The cop’s share

Author: LOVELY

Two years ago, when I was dating my future husband Bill, we parked his van near a very secluded beach. We walked hand in hand along the shore talking about our wedding and honeymoon plans. As we watched the sun set we started to kiss passionatly. As I’m not all that fond of making love in wet sand, I suggested that we go back to the van. We figured that since no one else had been around for a couple of hours we’d be safe. Very soon we had that old van really rocking.

Suddenly there was a very loud knock on the front window. I was very frightened, but he assured me that he could handle who ever it was. There we were naked and sweaty with someone banging on the van window. It turned out to be one of the local cops, just checking to see if everything was ok. We assured him that it was, but he insisted on checking things out for himself. I tried to hide under a beach towel but wasn’t too successful. He got a pretty good look at my hot sweaty body. My boyfriend had just thrown his shirt on and was naked from the waist down. I could see the cop checking both of us out of the corner of his eye. I just gave him my most winning smile. After we assured him that nothing criminal was going on he told us to be on our way, that there were better places for what we were doing. We told him that we’d leave very soon.

As he drove away, we both started to laugh and soon were back at it again. We figured he’d be gone for good as it was almost time for his shift to end. After a while we sat, totally naked, in the back of the van sipping on beers and talking about our run in with the cop. I mentioned how the cop seemed to be checking me out. Bill asked me, if it came down to it, what I’d have done to get out of being arrested for public indecency. I jokingly said that I’d offer the cop a blowjob. We laughed some more but in the back of my mind I was getting excited at the thought of being with another man.

Well to our surprise, guess who showed up a little while later. That’s right, our town’s finest came back. He said that he wanted to make sure that we were gone, as some of the other officers weren’t as forgiving as he was. We offered him a beer, which he gladly accepted. The three of us sat in the back of the van talking for quite a while. I kept sneaking side glances at him. He was tall with sandy blonde/brown hair and deep green eyes. A winning combination in my book. Totally different from Bill’s dark good looks. I guess my boyfriend caught some of the looks and moved a little closer to me, putting his hand on my thigh in a sign of ownership. He and I had just our shirts on. Back in those years, I was in the habit of wearing Bill’s old button down shirts. This one just covered my rear. Which I must say, back then was quite shapely. The cop (I’ll call him Rob) noticed this move. He sort of raised an eyebrow at such a sign of possessiveness’. Eventually Bill told him that I was ready to offer him a blowjob to get out of being arrested. Rob just laughed and said that he’d probably have taken me up on my offer. Well after that the talk just naturally turned to sex. I said that the offer still stood.

Pretty soon Rob was sitting next to me with his hand on my other thigh. Well this was pretty exciting. Bill saw how hot I was getting and without another thought he started stroking my leg. I could see that he was pretty excited too, as his shirts didn’t cover him very well. I leaned over and gave him a nice kiss and whispered in his ear that I’d like to have the both of them at the same time. Bill shot Rob a glance and saw that he was more than willing. I then leaned into Rob and he put his arm around me and started to fondle my breast. Wow, it was like an electric shock shot through my body. He had very strong hands. Of course this was back in the days when all of the cops were in top physical shape, not like you see them today, with stomachs and double chins. Rob then took my chin in his other hand and pulled my face to him. He gave me a long, deep kiss with his tongue reaching for the back of my throat. My hand had found Bill’s cock and he was very hard. I pulled away from Rob and said that it wasn’t fair that he still had all of his clothes on. As he stood to do a slow strip, I noticed that he had his handcuffs with him. (Hmmmm I wonder now if he may have had something else in mind when he came back to “check on us”). As he slowly took off his shirt, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He was a perfect specimen of pure maleness. Tall and tan all over. After he was totally naked, we resumed our kissing. Bill just sat there for a while watching us.

Soon I felt a hand between my legs. I opened my eyes and saw that the hand belonged to Bill. This was getting very exciting. Soon Rob moved his hot mouth down to my breasts. He kissed and sucked first one then the other. I was gasping for breath. I’d never done anything like this before. There I was, totally naked with my fiancé’s fingers in my hot pussy and a total stranger sucking my tits. Wow just remembering it makes my hot all over again. Soon I had a cock in each hand. Since I knew what Bill tasted like, I took Rob’s hard cock in my mouth. He tasted totally different than Bill. The head of his penis was so much bigger. Now I could hardly wait to get fucked by both of them. I heard the two of them talking and before I knew what was happening, Rob had my hands cuffed behind my back. Now I was totally at their mercy. Rob was now between my legs eating me for all he was worth. Bill put his cock to my mouth and I eagerly started to suck him off. Pretty soon I couldn’t hold back any more. I came all over Rob’s face and he licked up all of my cum.

I was now shouting that if someone didn’t fuck me pretty soon I was going to explode. Since Rob was right there he was the first to enter me. God, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. As soon as that huge head entered me I came again. He wasn’t overly long but he was very thick. He filled my pussy as never before. I still had my hands cuffed and was a bit uncomfortable. Bill unlocked the cuffs and the first thing I did was grab his cock and started to suck him. He was now so excited that he came almost immediately.

His cum dripped off my lips and face as I felt Rob start to stiffen. He shot is load in my pussy and fell on top of me gasping. Well of course Bill was not to be out done. He was hard again almost right away. He pulled me on top of him and I rode him like I’d never done before. Now Rob’s cock was in my mouth and he was fingering my ass as I slammed myself down on Bills hard cock. Pretty soon we all came again and layed there gasping for breath. The guys then very tenderly cleaned me up and we went our separate ways. Bill and I went back to our “special” beach several more times that summer and always ran into Rob. The three of us had quite a wild summer.

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