A love of cum

Author: krakan

Jeff lowered his mouth onto my cock his lips still wet from our kiss. The room
was dark and people moved in the shadows other couples and groups writhing and
squirming like something wet and organic.
   His tong played on the neck of my rode its ridge resting on his upper lip. Then
his mouth started to move down taking more and more of my cock into it, the
warmth present with overwhelming tangibility like my mind was in the tip of my
pines. His tong still roomed the underside of my cock and I felt my balls begin to tens.
Jeff picked up speed and the sucking sound emanated from him. It was very wet and I
could feel trails of saliva creeping down my cock and past my shaven bass. I could
fell the spit now cold dripping of my clean balls.
   Both Jeff’s hands were on my ass and as he felt me near climax he moved one
to start jerking my cock. It was fast pumping me as he looked up into my eyes. I saw
the smile on his faces as he enjoyed the sensation of pleasing me he went back to
sucking again, still pumping with his hand the other hand now playing with my balls
massaging them as if asking for there offering.
   As he sucked I moaned that I was about to cum. He opened his mouth putting
his tong on my cock and spend up his pumping I could feel him massaging my balls
as he jerked my cock. A ripple ran up my shaft as my first contraction sent ecstasy
round my body and white sperm into Jeff’s open mouth. It splattered on to his tong a
thick rope splashing his mouth. The second jet was harder, it sprayed out sending
drops of cum onto Jeff’s face and lips, the cum on his lips was quickly stolen by his
tong and left to pool. There were three more spurts all of witch Jeff amid well, they laced
his tong and mouth with my cum, it collected there as he squeezed my cock a few
times pushing out the last of my seed.
   “don’t swallow, start a collection?” i told Jeff as he smiled at me.

   Coming out of post orgasmic ecstasy i looked around to get my bearings back. i saw to my right a guy i didn’t recognise. I didn’t recognise most of the people at this party. he was bent over a table and was being fucked by a heavy muscle bound man. the guy on the table must have been really feeling it as his face was screwed up in pleasure and he was biting his lip.
   Behind me there were two girls in a 69 position, i couldn’t see much as the light was dim and the two had there heads firmly in place. It was arousing to see none the less and I could tell I was not the only one interested. several men and another girl had gathered round and were watching. The men played with each other’s cocks as they watched; the girl was fingering herself.
   I looked to my left up against a the wall siting on some been bags 3 men kissing and fondling a young looking girl, she must have been about 17. The men were kissing her naked body all over as she worked to unbutton some of their clothes. She was medium hight and her full breasted and voluptious body almost made her plump but the ridges of her ribs changed that, giving the impression that she was just very well endowed. Her hair was short and formed a frame around her now giggling face. She was smilling at the attention she was getting from the man kissing her neck. she writhed a little and i watched as one of the men, now with his trousers open and his cock out, slid his hand in between her legs and ran his fingers up her slit. She had taken out his throbbing cock and started to stroke it with her long fingers
   I heard moaning form behind me and turned to see Jeff. He had crawled up to the couple to my right and had his hand on the dick of guy being fucked. He was jerking it faster and faster and looking up into the eyes of its owner. Still holding eye contact jeff lowered his cum filled mouth down onto the peace of meat in front of him. Trying not to spill any off my spunk he sucked in the new cock. He kept his lips tightly pressed as he moved back and forth over the dick. i could see that Jeff was trying to deep throat his new companion. I watched as his gullet moved and his neck jerked. Jeff tock the cock deeper and deeper into his mouth until finally he was pressed against the pubic bone of the man.

(should i go on?)

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