Stranger in the dark

Author: nutty pair (Stacy)

It was dark in the room, I glanced around me at the shapes forming in my mind, shadows dancing in front of my eyes from the wind tousled trees outside the bay window, nothing was clear or in focus, lack of sleep and the drinks I had before I went upstairs and made me nervous. I was sure I had heard a noise coming from downstairs, but as yet I had not seen or heard anything out of place since I had ventured out of my room.

I edged my way across the room towards the faintly glowing embers in the fireplace, feeling my way around the room. I stopped in front of the fire, and absorbed what was left of the heat coming from it, I felt about and found the poker, and prodded the embers until it glowed more and then added more wood, feeling comfort from the new light source and the warmth radiating from it. Feeling better now, I took stock of myself, taking deep breaths to calm me down, telling myself I was being stupid, there was no-one else in the room. There were still shadows in the reassess of the room, but feeling calm and rationally minded I headed to the drinks cabinet where I made myself a large vodka and sipped it, feeling the burning liquid cruise down my throat, drink in hand, I headed to the bay window to gaze out at the dark landscape to the rear of the house, the wind whistling through the trees, the waves crashing in the distance, from the shoreline not far away from the garden.

It was then that I heard something I didn’t recognize, not from outside the window, but inside and close to me, the hairs on my arms prickled and I froze. Slowly I turned around, and tried to distinguish the shapes in the shadows of the room, something was definitely not right. The chair near to me, in the corner by the window, was someone was sitting in it? I felt my breath coming in short little gasps as panic started to overcome me. I stared at the chair focusing more, convincing myself I was wrong.

There was someone sat there, I was not imagining it, but they didn’t move, so I just stood and gazed at them. Feeling unthreatened by the lack of movement, I gradually moved towards the shape, wide shoulders, short hair, knees bent high in the low chair, so whoever it was, was tall with large feet in well shined shoes. He was watching me, watching him. I stopped moving and stood tall and confident right in front of them, letting them see the contours of my body through my sheer dressing gown from the glow from the fire that was behind me, my nipples protruding through the silky material, the thought slowly came from my sub conscious, I am naked under this gown, with a total stranger, in a holiday home in a foreign country, no-one know me, should I run and hide or confront who ever this person is. Am I in danger?

As I stood and watched, I felt more and more in control, my breathing calmed and I downed the last of the vodka that I still had in my hand, I dropped the glass in the his lap, and watched as his fingers picked it up and caressed the rim of it. I suddenly felt hot; I could feel beads of sweat trickling down between my breasts. Without thinking I knelt down and started caressing the taut muscled legs of this stranger, moving my hands up and down the length stopping short as I felt the weight of his ball through the trousers, still there was no reaction from him. Without hesitating my mind now focused on what I wanted from this body, I sat astride him, my gown now gaping open showing my pert breasts, I slowly unbuttoned the shirt, tugging to release it from the constraint of his belt, and ran my fingers over his chest, warm tingling flesh, goose bumps appearing on his skin as my fingers traced the outline of his nipples, I lowered my head and encircled his nipple with my tongue, gently teasing it, licking and sucking it, while i squeeze the other nipple with my fingers, drawing it out until it was hard, then I gently bit the bud of his nipple between my teeth, causing a low feral groan to escape his lips, I could feel the hardness of his erect cock pulsing between my legs, tempting me, drawing me in closer, but I resisted, and grabbed his head between my hands and thrust my tongue between his warm lips and kissed him, his reaction was overwhelming, his strong arms enfolded me into him, as he returned my kisses, sliding my gown over my shoulders, kissing down my neck, feeling my body with gently probing fingers, finding sensuous spots i had long forgotten existed, stroking my back, tracing the outline of my body and cupping my breasts, like he had never held one before. I felt myself succumbing to his power and losing control, edging myself closer to his hard cock, so I could feel it rubbing against my now swollen clit and I kissed him long and hard, before removing myself off his body entirely.

I stood in the glow from the fire, and began to undo the belt from my gown, slowly I turned my back to this stranger and slid my gown off, revealing my nakedness, and revelling in my brazenness, I turned to face him. I knelt down between his knees and started undoing his belt, and button, then I kissed his belly button and licked the soft skin around his groin before undoing the zip with my teeth. Pulling off his shoes, and ripping his trousers down took seconds, and I had the pleasure of seeing this rock hard cock, pulsing in front of my eyes.
I slowly drew my mouth towards the tip and breathed gently on the eye, setting it quivering in delight, before feasting on his cock, licking, sucking, biting, all the while I could feel my hot pussy swelling and juicing up like never before, the temptation to touch myself was driving me insane, I wanted to feel this cock in me, fucking the shit out of me, but I wanted this fun to not finish yet, his fingers crept down over my boobs, moulding to my shape until gradually they worked their way down until he found my shaven pussy, as his fingers touched my clit I found myself grinding down hard on them, and then they were lost in my soaking wet pussy, pounding in and out of me, dripping with my juices, he removed his fingers and licked them dry. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him out of the chair, pushing him to his knees I sat down where he had been, he ripped off the shirt, buttons pinging all over, I went to touch his throbbing member, but was pushed back as his head delved between my legs, his tongue felt like heaven, as he licked and sucked me dry, groping my boobs, fingering me gently, whilst all the time his tongue was working it’s magic on me.

I came all over his face in a spasmodic orgasm, my juices flowing all over his face and down his chin, he looked triumphant, as I pulled his face to mine, and kissed him, taking my juices off his tongue and drinking them with him. He slid his body up the chair and I hung my legs over the sides, to give him an open entrance to my pussy, his cock entered me, gently and slowly back and forth, grinding his body onto mine, driving me crazy, his groans of delight sending me over the edge as I could feel an orgasm building deep in me. Suddenly he stopped just as the rhythm was increasing, he roughly turned me over onto my knees, and entered me doggy style, no tenderness this time, his hands grabbed my boobs, and he pulled and pushed on them as he thrust his rock hard throbbing cock in and out of me, biting and licking my back, squeezing my nipples, I was groaning and crying to compliment each thrust as his passion held no bounds until I felt the release coming, I could feel our orgasms coming to the surface with every movement his cock made in me, until I exploded and I felt his spunk shoot inside of me as he pounded harder and stayed in my cunt longer.

I collapsed on all fours in the chair, exhausted, contented and very satisfied and drifted to sleep. The sun was warm on my naked back when I woke, it was late morning, the room was empty, I put on my gown my pussy was throbbing and sore but as I checked the house there was no sign of an intruder, no locks broken, no windows smashed, all I could find was a solitary button at the base of the chair as proof of my stranger in the dark.

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