The Hotel

Author: Belle Dimond

The phone rang at about 10:30 and I was a little startled. It was a friend of my roommates – she had given a man who was in town my card. She knew I liked to meet really tall men for sex, and he was in town for only a short time.

I talked to him for about 20 minutes and he seemed nice enough, so I decided I would go meet him at his hotel. I drove down there and knocked on the door. He wasn’t lying, he was a full 6’8″! I walked in and he just grinned and gave me the biggest bear hug. What a sweet guy!!

I asked to use his bathroom and came out wearing a black nightie. He said, “awwww, sweet!!!” and hugged me again! I said, “I’m not wearing any underwear,” and turned around and stuck my ass out.

He said, “Are you sure?” and he lifted my nightie up and put his fingers between my cunt lips. “Ahhhh, yes,” he said, and turned me back around.

I pulled his shorts down and saw he wasn’t wearing any undies either. I looked up and smiled at him, then back down at his thick 8 inches, straight up!

I had to only bend my knees slightly to be low enough to kiss the tip of his cock,since he was so tall. Then I squeezed my tits together around his cock and moved up and down, the silk of my nightgown smooth against him.

He then pulled my nightie off me and I let him tit fuck me some more, kissing the head everytime it came near my lips.

Soon after that, he took my hand and led me over to the bed. He sat down and I sat down beside him and he pushed me onto my back. He started exploring my tits; squeezing and biting and licking them. I spread my legs and he started fingering me and looking at my cunt.

“Wow, you have such a nice pussy,” he said. He spread it wider, looking at it as I got wetter. He put a couple fingers up inside and started fucking me that way. He leaned over and kissed me deep and long; my nipples were so hard and I was so horny at this point.

He moved so that he was on his hands and knees with his cock right over my face. I started sucking on it hungrily and greedily, sucking and licking, running my tongue around the tip.

He reached for something and I realized it was a condom. He stopped and put it on and got between my legs. He lifted them up to his shoulders and entered me slowly.

I moaned and he shoved it in further. He moved my legs so that my ankles wrapped around his waist and he leaned on his hands and knees and started fucking me good and hard. He was so tall, and so far above and beyond my head that I couldn’t kiss him or anything, so I just laid back and got fucked.

And it was so good. He knew how to make his cock rub against my clit and he did it so good. Pretty soon I was cumming, pulling on my nipples and playing with my tits.

That was what sent him over the edge, I think, and he grunted and came hard, pumping me with his huge cock until he was spent.

He excused himself and flushed the condom and came back and laid down next to me. We just sort of talked about nothing for awhile, and then I told him I was still horny. I started playing with myself and he moved down so he could watch.

I spread my legs and started fingering my clit, rubbing it in circles and dipping into my hole for moisture. He stuck his fingers in my hole while I was fingering myself and fucked me like that for a little bit.

He leaned back and started stroking his cock while I fingered myself; I was so shocked that he had gotten hard again so quickly. I asked if he had another condom and he did.

He put it on and got on top of me, this time we both came in about 2 minutes. We were fucking fast and hard like animals and I could tell he was holding out for me. I came so hard that I know my pussy walls were really gripping his cock and he came immediately after I did.

That time we were really spent. He got up to get rid of his condom again and I got up and started getting dressed. He said, “It’s over the quickly huh?”

I said, “Yeah, I gotta go.” That’s when I looked at the clock and realized I’d only been in that room for half an hour! Talk about a quickie – it had taken me longer to get there!

Oh well, it was a really great fuck – I’d do it again.

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