Club Kid’s First Fuck

Author: Goblin

“Let’s get out of here,” I said to my new friend.  The club was
packed with sweaty half-naked young men moving in unison to deafening music. 
I outgrew the “scene” six or seven years ago when I was still in college,
but when I get horny for a young ass to fuck, I know the gay clubs are
the fastest and easiest way to get what I need.
As soon as I saw him, I knew the kid was a newcomer to this scene. 
He was there alone, off in a corner on the upper level, looking around
with a mix of fear and bewilderment.  The red stamp on the back of
his hand marked him as “Under 21,” so he was somewhere in the neighborhood
of eighteen to twenty.  He looked younger.  Baby face. 
Short with a trim little body.  It was mid-summer, so his deep tan
could have been natural.  I wanted to know if he had a tan line, but
I would learn soon enough.  I made my way toward him, his panic as
I approached him turning me on even more.  I was making a mental checklist
of all the things I was going to do to him once I had him naked and in
my bed.
“Let’s get out of here,” was my opening line.  He looked me over,
too confused to reply.  To the right of us, a black hunk was getting
his cock serviced by a skinny club kid.  Watching the young guy take
every inch of the thick black cock made me instantly hard.  I took
the newbie by the shoulders and spun him around so he could see what he
was missing.  “That is what I want you to do to me,” I told him. 
At that moment, the black guy exploded, filling the club kid’s mouth with
ropes of thick jism.
The young guy was stunned.  I steered him toward the stairs, out
of the club and to the parking lot.  The temperature and noise level
dropped considerably the second we were outside.  “Did you drive?” 
He nodded.  I didn’t want to let him out of my sight.  “We’ll
take my car.  I’ll bring you back in the morning so you can drive
home.”  I let him digest that for a minute, watching his face as his
mind tried to conjure up what might happen between now and dawn.
“I don’t know.” He said, looking more scared than he did when I first
laid eyes on him.
I reached over and grabbed his crotch; he was stiffer than I was. 
“I think you do.  How old are you anyhow?”
“Nineteen.  How old are you?”
“Twenty-seven.  With loads of experience.  Have you ever been
with a guy before?”
“Sort of.”
We reached my car.  “I’m going.  I want you to come with me. 
I’ll give you about one minute to make up your mind.  The door on
the passenger side is unlocked.”  I got in and started the car, cranking
the air to high.  I thought he was going to bail on me, but at the
last second he let his cock do his thinking and he opened the door and
slid in.  I pulled out and headed to my place.
The ride lasted ten minutes and neither of us spoke.  I pulled
into the drive and got out.  He was following me like a scared puppy. 
I unlocked the door and led him in.  Once it was shut and locked,
it was time to begin.
I turned and walked to him, full of purpose.  I wrapped my arms
around his lower back and began to kiss him.  He resisted slightly,
but as soon as my tongue parted his lips and began to explore his mouth,
he loosened up.  I grabbed the bottom of his shirt in my fingers and
broke away long enough to rip it off, tossing it carelessly on the floor. 
I kissed him again, starting to walk us toward the bedroom.  I kicked
my own shoes off then wrestled him out of his, inching us closer to the
Since he didn’t take the initiative, I tore my own shirt off, letting
him get a good look at my hard upper body.  I have gym-built pecs
and abs, covered with close-cropped blond hair.  While he checked
me out, I examined his body.  While not overly muscular, he was lean
and hard, completely smooth and delicious looking.  I caught one of
his large dark nipples between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a pinch. 
He moaned slightly.  I took him by the wrist and pulled him into my
I sat on the edge of my bed and caressed his bare chest, working my
way down to his jeans.  They were button-fly, and easily undone. 
He was wearing white briefs that were too tight for his cock, which was
a respectable seven inches, judging from the curved bulge in front of my
face.  I helped him out of his jeans and stood up to undo my own. 
I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so my eight-inch cock shot out like a hammer,
pointing at the young guy’s sexy belly button.
I sat back down on the bed and peeled his briefs off, putting my mouth
on his cock as soon as it was free.  A nice white area in the shape
of his briefs was the only part of his body that wasn’t tan.  He moaned
like a slut as I took his cock to the balls, savoring the taste of his
clean skin and the scent from his balls.  I sucked him for awhile,
picking him up and tossing him in the middle of the bed.  He came
close to cumming, but I wouldn’t let him have the release.
“Not yet,” I told him, sitting on his chest, pointing my own thick cock
at his lips, which were full and sexy.  “You ever suck a guy off?”
“No.”  His eyes were wide as he stared at my hard-on.
“Open your mouth.”  I didn’t wait for his lips to part.  I
push the dripping head of my cock against them and slowly began to ease
my cock into his mouth.  For a first-timer, he was remarkably good
at it, taking about three-fourths of my tool without once gagging. 
I began to thrust in and out of his mouth, fucking his face, making him
take a little bit more of me each time I slid back into him.  With
a little practice, he was able to go balls-deep, gagging a little as the
thick root of my cock opened those sexy lips.
I felt my climax coming and I slid back out, aiming my wet cock at his
face.  He wasn’t expecting the cum, so he recoiled a bit as I unloaded
onto his cute young face.  He tried to wipe it away, but I pinned
his arms behind his head.
“Not yet.  It looks so hot on you.”  Holding his arms, I licked
some of my cum off his face, then kissed his neck and shoulders. 
I made my way to one of his dark nipples and sucked on in, enjoying the
way he squirmed when I nibbled at the tender flesh.
I got up and reached for a clean towel.  There was a small stack
next to the bed.  I gently wiped my load from his face, trying not
to get any on the sheets.
“That was fun,” he mumbled, rolling over and trying to fish his discarded
briefs off the floor.
“What are you doing?”  I asked.
“Are you going to take me back to the club?”  He was on his belly
now, the most perfect bubble butt just inches from my face.
“You didn’t get off yet.  I can cum a lot more.”  I reached
over and took the moons of his ass in my hands, pulling his buns open. 
His crack was nearly hairless, save for a dark little whorl of hair around
his hole.  I puckered up and began to blow gently on his rosebud. 
It reacted favorable, pinching open and closed.  I pulled his ass
open even more and pressed the tip of my tongue against the hole.
The guy went wild, trying to slide away. I gripped the tops of his tan
legs in my hands and began to rim him, growing hard again as I delivered
intense pleasure.
“Oh my god, please stop,” he moaned, trying to pull away.  “That
feels so good!”
“Tastes good too.  So fresh and so clean.”  I moved down and
nuzzled his smooth nuts.  “Ever been fucked before?”
“No way!”  He gasped and began to moan again as soon as my tongue
found its way back to his virgin slot.
I rimmed him for a few minutes, and then told him to open the drawer
in the nightstand beside the bed.  He hesitantly reached out and pulled
it open.  He extracted a small bottle of lubricant and a strip of
foil-wrapped condoms.  He handed both to me without a word.
I pulled one of the condoms off the strip and tore open the package
with my teeth.  I rolled it onto my hard cock, squirting a generous
helping of lube onto it and getting it ready.  Then I placed a dollop
of lube on his tight hole and began to massage it, pushing it open with
one of my fingers.
“Damn, you really are a virgin.”  His ass was tight, but began
to relax as I pushed my finger in deeper.  I slid in a second, trying
to get the tight ring to relax.  My first finger found his joyspot,
causing his entire body to shudder in pleasure.  “If you think that
feels good, wait until you feel how good my cock feels.”
I extracted my fingers and pressed the tip of my cock to his hole. 
It took awhile to get him to relax, but he was able to take it.  When
I had half of it in, I reached under his upper body and felt for his nipples,
giving them both a nice pinch. He moaned and relaxed, letting the rest
of my eight inches slide up inside him.
nice ass,” I moaned, enjoying the way he gripped and milked me. 
I fucked him slowly at first, picking up speed as he grew used to having
my cock inside him.  I fucked him on his belly for awhile, and then
pulled him up onto all fours, so I could jack him off while I hammered
his ass.  “I’m gonna cum,” I told him, feeling my second load of the
night shoot.  He tried to jack himself off, but I pushed his hand
away from his cock.  “You can cum when I tell you to,” I said wickedly. 
With a smile, I flipped him onto his back.  His cock was pointing
at my bedroom ceiling and I began to tease it with my tongue.  I am
an expert at getting guys close but not letting them have the release they
so desire.  I thought it would be impossible with a guy so young,
but I managed to keep him on the edge.
My cock was still rock hard so I reached for another condom.  After
rolling it on, I slid my dick back up his young ass.  He moaned, the
sensation of my cock rubbing against his joyspot nearly unbearably pleasurable.
I fucked him harder the second time, his ass more used to my thick rod. 
I lifted his legs and pushed them back to the point where his knees were
almost to his ears.  His hard-on was directly over his face and I
knew this was the position I wanted him in when I let him unload. 
I knew he was close.  I could feel his ass fluttering around my cock,
daring me to cum again.  I pulled nearly out and then slammed it in
to the balls.  Just as I slid it home, he began to moan beautifully
and his cock began to shoot.
I pried his mouth open and held his cock at just the right angle, so
his thick sperm emptied down into his own mouth.  Three spurts into
his own climax, I felt myself lose it again.  His ass was contracting
like a vise, practically sucking the cum right out of me.
We were both drained at that point, and I didn’t think I could go again
anytime soon.  I lay down to rest and he slid in beside me, content
to lie together wordlessly.  Before the sun came up, I fucked him
twice more and we each blew each other one more time.  I never got
his name and am not sure I will ever see him again.  But I know he
won’t ever have another first night out and I’m glad the guy he spent it
with was me.

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