Boyfriend Does Me On The Pool Table

Author: Wave

My boyfriend knows that I am multi-orgasmic, and he simply cannot resist making me cum several times a day. We may be at a movie theater, in the car, even at a restaurant, and any chance he gets, he wants to make me cum, usually just by fingering me. I accommodate this hobby of his by wearing skirts and no underwear. Of course, all that messing around makes him incredibly horny, so I eventually will get to cum courtesy of that long thick cock of his, and there simply is nothing better than that.

Not too long ago, we went to visit my boyfriend’s parents and have dinner with them. He fingered me to an orgasm on the ride over there, so I was nice and relaxed. We had a nice visit with his parents, then my boyfriend decided to show me some of his old trophies and awards from high school, which were all boxed up in his parents basement. We got downstairs and he suddenly had no interest in finding those trophies. He started kissing me and squeezing my nipples through my blouse. I told him we shouldn’t be doing this because his parents were right upstairs, but he said that he was dying to make me cum again. Who was I to argue?

There was an old pool table down there, and he put me up on it and told me to lay down, because he wanted to lick my pussy. He took such delight in flicking my clit with his tongue and slurping up my pussy juice that I just couldn’t deny him the pleasure! Soon, I was writhing in pleasure on the pool table while he ate me and told me how much he wanted to lap up my cum. I was feeling a bit daring by this time and I asked him if he was hard. He said “you know I am.” So I said “show me.” This really turned him on and he whipped that cock out for me, proudly displaying his huge hard on.

By now, I had decided that I had to have his cock inside me, which was just fine with him. Just as we were getting down to business, the basement door opened and his mom hollered down to us “did you find them?” My boyfriend quickly replied “yeah and we found some pictures too!” Thankfully, she did not venture down the stairs.

Feeling a little shaken about almost being discovered, I decided I’d better give that nice cock a good sucking to get it back into top form before I got the fucking I was dying for. First, I stroked his cock, alternating hands, and switching from a tight grip to a loose massage. Within seconds, his cock was rock hard again, which made me want to suck it even more. I decided to tease him a bit, so I licked his cock with little flicks of the tip of my long tongue, and licked down to and around his balls, but didn’t take his cock all the way into my mouth for quite awhile. I wanted him to beg me and I knew he would within a few minutes.

I just kept kissing and licking and soon enough he was saying “oh please baby, suck it, please.” He deserved a good sucking, so I took that fat cock into my mouth as far as I could get it and worked my mouth up and down on it slowly, while grasping the base of it with my hand, squeezing and twisting gently. Then I concentrated on the head of his cock for a good long time, sucking just down past the head and right back up again. I tickled his balls while I did this and his cock was throbbing so much that I couldn’t wait to have it in me. I reached up and squeezed his nipple with my free hand and he had that look in his eye that I have seen so many times before, the look that says “I’m really going to fuck you now.”

He bent me over and very slowly pushed his big, hard cock into me. If you can believe it, I came on his cock with the first stroke. I knew I could cum again within minutes, so I looked forward to that! He swiveled his hips as he was pushing that cock in and out. It felt so good and so wet inside my engorged, convulsing pussy.

Soon, he put me back on the pool table and had me lay at the edge, while he put his cock back in me. This position really felt good, because he was tickling my clit while pumping me at the same time. He knows how to push my buttons and he knew this would make me cum again. He occasionally bent over and gave me a long passionate kiss while his cock throbbed inside me. I knew that neither of us could hold out much longer. He quickened his stroke and continued playing with my clit. I was really having a hard time keeping quiet. Then, he gave a couple of really deep thrusts and we both came, it was glorious.

I didn’t have any underwear on, or any tissues for that matter, and I was worried about the mess I would encounter when I stood up. “No problem” he said, and he started licking up all my juice and all his cum. My clit was so sensitive by this point that by the time he had me licked clean, I came again. I wondered how I ever got so lucky to have a lover so concerned about my needs. Some girls are just lucky, I guess!

When we got upstairs, his mother asked me what I thought of his trophies. I told her I thought they were very impressive!

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