The Argument

Author: Horny55


   After an argument with her husband Glenda got in the car and went for a drive. She went to a parking spot called Skye where you can sit and watch the lights of Adelaide. There she sat for a little while fuming about the argument until she noticed another car with people looking in the window, she was sure some of the men around the car were masturbating. Getting brave she decided to go over and take a look. As she got closer she could see there was both men and women in the group. Inside the car a young girl was on her hands and knees with her ass pointed towards the window completely naked. The car door was open to make it easy for everyone to see that she was masturbating herself. Glenda moved forward to get a better look and found herself among some of the men who were masturbating, she couldn’t help but look at the cocks all around her, for the first time in hours she had a smile on her face. The girl in the car motioned for one of the men to move closer and as he did she grabbed his cock, rubbed her pussy juice on It and started masturbating him. She turned around sat with her legs out of the car and then kept masturbating him. She opened her legs wide and played with her pussy giving everyone a great view.
Glenda watched on realising that she was beginning to get horny and her pussy was getting wet. The men around her were so close that every now and again she40230202

would get bumped as someone was masturbating. She felt someone touch her ass occasionally but because people were so close she thought it was an accident. She put her hand behind her and she touched someone’s cock. Rather than pull her hand away she just gave it a squeeze then moved her hand. She was poked in the ass again by a cock so she just put her hand around it and left it there. She felt a hand on her ass and then lift her dress up and massage her bare ass, she was wearing a G-string so it was easy. She thought that she should move but she was angry with her husband and she was so horny that she didn’t want him to stop.

He moved her G-string out of the way and ran his finger across her ass and to the opening of her pussy. As she stood there she felt him push the head of his cock between her legs and rather than close them tight she opened them a little. She liked the feel of his cock sliding along her wet pussy. A guy standing on the other side of her saw what was happening so he gently grabbed her other hand and put it on his cock. She didn’t hesitate she closed her hand around it and moved it up and down his shaft. All thoughts of her husband had been forgotten, she was to horny and too interested in the cock in her hand and the one sliding along her pussy. She turned around and said that she was going back to her car and smiled. She started walking and looked over her shoulder to make he was following her. There were four or five people following her back to her car. As she went around her car she paused long enough to take off her G-string without anyone noticing. She opened her door and sat on her seat facing out of the car with her legs wide open. One of the men walked up close to the door right in front of her so she opened his shorts and got his cock out. She licked the end of it and then slowly slid her mouth over it taking in at least half of it before pulling back. She was giving a complete stranger a head job with others looking on. When she was having the argument and storming out of the house I don’t think she thought that she would end up here. She masturbated and sucked on his cock until he climaxed filling her mouth with hot cum. She swallowed every drop not wanting to waste any. He backed away so Glenda turned around and leaned against the seat, opened her legs and pulled her short dress over her ass. It was an invitation for someone to stick their cock in her waiting pussy.

She didn’t have to wait long, no sooner was she in position but there was a cock being rubbed up against her pussy. The guy pushed a little to put the head of his cock inside her but she wasn’t satisfied with that so she pushed back until she felt his balls slap against her. He didn’t need any more of a hint he grabbed her by the hips and pounded her pussy doggy style.
The group around her car was getting bigger and she was the centre of attention.

There were several other men waiting cocks in hand hoping to get a go at her pussy and at the moment she was only too eager to please.

The first guy climaxed inside her but she still wanted more so he moved out of the way and another took his place. He fucked her her pussy till he came. Two more came and went. Glenda was close to cumming as another guy stepped up. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her cum soaked pussy and began to push it slowly in. The head of his cock disappeared into her pussy and it felt big, she should have known what was coming when several of the women in the group said it was huge. He kept pushing it in until Glenda thought she was going to be split in half.

She was about to move forward to stop him pushing any more in when he grabbed her and jammed the full length of his ten inch cock into her already stretched pussy. She could do nothing but brace herself and take the pounding she was getting from his huge cock. She started shouting fuck me, fuck me as she orgasmed like she had never done before. She orgasmed three more times before he came filling her pussy. He held her hips for a minute and then let go as he pulled his cock from her over flowing pussy.

She almost collapsed into her seat and just sat there trying to catch her breath before swinging her legs into the car. Her pussy was stretched and a little sore but she was satisfied. She sat there for a while, the group of people had gone and she had time to think about what she had just done. She had never thought about sex with another man and here in one night she had sucked one and had sex with another five.

She did know that she liked it and wanted to do it again but what about her husband, she couldn’t tell him and she couldn’t bring him with her. So she sat there trying to find something to have another argument with him about so she could come back here again. Maybe if he got her mad enough she might just bring him, but that would have to wait till the next argument.

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  • Steve says:

    Very nice a little short on discribing you feeling as you were taken by strangers. Did they all taste, smell, give it to you in like manner. How did you feel being used this way. I really enjoyed what I read. Thank you.

    Rating: 5

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