Red Sky at Night

Author: Cecilia

Kate and I had gone out to this state park recently. Just to get away from things for a day. Way out practically in the middle of nowhere, she took me down this long trail that looked as if it had not been walked in years at least. I never thought much about hiking out in the woods but this place just felt very nice. And besides, after sitting behind a desk all day long I needed something to get exercise somehow.

Kate’s one of my co-workers. She’s a nice girl. Fair bordering pale skin and a carrot top that practically glowed. She was dressed in attire that was not becoming of the great outdoors. A pair of cut off jeans that barely hid a thing of what was underneath them. Not that I was complaining at all. I was behind her and most of the walk I spent admiring the view. And then looking at the trees and surroundings a little bit.

When we got to what looked like the end of the path, we found ourselves overlooking half of the city. I hadn’t even noticed that we had been walking uphill. But then again with her tight behind in my line of sight I doubt I would have noticed Big-Foot himself if he came up and started walking beside me.

Down the edge of the landslide, you could see some of the other hikers meandering their way along the more well defined paths around the city. When I turned back, I got the shock of my life.

She hadn’t said a word. Nor did she make a sound when she did it. But by the time my eyes focused, there was Kate with a blanket laid out on the rock surface and her clothes in a neat pile alongside her.

I stood for a few moments lingering between shock and utter awe. Her body was perfect. Her long red hair flowed out from her in waves with a soft patch, neatly trimmed and covering her pussy.

She just stared up to me innocently as she could for having just done the worlds fastest striptease and commented for me to join her on the blanket.

I was still frozen in place. And it took her standing to her feet, coming over to me, and leading me to the blanket for me to even move a muscle.

I lay down next to her. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to break through my jeans. I had wanted to fuck the hell out of this girl since the day she started on my office team and here she was lying next to me buck-naked.

When I realized what was going on and the fact that she had her hand in my pants and wrapped around my cock, I practically tore the clothes from my body and dove headfirst into her hot pussy. I spread the thin layer of fiery red hair aside to reveal her damp slit underneath.

I was so horny at that point that I thought I was going to explode right then and there. But instead, I held back and pushed my tongue between the lips of her pussy seeking out the hot little bud underneath. I suckled lightly on her pulsating clit as the breeze picked up around us.

The sweet summer scents mixed with her own. And it turned me on to no end. And to think, just yesterday she had come to me asking a few little questions about how things worked in the office and here she was trying to hold onto the rocks as I played with her willing body.

She bucked her hips up to me, meeting each and every stroke of my tongue with one of her body. Her hips were halfway off the ground when I wrapped my arms around her thighs and just leaned in, resting her legs over my shoulder. I held her thighs up in the air and buried my tongue in her pussy.

My cock pressed snugly against her back when she screamed out, cumming so hard that I thought she was going to launch me over the edge. She tightened her grip around my shoulders with her thighs with her body shaking nearly down to the very core as she came down from that erotic high.

She was not done though. Not by a long shot. Kate rolled over into her hands and knees and looked back to me with eyes that begged for her to get fucked.

And I have never been one to disappoint. In one motion, I grabbed tightly around her hips and stuffed my cock in her pussy straight to the hilt. Seven inches of meat impaled inside her and sent her over the edge once again. Her arms fell to her side, unable to hold her up any longer and the only reason her hips were still up was because I held her there.

Like a wild animal I pumped into her, thrusting the throbbing head of my cock as deep as I could manage. She was beautifully tight. A snug fit wrapped around my cock and pulsated around me until I too needed something to hold onto or else I would fall over onto the rock face.

I held myself back from exploding, grabbing a handful of her hair without thinking and fucking in a wild intensity that just kept her screaming in lustful pleasure that I’m not sure to this day if even she knew what was going on.

She knew I was getting close and she cried out at the crest of another wave of pleasure for me to cum into her. A second later, I felt the surging rush of my own orgasm flooding into her with the thick white cream of my release. I kept myself buried as far as I could go within her until she squeezed the last drop of my seed inside her. I fell down to the rock alongside her with the sun descending down to the horizon.

Now once a week on Fridays after work, Kate and I head up to the hill and take out the stress from the workplace on each others bodies in the heat of the sun and the heat of our utter lust for one another.

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