Classroom Teasing

Author: CyberAge

Jim walked into his classroom the first day of classes, and promptly turned around. Everyone was a girl! He began to think that he was in the wrong place, so he left the room to check the number again. Sure enough the number on the outside of the door read 205. It was indeed the room assigned him for his class for auto mechanics. Normally his classes were up made of mostly, if not all young men wanting to become mechanics.

Jim walked in, and shuddered as all of those eyes watched his every movement. As he walked toward the front of the class he couldn’t help but see down several of the blouses and see the pert titties nestled inside loose fitting tops. About halfway up, he noticed one girl who had the eraser of her pencil in her mouth. Her eyes never strayed from his, as she snaked her tongue around the red eraser, her saliva causing it to shine in the flourescent light. He glanced down and realized the girl was playing with herself.

She had pulled her panties back and spread her pussy lips as Jim walked by. Jim gulped, and continued onward to his desk. As he passed her row, he heared her giggle with her friends behind his back. As he turned around to introduce himself he did a double take as there were several of the girls sitting in positions that allowed him to see various colors of panties. This was going to be an interesting class he thought to himself.

“Hi, my name is Jim, and I am going to be your teacher for a class in auto mechanics.” he announced. Jim proceeded to introduce the girls to the world of auto mechanics although it was obvious that several of them had other things in mind.

After class as the students were filing out one of the girls dropped some papers beside Jim’s desk. Jim reached down to pick them up and as he handed them to the girl she smiled, thanked him and stood by his desk for a moment as if to say something. Jim could see that the girl was a striking redhead with pert titties straining at the fabric of her blouse. Her short mini skirt barely came below the vee of her legs.

“What can I do for you?” asked Jim.

“Well, I need to speak to you alone”, said the girl.

“Just wait until the rest are gone”, said Jim. After the last student had left Jim closed the classroom door. He brought a chair over for the girl and sat down at his desk. Jim watched as the girl sat down. He was amazed that she was able to sit there with only a very small patch of panties showing considering how short her mini skirt was. “OK, so what’s on your mind?” asked Jim.

The girl leaned forward and began to speak very slowly. “My Daddy made me take this class so he could have “his mechanic” in the family. I don’t like working on cars but I have to pass this class so he won’t get mad at me.” There was a faraway look in the girls’ eyes as she spoke. “I just have to pass this class” she repeated. “And I would be willing to do anything to do so”. As she finished saying this she reached down with both hands, slid her dress up exposing her panties and pulled one edge of her panties aside and ran her fingers down through her clean shaven pussy.

Jim did a double take as the girl wantonly exposed herself in front of him. His mind raced as he tried to consider the implications of taking advantage of this sweet young girl who obviously was offering her body in exchange for a good grade. He knew that as a teacher in a small community college his career was at stake. He also knew that his marriage would be at stake if word ever got out but when the girl reached over and laid her hand in his lap and began stroking his groin area he knew he had to take the girl up on her offer. He squirmed in his chair as the girl stroked his dick through the fabric of his pants.

The girl reached over with her other hand and unzipped his pants. She reached inside Jim’s shorts and began massaging his dick. She knelt down in front of Jim and pulled his shorts and pants down in one motion taking his dick into her sweet mouth sucking the full length. Jim reached down and started playing with the girls tits. The girl knew how to suck dick and Jim was afraid he wouldn’t last long. He was right as he shortly exploded in a gigantic orgasm which the girl gobbled down completely.

“Will that get me a good grade?” inquired the girl.

“It certainly won’t hurt” replied Jim “but if you want an A I need to fuck that pussy of yours”.

“Would you give a friend of mine an A also if she fucks you at the same time?”

Jim couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Seems like this class is going to be very interesting, he thought to himself. “If she has as nice a body as you do I am sure we can work it out” he replied.

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