Nightly Rounds

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Trina shuddered, wrapping her light jacked tightly around her sexy young body. With the click of high heels, she hurried up the front steps of the small private hospital. It was a hospital that specialized in geriatrics and surprisingly, also OBGYN. This came about because the hospital catered to the poor and medical insurance cases which tended to pay less than the average patient. Also, the founding doctor had been a specialist in both fields, and the hospital simply continued the tradition long after he passed away.

Trina paused, turning to study the city behind her, then the nearby cars and windows. Her guilty stare searched the windows of each empty car to ensure that she was unobserved.

Her breath created a slight fog in the air before her. She shuddered again as her eyes went to the orange and yellow clouds above the nearby city of Boston. Set against the old style lampposts of the parking lot, and the thick band of trees beyond, the colorful fall night was a magnificently beautiful sight. Despite the chill she enjoyed the view, although not half as much as she would when the first snow fell. On the other hand anyone watching would enjoy the sight of the exciting, sexy girl paused on the steps.

With a slightly impish face, a very petite body standing no more that 4’11”, Trina was the kind of girl that everyone, man or woman, would like to cuddle and take home. Few did, although they all tried. The long hours involved with Trina’s job precluded any outside involvements, and the rules precluded any inside involvements. So she improvised. She had been making these nightly calls for almost two years, she knew that somebody was bound to complain eventually out jealousy or possibly remorse. Until then it was the ideal solution.

Since visiting hours were long over, there were no cars coming or going, but there was several parked in the lot from the night staff and a few in-patients.

Trina turned and entered the hospital quietly, allowing the door to gently close behind her before she hurried to the elevators on her right. The night staff was well down the hallway, out of sight. Trina took the elevator to the third floor. The first thing she saw, as the doors opened, was her mother, sitting behind a desk. The desk reminded her of an island of light in a vast area of darkness. The only bright light showing, was that which blazed down on her mother, giving her an angelic look in her white uniform.

“Hi mom,” Trina said airily as she leaned against the counter and looked down at the tv screen behind the desk. “What’s on?”

“Jerry,” Peg said in a bored, hopeless voice.
“Why don’t you guys get cable?” Trina asked, hopping up on the counter. Her slender, but muscular legs looked fantastic in her short, multi-colored skirt. She crossed her legs and allowed her right leg to kick slightly.
“Don’t ask me, I’m all for it. There’s juice and fruit in the fridge,” she pointed toward the employee’s lounge.

“Thanks, mom,” Trina said as she grabbed her usual grapefruit juice and apple. She ate the apple while she returned to the desk. She was beginning to feel that familiar nervous energy which always filled her before a night of pleasure. The juice felt good, in her dry mouth.
“Any new girls?” she asked casually, taking a bite from her apple while glancing at her mother from the corner of her eye. She knew her mother didn’t actually approve of her activities, although she reluctantly agreed that they were beneficial. Trina suspected that her mother even tried it a few times herself.

“Two, one in 3c and another in 3h. I think you will want to start in 3h,” her mother said with a slight smile.
“A real looker?”
“An 18 year old pregnant girl who is only here for observation. She’s about 7 months along.”
“Wow, practically a virgin,” Trina giggled, tossing the apple core into the trash. She looked into the small can of juice, then drank it down. With a sigh of contentment, Trina handed the can to her mother, then wiped her mouth with a brilliant smile.

“Who’s in 3c?”
“A rather large black woman. She’s… well she’s middle aged and not exactly pretty,” Peg said apologetically, “but she’s nice.”
“They all look the same below the waist,” Trina giggled. “Wish me luck,” she waved, walking around the desk toward 3h.

“Luck,” Peg called absently, returning her attention to the tv. It was only 12:30 AM, she didn’t need to make her rounds until 2:00 AM. By then Trina should be finished. If not, she could work around her.

Trina hummed happily to herself, as she made her way to room 3h. The click of her heals seemed embarrassingly loud, in the silent hospital. She paused, at the partially open door and pulled the chart from a slot in the door. She looked in to see the girl sitting up in bed, looking back at her.

“Hi,” Trina said with her cute, impish heart-melting smile. The girl nodded in response, one of her own rare smiles hesitantly crossed her face. In her life she had found few things to smile about. Trina was a very cute, but looked like a little girl, even though it was obvious from her magnificent breasts that she was a woman. Being small and cute, she was very popular with both sexes. Her smile was infectious, guaranteed to bring a smile to those who saw it. As Peg was fond of saying, Trina was an adorable little bitch.

Trina studied the cart quickly to make sure there were no warnings, such as VD, aids, or TB. The girl appeared to be clean and healthy. She dropped the cart back into the door and stepped inside.

“Hi,” Trina said again as she gently closed the door. “Watching TV?” she asked, then realized how moronic the question would sound.
“Jerry,” the girl nodded. There was a look of puzzlement in her eyes.
“Yeah, mom is watching the same thing?” Trina said, pointing over her shoulder. She gently sat on the bed near the girl’s feet. “How are you doing?” she asked sympathetically.
“Ok, I guess. Are you a nurse?”
“No, I’m kind of like a counselor, but my mom is. She just let’s me come around at night to talk. Pregnant women tend to get sad and lonely, and nights are always the worst. It’s a hormone thing, I hear.”
“Oh, I know what you mean. Sometimes I get so damned mad I want to kill somebody, then at times I just want to cry, and there’s no reason for any of it. I feel like I’m being torn apart.
“You are,” Trina said sympathetically, placing a hand on the girl’s leg. “I also do massages, if you are interested,” Trina said brightly, while getnly caressing the girl’s leg. “Got any aches and pains? I can give you a good rubdown while we talk.”
“No, not really, but a massage would feel really good,” the girl said hopefully.
“I’m Trina,” she said, extending her tiny hand.

“Melissa, but they call me Missy,” the girl said, taking Trina’s hand into her own, then marveling at it as she opened her hand and looked at Trina’s tiny fingers in wonder.

“My feet are small too,” Trina said with a giggle, holding up a shapely leg for the girl’s inspection. The girl’s eyes traveled from Trina’s foot, down her leg to her short skirt and beneath it. She stared for several seconds, then met Trina’s eyes, blushing in embarassment. Trina feel a surge of excitement fill her body. Missy was definitely interested.

Melissa was a hot blonde with green eyes. She was barely 18 and would have had an amazing figure, if it wasn’t for her large belly. She would have made a good dancer.
“I know you can’t lay on your stomach, and I have to be careful or I can induce labor, but there are a few things I can do that will feel pleasant,” Tina whispered. “If you don’t mind, I will just lock the door,” she said, edging toward the door hesitantly.

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