The Entrepreneur

“I’m going to cum,” he said in embarassment. She nodded quickly, wordlessly. She held her mouth still and milked his cock with her throat. He felt the heat becoming intolerable.
Suddenly, his cock began spurting cum into Jan’s sweet perfect lips. He moaned loudly, and looked up at his mother again. She was watching attentively. He smiled at her in embarassment, while his cock spurted repeatedly into Jan’s warm mouth. She sucked and milked his cock with her hand. She milked it diligently, quickly looking up to see how he liked it. She saw his glance toward the doorway. The hairs stood up on the back of her neck, but she continued to hold Sean in her mouth, waiting for his orgasm to end.

When it did end she sucked the head briefly, then turned and looked at the door. She felt horror rising in her chest. She immediately knew who the woman was, not because she recognized her from her upskirt, but because she recognized the possessive look and attitude of a mother. To her surprise, and relief, the mother gave her a knowing, grateful smile and a slight nod.
Sean heard the click of a cigarette lighter. He looked over to see Frank sitting on his desk, smoking a cigarette.

“You can’t smoke in here, Frank,” Sean said automatically.
“Hey, fuck that,” Frank said, taking an exaggerated puff from his cigarette.
“Enjoy it,” Samantha Curtis said, suddenly barging in through the door.
Frank’s eyes bulged out. He hurried to cover his nakedness, tossing the cigarette out the open window. Cindy squealed, rising up off the chair. She ran for Sean’s bathroom with her clothes in her hands.
“Only Jan sat up and dressed slowly, in a composed manner. Sean couldn’t imagine her rushing into anything.
“The police are on the way, Frank,” Samantha said with a great deal of relish.
“Don’t matter, I’ll be gone before they get here.”
“Without your car?” she said with a slight smile.
“Hey, you parked behind me,” he said defensively.
“Yes, I did. I wanted absolute proof that you had been here and brought these ladies into my home.”
“For your arrest, of course. But I could move it, if you like. All it will cost you is one tape showing my sweet ass hanging out.”

“Hey, what the…” he glared from her to Sean. Sean shrugged, smiling at his mother.
“Are those sirens?” she asked, holding her hand to her ear.
“I’m leaving,” he said resentfully.
“You certainly are. And if I ever catch you near my son again, I will have my husband beat you to death. Is that understood?”
“Yeah,” he said, moving toward the door. “Cindy!” he roared just inside the door.
“I will run the ladies home,” she said, pointing at the door.
“Your car…”
“Candy, move our car!” she roared, never taking he eyes off of Frank.
“If I…” Frank said, pointing a finger at Sean.

“Don’t threaten your way into a body cast, Frank. My husband is more than willing to visit you with a few of his friends. In all likelihood they will nail you to a door and split you in half with a chainsaw.”
“Fuck,” Franks said, grabbing his crotch. He disappeared down the stairs. When Sean’s sister moved the car, Frank backed out and roared off down the street. There were sirens in the distance, but they had nothing to do with Frank.

“You, young man…” she began in a harsh voice.
Jan clicked her tongue and waved a finger back and forth in front of her own lips.
“…have comported yourself in a very adult manner,” she finished, sitting on the bed near Jan. She took Jan’s hand in her own and squeezed it briefly.

“Your father should have given you this present on your 18th birthday, but we were afraid, with the aids thing and all.”
“I’m clean,” Jan whispered.
“I’m sure. But I do want that tape,” she said, holding out her hand. Sean ran to the VCR and ejected the tape. He ran back and handed it to his mother.
“Are your sisters on this as well,” she asked.
“Y… yes,” he shamefully admitted. She brought the tape down over the bed knob at the foot of his bed. The case exploded in her hand. She tossed the remainder of the tape into the trash can by his desk.
“Ok, if you girls are ready I will run you home,” she smiled sweetly at Jan.”
“Cindy, time to go!” Jan called in her English accent.

“Oh how sweet,” Samantha said, squeezing her hand again and releasing it.

“I want you showered and ready for dinner,” she pointed at Sean, then led the girls downstairs.
Sean sat in stunned silence, looking around the empty room. So much had happened in such a short time. And that damned tape was responsible, he thought as he looked down into the trash can. He suddenly realized that the tape itself was not damaged. If he simply switched cases…

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