Poppy and the Public Toilet

Author: paul

It’s a warm summer’s day and Poppy is out walking in the park wearing a vest and a short skirt.

The heat is making her horny and decides to cool off by splashing some water on her in the public toilet.

The women’s is closed so she goes in to the Men’s instead.

She walks in the door and sees a Man Pissing in the urinal and thinks about having some fun.

“You shouldn’t be in here little Girl” says the Man.

“Sorry” says Poppy “I didn’t know this was the little Boy’s room”

“Little Boy’s?” says the Man “I’m all Man Honey”

“Then show me” says Poppy.

The Man turns around with he’s cock hanging down.

It’s about 8 inches long and really thick.

Poppy can feel herself moisten at the look of it.

“Why don’t you come in the cubicle with me little Girl?” he says.

“OK” says Poppy.

They walk in to the cubicle and Poppy locks the door behind them and pulls the Man’s trousers down to He’s ankles.

She takes a hold of he’s cock and pulls the foreskin back and licks from he’s balls up to the tip of it.

She spits on it and takes it all in her mouth and sucks until it is hard.

The Man close’s he’s eyes and moans with excitement.

Poppy sees he’s eyes are closed and reaches for her knife.

She stands up and forces it against he’s throat.

“What the fuck you doing?” he says.

“Having some fun” says Poppy “Now pull my knickers down like a good Bitch”.

The Man lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers to her thighs and a big strap on dildo pops up.

“Turn around and put your hand on the back of the toilet” Poppy says.

The Man does as he is told.

Poppy stands behind him and puts the dildo against he’s arse hole.

“Ever been fucked in the arse before?” says Poppy.

“No” whimpers the Man.

“Well you are now” says Poppy with a little laugh.

She forces the head of the dildo straight in and the man winces in pain.

“Did that hurt Baby?” says Poppy.

“Yes. Yes it did” he says.

Poppy leans in until the dildo is fully inserted and her thighs are fully against the back of the Man’s legs.

“Please stop” the Man begs.

Poppy just laughs at him.

She reaches around and starts wanking he’s fat cock as she is pushing in and out with the dildo.

The Man starts to cry in fear and pain.

“Don’t worry Baby” says Poppy “cum for me and it will be all over”.

She continues fucking him hard and wanking he’s cock even harder until he shoots a load all over the toilet seat.

Poppy pulls the dildo out of he’s arse and pulls her knickers up and pulls her skirt down..

“Lick up your cum for me, Baby and you are a free Man”.

The Man takes a lick and Poppy laughs at him.

She unlocks the door and runs out leaving the Man sobbing on the floor with he’s trousers around he’s ankles.

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