Putt Putt

Author: Dave0731

The air was warm and muggy with a 90% chance of rain. With the temperatures in the low 90’s I knew it was going to be hot, but I did not know how hot today would really turn out being. I was hoping the rain would hold off until after our date, but we always have a good time when we are together regardless of the circumstances.

I could not wait to arrive at the putt-putt golf course, and was speeding to get there. I was supposed to meet you there at noon, but I was running about 20 minutes late. Just as I turned into the parking lot it started to rain. You were waiting next to your car when I drove up. You were wearing a pair of very short shorts, and the white tee shirt you wore was becoming soaked by the rain and showed off your ample breast very nicely.

I got out of the car and asked what we were going to do now that it was raining and there was no one at the putt-putt course, it looked closed. You said you were a friend of the owner and she loaned you the keys to the building. You suggested we go ahead and play since there was no lightening and we would have the course to ourselves.

Before we teed off on the first hole, you asked if I wanted to place a friendly wager on each hole. I admitted I was not a very good at putt-putt, and asked what the stakes were. You said since we were alone on the course; you thought we might play for an article of clothing per hole. If you lose an article of clothing, you could not get it back.

I did some quick calculations (shirt, two shoes, two socks, shorts and underwear) and said 7 holes are the most I could afford to play, if I lost all the holes. You said we’d have to make some other arrangements if that were to happen. I grinned and thought of the possibilities this opportunity might afford and agreed to the terms

The rain was fairly steady now and we were completely soaked before we even hit the first putt. You went first (ladies first), and hit the ball down the surface, hitting the ser wooden triangle block in the middle of the putting surface, and your ball rolled just short of the hole. I hit and had similar results. You putted your ball in for a par 2, but just as I was about to putt, you jabbed your putter into my side and I missed the putt by two feet. I protested, but you convinced me to remove one shoe anyway. (Now I knew the rules!)

You putted on the second hole and went into a sunken place on the corner of the green that was filling up with water. I hit my ball close to the hole and went ahead and putted it in. You started to move your ball from the water filled sunken area, but I said you had to hit it where it laid. You missed the put and took off one of your shoes.

We tied on the next hole, but I won the next three. You were now shoe and sockless. On the next hole, as I was hitting the first put, you came from behind me and reached around and grabbed my crotch through my soaking kaki shorts, causing my cock to swell and make a tent in the front of my shorts. Needless to say, I lost concentration on the hole and had to remove another shoe.

I lost the next two holes, watching you erotically dance with your putter. We both now had our socks and shoes off. That was the end of the first 9 holes. As we began number 10, you said from now on the winner got to remove the clothing from the losers body.

The rain was getting harder, just like my cock, which was anticipating what was ahead. You somehow made a hole-in-one on #10 and I missed the first putt. You came over, and I fully expected you to take off my shirt. But instead, you reached for my belt buckle and opened my belt and unbuttoned my shorts. You sank to your knees as you unzipped my shorts and pulled them to the ground. You quickly gave my straining cock a quick kiss and stood back up, leaving me moaning and groaning.

I think you did it on purpose, but you lost the next hole. I slowly took your braless tee shirt off, letting my hands move across your hard nipples as I pulled it over your head. I let my fingers gently scrape your nipples again as I let my hands move back down your body. I grabbed my club (golf putter) and waddle over to the next hole.

I decided it was time to finish you off, and putted the ball right through the clown’s mouth. But the ball came back to me, and the clown screeched a sinister laugh. After I did this two more times, you putted and went through the mouth and into the hole on the other side. I screamed I was cheated as you approached me. I was standing there soaking in my tee shirt and sagging underwear. You gently pulled down on the sides of the wet underwear, pulling them over my now raging hard-on, and they fell with a plop to the ground. You reached down and let your hand gently squeeze my balls and engulf my cock. But to my displeasure, you let go and said we needed to finish our game.

You lost the next hole and I hurried over to unbutton and unzip your shorts. I jerked them down violently to the ground, almost removing your soaking panties at the same time. I returned the favor by running my finger up and down your clit on the outside of your soaking panties. I felt that your own pussy juices and not just the rain probably caused some of the wetness.

The next hole was a two-tiered hole. You said why don’t we make two bets on the hole, one for each tier. I eagerly agreed. As I putted, you once again came from behind me and grabbed my cock. You stroked up and down on my totally raging hard member as I stroked the ball with my putter. I hit the ball off the course and you said I lose the tier automatically. You removed my wet tee shirt, letting your hands caress my wet chest. You move your mouth down and gently kiss and lick my nipples.

We moved down to the next tier and placed our golf balls on the wet carpet. You drew back your club and hit the ball off the course. I came over and dropped to my knees, grabbing your panties by the crotch and pulling them to the ground. I kissed your hot soaking pussy letting my tongue flick your enlarged clitoris. I reached up and spread your swollen pussy lips as I gently but rapidly flicked and sucked.

You raised one leg on my shoulder as I continued to devour your clitoris. I let my hand slide over your inner thighs, and inserted 2 fingers in your steaming hot cunt. You contorted with pleasure and moaned out loud. I increased my pace with my tongue and begin to fuck you with three fingers. I could tell you were close to coming and you screamed loudly as waves of your first orgasm overtook you. I could taste your cum as I moved my mouth to cover your pussy and flick with my tongue from your clit to inside your vagina. You came several more times before you began to relax in the afterglow, with your leg still resting on my shoulder.

You kneeled down on the carpeted putt-putt surface and we kissed passionately as the rain poured over our bodies, making them slick against each other.

You pushed me back flat against the putting surface. You moved your body over my still raging hard-on and place my cock at the opening of your pussy lips. You looked into my eyes as you slowly moved down onto my cock. You began to rhythmically rock back and forth, up and down, each time letting my entire cock, except just the swollen head, out of your pussy. You would then impale yourself back onto me.

You continued fucking me, increasing your pace as you became more excited and could feel my cock twitch inside your pussy every down stroke. You neared another orgasm as my balls filled with cum and we exploded together in orgasm.

You milked my cock with your pussy muscles until it quit twitching. You moved off of my body and gently took my cock in your mouth. You licked my balls and sucked my cock until I was once again rock hard.

You continued to bob your head up and down my cock, placing one hand on the base of my dick and massaging it rapidly up and down. It was not long before I could feel the cum swell in my balls and as I filled your mouth with my cum. You removed your mouth and milked my cock with your hand until I was exhausted. You gave my softening cock one last suck with your mouth and then let go.

We gathered out clothing scattered around the course and decided we’d go back to your place to dry off. When we arrived we made love again in your living room and you sucked my cock, letting me cum in your mouth once again.

I like this putt-putt golf!

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