Paulina (From the Quick And Dirty Collection)

Mr. Collins regularly brought women back to the house; Paulina often heard them and envied them. While she was down on her knees scrubbing the floors, they were down on their knees sucking Mr. Collins cock. Something she had longed to do since the day she set eyes on him.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of his latest girl she crept past the bedroom and peered through the crack. Mr. Collins was alone, lying on his bed, stroking his cock. Paulina couldn’t look away. She expected a girl to appear at any moment but no one did. She grew wetter at the thought of catching Mr. Collins alone, his cock in need, and no one around to service him but her.

As she watched him she began rubbing her pussy and pulling at her nipples. She dipped a finger inside her warmth and unexpectedly let out a moan that caught Mr. Collins attention.

Who’s there?

he grabbed a towel and opened the door.

Paulina! What are you doing?

When he saw her opened blouse and her hiked up skirt, he knew exactly what she had been doing.

You naughty girl, you’ve been spying on me, and from the looks of it, you’ve been enjoying it.

Mr. Collins I’m so sorry.

Paulina got down on her knees.

Please, I’ll do anything.

I bet you would,

he grinned letting his towel drop to the floor. He stroked his cock ominously.

I think you need to be taught a little lesson.

He put his erection to her quivering lips.

She opened gladly, sliding her lips along his silky shaft, savoring every inch that filled her mouth. She looked up at him gratefully, she couldn’t believe he was letting her suck his cock.

She was wetter than ever now, her pussy was aching, she had to touch herself,

Don’t touch yourself, you’re being punished,

Mr. Collins snapped.

I’m the only one to receive pleasure.

Paulina removed her hand from her pussy, but it was burning and throbbed each time she pulled his shaft into her mouth. He grunted and groaned the deeper she swallowed him.

He took control of her by the hair forcing her head forward to meet his hungry thrusts. His pace quickened and his thrusts deepened, stuffing Paulina’s mouth full, she tried to scream but his pole was so deep in her mouth she could barely make a sound.

Without warning he pulled Paulina’s head back releasing his cock seconds before his hot juice spewed into the air landing all over Paulina’s face. She licked at her lips hungrily eager to taste his sweet spew.

Did I say you could taste my cum yet? Looks like you’ve got some cleaning to do first.

Yes Mr. Collins.

Paulina got on her knees, naked and covered in cum and began scrubbing.

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