The Courthouse

Author: Cecilia

It all started out as a harmless wager. My friends had bet me I didn’t dare go into the ladies bathroom at our local courthouse. I was not about to let then be right but I was not at all prepared for what happened next. As I walked up to the door I was little bit nervous. When I opened the door it appeared to be empty so I went ahead and walked in. Almost as soon as I got in the door I noticed a sexy red headed female with her skirt hiked up and her shirt unbuttoned.

To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any underwear and she was fondling herself. I new I should turn around and walk right on out but I couldn’t help staring at her lovely body and wishing I was the one doing the fondling. I felt myself slowly inching closer and closer to her. When I got to within five steps of her she turned around quickly to see me standing there. She immediately said “are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna help me out.” I was still really hesitant as I slowly reached out my hand and started rubbing her well-kept pussy. It was already very hot and moist. There was a very sweet aroma to the air around her. Without wasted motion I put one of my fingers into her sweetness. When I realized that it went in really easy I stuck a second finger in.

By this time she had already unbuttoned my trousers and had stuck hand inside my boxers and was rubbing and lightly tugging on my already hard shaft. Her touch made my shaft twitch contently. I then turned my attention to her very busty breasts. I started rubbing them in slow circular motions occasionally grazing her light pink nipples. Every so often I would stop rubbing to take a taste and a nibble of her perky pink nipples. All of a sudden I felt a tug at my jeans and by the time I looked down my jeans and my boxers lay at my ankles. Carefully she pushed me towards a bathroom stall where she sat my down on a commode and finished taking them off. The she immediately started to take of my shirt kissing and sucking on my chest the whole time. This sent tingles all the way down my spine. She kissed her way down my stomach and then took my throbbing shaft into her mouth. The sensation was immense as her rosy red lips encompassed my shaft and began to take very deliberate strides up and down my shaft.

Her green eyes look so eager to please as she continued this motion over and over. After several minutes of this I took off her skirt, picked her up, and carried her over to the sinks. Where I set her down on one of the sinks and immediately dropped to my knees and started lapping up her juices. Stopping frequently to tickle her clit with my tongue. She Start to moan quit frequently and within several minutes I felt her body tighten up and jerk as what appeared to be a climax. After just a moment or two I stood up and parted her wetness making room for my large shaft to intrude onto her space. I used very rhythmic strokes trying to make sure that I was pleasing her to her fullest of my ability.

After a few minutes of this I spun her around so that her breasts were getting wet from the water in the sink. I made her spread her legs and I slipped my huge shaft back into her wetness and went back to my long steady strides. With every stroke of my huge shaft I heard a soft moan of appreciation. Within several minutes I had realized that my own movements had gotten faster and more forceful but she didn’t seem to mind. She even actually seemed to encourage it. By this time I was slamming my shaft in and out and she was moaning louder and louder. I started to grab for her breasts when she stopped me and pulled away. I was thinking at this time that she had just realized what was happening and wanted to stop. I could have never been more wrong in my life as to the fact that she immediately turn and told me to lay on the floor.

Being fairly shocked by this I only hesitated a second and them complied with her request and lay on the floor. As soon as I made it to the floor she started to mount me and to stick my hard shaft back into her wetness. She was bouncing and moaning in a rhythmic pattern that was getting faster and faster. The whole time I could feel that it was not going to be long before I exploded I grabbed her hips and started to grind her hard. Within seconds I had exploded my entire load in to her hot wetness. Almost at the same time I noticed her arch her back and let out a loud moan, which I was positive, meant that she had climaxed to.

Her hot body fell limply to my chest and I just lay there trying to take in the whole thing and how wonderful it was. It was at this moment that I realized I was lying naked on a woman‘s bathroom floor so I got up and began to get redressed. When I turned around to ask her name she was gone. So I finished getting dressed and went out my friends wondering if the whole think was real or just a dream.

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