Hotel room BumFuck

Author: Jethro Maki

   When I first came out I was eighteen and a bit. I had known that I was gay before that, and had fooled around with guys before, but I never really declared myself. I started from that point to consciously go out and seek having sex with men, though I didn’t know very much about how to go about getting what I wanted, or even the finer points of doing it. I had been fucked up the ass a couple of times by pimply, uncertain boys, but I wanted more than that.

   I knew that there was a cruise park in town, and it was there one spring evening that I was sitting in my car when another car pulled up beside me. It had an older guy in it, I would say about forty or so. He was bald on top, and had a little moustache. It was a big 70’s car he was driving, and he told me his name was Rob. We talked for a bit, but then it was kind of hard to hear what he said, so he asked me if I wanted to get in his car. I did, my heart thumping so loud in my chest it must have shaken windows for miles.

   We talked about nothing for a few minutes, and then he started to ask me what I liked to do. I wanted to try getting fucked, and after I worked up some nerve I told him that. He was right into it. He had something to do with a local hotel, and was staying in one of the suites at the moment. It was only a few minutes away by car and so he took us there pretty quick once he saw there was a chance of giving it to me up the ass. He reached over and put his hand under my ass as we drove there.
   We walked up to the room, which was small and rather dismal, with red and white vertical striped wallpaper. There was a bed in the middle, the kind they used to have quite commonly in old hotels, with a brass frame that curved at the top. The mattress was high in the middle. I was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt under my jacket, since that made me horny. Rob just reached over and pulled them down, and then stood there looking at my ass for a minute or two.

   He told me to take the rest of my clothes off, and I did so while he stood there and watched. He wanted to feel my body for a while, and so I stood there and let him do it. My cock was pretty hard at all of this attention, and stood straight out from my body. Rob didn’t seem too interested in it though, and only touched it briefly. My ass he couldn’t bring himself to leave alone.

   He took off his own clothes, and then told me to suck his penis. I got on my knees in front of him, and he guided his cock into my mouth with his hand. I didn’t really like sucking cock, but this situation was turning me on, and he seemed to expect that if I were to get fucked then I would suck him, and who was I to argue with that? I was getting into it after a few minutes, and even worked up the nerve to look up into his face, swaying up there above his pendulous belly.

   My mouth made slurping sounds in the quiet of the room, and his breathing was the only other thing to be heard. He stood pretty still for a while, then started to fuck my face. I could tell he was liking this, and every now and then he would reach down and finger my ass to remind of what was to come.

   His hand on my shoulder stopped me, and I stood up. He moved me over to the bed, and made me kneel on the edge of it. He opened a drawer at a bedstand and took out a tube of K-Y. He put some on my ass, and then slid his wet cock into my ass with no more ceremony than that. It hurt like hell at first, and I gasped at it. He only laughed softly, and told me to relax my ass or it might hurt more. I wanted to get fucked, and so tried to do as he asked. It still felt like it wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be, but then after he had fucked me for a while, I realized that I should jerk myself off.

   I glanced down and saw a line of precum drooling out of my rock hard cock. This turned me on, and once I started to stroke my cock the sensation of getting fucked changed totally. It felt warm and welcome, and then I started to get into it. I pushed my ass back against Rob’s cock, and this made him fuck me harder, giving a grunt of satisfaction as he did so.

   It was pretty hot, what was happening. Here at last I was experiencing what it was like to take a man’s cock up my ass. The fact that I didn’t know this guy made it all that much hotter. I was humiliated in a good kind of way by what was happening, and I could see beyond the physical sensation and for the first time in my life realized that sex was more about what was going on inside my head than it was anything else.

   He wanted to come, and he had absolutely no cares about how I was feeling, or whether I enjoyed what was happening. I came, and it felt so hot. Right at that moment it had all been worth it, it was all I had hoped it would be. Then after another minute or so it was back to being a bit uncomfortable. Rob couldn’t have cared less really. He had a good grip on my ass and I wasn’t going to get away from him if he could help it.

   I tried to relax my ass, but he was fucking me too fast. He tightened his grip on my ass and told me to hold still. He fucked me faster, and I stopped moving, just knelt there on the edge of the bed, with my anus being penetrated by this man who was trying so hard to come. It seemed to go on forever, but after some time he grunted a couple of times and came right there inside my ass. I had been grinding my teeth together, all hotness forgotten and only concentrating on willing him to come so it would be over.

   He pulled out pretty quick, and then stood there, running a finger over my ass in satisfaction. He pushed it in and out of me a couple of times, and still I knelt there taking it. It didn’t really feel good, and I started to stand up. Rob made no effort to stop me. I pulled my pants up and he told me to sit down. He grabbed a smoke from his pack, then offered me one as an afterthought. I took it, and we sat smoking in silence.

   When we had done, he told me to take my pants down again. I did so , and he fucked me again with them down around my ankles, bent over the bed. I gripped the other side of the mattress with my hands, and then jerked myself off, being careful not to come before he did this time. It took him a while, but then he came again, after a bit more effort. I was pretty sore in the asshole by this point, but again he played with my ass using his fingers afterwards, just as he had before.

   I pulled my pants up, and asked him to drive me back to the park. He nodded and smiled, then lit another cigarette. He didn’t offer me one this time. As we walked down the hallway I heard him chuckling behind me. When we got to his car I felt my ass and my sweatpants were wet just there with lube and cum. He thought that was pretty entertaining I guess. It wasn’t for years afterward that I saw the hotness of that.

   As we entered the park there was a police car sitting there having pulled someone over. It had quite an effect on Rob, who told me that he knew lots of cops, and that if these ones stopped him for any reason he had only to mention a couple of names and he would be fine if he were drunk or sober. I wasn’t really getting the point of why he told me all of that. I had agreed to get into his car, and as if I was going to tell the cops that his guy fucked me up the ass or something. We were all adults here, even if I was inexperienced and a little humiliated at the moment.

   I got out of his car when we finally got to mine, and heard myself thanking him as I got out. I laughed at myself as I started my engine and headed home, lighting one of my own cigarettes on the way. I had got what I wanted, I had been fucked up the ass, and more than that, I had learned something about taking cock up the ass. My cock started to get hard again at this, and when I got home I jerked off a couple of times about what had happened, once with my sweatpants draped over my face where the wet spot was. I knew that I was on to something that I had wanted for a long time, and now I was ready for more of it.

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