the major chain stores advertisements on the Internet, jotting down the best deals, and she was real proud of herself for finding the best deals. She took her list and headed for the stores. As she cruised through the produce aisle of a major store, a young girl’s cart was in the way. Sandra waited until the girl moved.

As the girl reached over to get something, her wrap-around skirt fell away from her body, showing her thigh-high stockings and her clean-shaven pantiless slit. Sandra whispered to the girl,
“You’re showing everything.” The girl looked back at her and smiled.

“I know I am,” she said, “that’s the point.” The girl moved on and it was then that Sandra noticed all the men following the girl through the store. She got a thrill that just jumped up out of nowhere, realizing that this girl was discretely exposing herself to men in the store. Sandra got a chill up her spine that surprised her; like seeing a spanking picture and realizing you wanted to be spanked, or seeing a picture of a naked woman and realizing that you were a lesbian. It had a profound affect on her, and she couldn’t get the picture of the girl, exposing herself, out of her mind.

After Sandra got home, she decide to venture a little further into the Web. She typed in ‘exhibitionist’ into a search engine, and was amazed at the number of results that came up. She found an exhibitionist newsgroup and subscribed to it. She discovered Groups, and Communities, and she joined all those. Now, a whole different world reared it’s head. She looked at hundreds of pictures of women exposing themselves in public, some of them flashing and some of them totally naked, and she found that the thought of doing that excited her greatly.

Sandra was 5’4″ and thin, at 100 pounds. She had sandy-blonde, shoulder-length hair, a narrow waist and hips, and firm, 36C breasts. Today, she thought, she’d flash her titties to someone.

She wore a low cut blouse to the store, no bra, and watched the reactions of the men as they stared. She found herself bending over a lot, and she thrilled at exposing her breasts and erect nipples to strangers. It scared her though, and that was as far as she dared to go. She flashed her breasts at a few men and went home and masturbated. She didn’t have a clue why it excited her so.

She started to read all the messages in the groups she belonged to, and she learned about glory-holes and public cocksucking, and just the thought of doing some of those things made her tremble.

She tried on some of her sexier, sluttier outfits and posed in the mirror. She had one particular short, flimsy skirt that would show a lot of leg, and even her crotch, if she crossed her legs right. She practiced reaching up and exposing her panties and thigh-highs. She went out that afternoon and did it in a grocery store. She found men following her around, watching, as she reached up to the top shelf.

“I did it,” she gushed to herself when she got home. “I went to the store and reached up real high and exposed my panties to strange men. She was thrilled. She went out the next day with no panties, and did the same thing, masturbating when she got home. She knew she had to shave.

The next day, after her family had left, she stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, and shaved her pubic hair off. The sight of her bare slit so prominently displayed excited her. The thought of why she shaved it was even more exciting. She put on a short, pleated skirt and bent over in front of the mirror. Her labia and slit were clearly visible, pouting between the tops of her thighs.

“Oh, baby,” she thought. “That is so hot.” That was the look she wanted, just like all the pictures she had seen. She put on a pair of white socks that came to mid-calf, and even found a pair of saddle shoes in the closet. She looked in the mirror, the nipples of her naked breasts fully erect.

“A middle aged school girl,” she thought. “But a hot middle aged school girl.” She dug a cut-off T shirt out of the drawer and slipped it on, her midriff exposed, and her erect nipples were clearly visible.

She went to the mall, which was fairly crowded for a weekday. She strolled down the mall, window shopping. She bent over a few times, feigning interest in something in a window. Men walked up close to her.

“Looking good, baby,” one said. “Nice cunt,” another one said. The comments aroused her, and now her nipples were jutting through the T shirt. There wasn’t anything she could do about it, so she continued her walk. Everyone turned to stare at her, and her nipples ached, rubbing against the cotton fabric, her breasts swaying as she walked. She never felt more exposed… and excited. There was a bar in the basement of the mall, and she went in.

“Jesus, I need a drink,” she thought. She was trembling with sexual excitement. She never drank during the day, but she needed one today. There were a few men at the bar, and she picked a stool in the middle of three vacant stools. She slid onto the stool, thrilling at the feel of the cool, vinyl seat on her naked ass. All the men discretely watched her, and she felt their eyes on her.

“Well, hello there missy, you sure you’re old enough to be in here?” the bartender joked.
“Oh, I think so,” she laughed back. “Vodka-tonic, please.” She paid for the drink and sipped it, crossing her legs. From the cool air, she knew she was exposing the entire side of her thigh, perhaps even a bare ass cheek. She squeezed her thighs together, her slit wet and excited, her nipples hard.

The man on her right moved to the stool next to her.
“Hi, I’m Bill,” he said.
“Sandra,” she said, trying not to encourage him too much. She had never really seriously considered her flashing leading to sex, and she hadn’t considered cheating on her husband, but the thought of erect cocks around her while she was so sexually aroused was very tempting. She knew that if someone pushed the right buttons, she’d be a goner.

“You know,” he said quietly, “I saw you up in the mall. Nice, very nice.” She didn’t know what to say. She looked at him and smiled.

“Glad you liked it,” she answered, turning her attention back to her drink. Bill ordered two more drinks. After the bartender left, he spoke again,
“I dearly love a woman flashing,” he said. “I think it’s highly erotic. It’d be more fun if someone was taking pictures though, don’t you think?” he asked. Sandra’s heart leaped in her throat. She imagined having pictures of herself flashing, just like the pictures of all those other women she looked at.

“What do you mean?” she asked cautiously. He pulled a camera out of his pocket.
“Digital camera,” he said, smiling. “Do you have email?” he asked.
“Yes,” she said slowly, thinking she knew where this was going.
“Well, it’s simple. You do the flashing, I take the pictures, and I email them to you.”
This man was pushing the right buttons. She would absolutely love to have pictures of herself flashing.

“I don’t know,” she said. The man sensed victory, and he pressed on. He leaned in close to her.

“You’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he whispered, “let’s get some pictures.” She was silent but her hand shook as she finished her second drink. Bill ordered another round. She looked at him; he was about her age, around 6′ tall, clean-shaven, dressed in a suit and tie. He just looked like a normal business man, a nice-looking business man

“It’s tempting,” she said. His hand went to her exposed thigh, and she made no move to stop him.

“Your gorgeous,” he said, and his hand traced up her thigh, then under her skirt and around the back of her naked ass cheeks. “Gorgeous and half-naked,” he continued, “let’s show you to the whole world, with pictures.” Sandra had never had another man’s hands on her body since she’d been married. This man’s hand was like an electric fire, burning her skin. Bill got off his stool and stood next to her, his back to the bar. His hand traced the line where her thighs met, her legs still crossed. The hand traced up under the hem of her dress, and she felt like she was hypnotized as she slowly uncrossed her legs. Her thighs parted as if on their own accord, and a finger slipped into her hot, steaming cunt.

“Oh, nooo,” she gasped, and she leaned forward on the bar and clenched his hand between her thighs, and she orgasmed, right there in the bar. He withdrew his hand and she sat there, trying to regain her composure. It was obvious from the looks of the other bar patrons that everybody knew what had just happened, and there were smiles on the faces of the men.

“So,” Bill said, “I believe we have a deal?” She got up and hurried, red-faced, into the bathroom.

“Oh my god,” she said to herself. She raised her skirt and saw her slit all red and wet and excited. If Bill had walked in at that moment, she would have guided his erection into her with her own hands. She wiped the moisture from her thighs and slit, straightened her clothing, and walked out of the bathroom. She stopped at her bar stool just long enough to pick up her purse.
“Ok,” she said to Bill, “let’s go.”

The mall was well lighted and Bill turned the flash off, so as not to attract too much attention. He followed a discrete distance behind her. She bent over, exposing her ass and wet, pouting slit and he got the picture. Sandra got an exquisite thrill knowing that her exposure was captured on camera. She started to really get into it now. She bent, she squatted, she stooped and Bill got it all.

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