The End of Lance

Author: FK

Being now in college, Lance thought he had to improve upon his social image. This upgrade also included getting a girl friend. At first, one may think this wasn’t strange. However, one simple problem existed; Lance happened to be quite ugly in the eyes of women. Making the matter even worst, he was very persistent with the girls at the university. He never let up. Whenever he met a girl his mind saw as attractive, he persisted and persisted, putting many phone solicitors to shame. Therefore, one can say Lance was a great turn off for all the girls at the school.

Further, there happened to be one young lady in particular whom Lance always seemed to bother. Meeting her one day at school, he walked up to the female, and said, “ Hi Becky, how would you like to go to a movie with me tonight?”

In an agitated tone of voice, Becky replied, “ How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t care about going out with you!”

Nevertheless, continuing to plead with her for a date, the young man went on, “ How about if you come to my room tonight for a little fuck?” Angered, Becky was in no mood to put up with his garbage in light of the fact that she had much to study the coming evening and was in a hurry to get to her next class. However, his persistence continued, “ I really would like to see what’s inside your pants!”

After he placed his hand on her ass, Becky snapped back, “ You ugly piece of shit, one day I’ll show you what you really are!”

Next, as the infuriated lady started walking in the direction of the science building, the creep followed for a while longer, continuing with his bullshit, “ You know, if you play your cards right, you can have me.”

Walking ever faster, the female student replied, “ I’ll play my cards right, all right, and when I do, I’ll have you right where you belong!” As both individuals proceeded toward the building, Lance gazed forward and saw a security guard. Fearful she would report him, the troublemaker backed off and went in another direction.

With the punk gone, Becky entered the science building and proceeded to her chemistry class. As a matter of fact, Becky and chemistry mixed quite well. She was now in her last year of college and ready to proceed with a Ph.D. program. Further, Becky was the kind of girl who didn’t fall easily for all the nonsense many of the males pull. Having sex a few times in her life, the lady never let it go through her head and become emotionally involved. With most of the guys that she did date, Becky was usually in control. Moreover, many times she would stop a male’s sexual advance when out on a date. This greatly infuriated some of the boys, for she was quite beautiful and attractive. Becky happened to be about five feet and ten inches tall. Her hair was black and was cut somewhat short, generating a somewhat gothic appearance upon her sexy physique. She’s mystical looking and intelligent all at once.

On the other hand, Lance happened to be a big looser. Nothing went right for him at school. Academically, he was a flat zero, achieving almost nothing worth any form of recognition. All he did was hang around the lounges and cafeteria agitating the girls. Being now in his second college year he’ll probably never graduate, for he’ll surely drop out next year due to his poor academic performance. Further, the screwball may even be expelled beforehand if the number of complaints continue coming in about his harassment of the female student body.

As she seated herself in the chemistry class, Becky glanced over and saw Lisa. Lisa was one of her best friends; they knew each other before college. Being also very attractive, the girl was a sight to behold. Her ass alone was the perfect model all women envy. Whenever she went out on a date with one of the guys, he would always stare at her behind until she got him cornered alone with no one else in sight. Then, she told him that if he wanted to continue with the date, he’d have to get down and kiss her ass! The lady loved to torment and humiliate men. Further, if any of the guys wouldn’t go low, she’d drop him pure and simple. Similar to Becky, Lisa had a somewhat low opinion of males; the women thought men were all jerks, and one was better off not getting heavily involved with the hopeless gender.

When Becky looked in Lisa’s direction, Lisa saw her and smiled. As the professor continued with the lecture, both girls listened on.

After the period ended, both ladies got up and moved toward one another, saying hello. Next, leaving the room, the girls started walking out of the building. They spoke on about whatever came up and seemed to be at ease. As the two students continued to walk in the direction of the main administration building, they heard a female voice yell after them, “ Hey Becky and Lisa, wait up for me!” It was the voice of Meg. Meg was a biology major and happened to be good friends with Becky and Lisa. Moreover, Meg met the other two at the college last year; they hit it off fine and became friends. They liked spending time in one another’s company.

When Meg finally caught up with the other two girls, she ask, “ So how’s everything today?”

“ Oh its ok except for one pain in the ass.”, replied Becky.

Before Meg had a chance to ask what the problem was, Lance showed up around one of the administration building’s corners. The arrogant asshole walked directly up to Becky and said right before the other two ladies, “ So you think you can get away from me that easily, well guess again; I’m not that easy to shake off.”

After he said these words, Meg jumped in, “ Why don’t you leave her alone, you piece of shit or I’ll call one of the guards!”

The young man’s response was, “ Oh, I’m scared, security is gonna beat me up.” However, he hesitated for a second and finally said, “ I’ll see you some time soon Becky.” Afterward, he simply walked in another direction and left.

With Lance out of sight, Becky said to Meg, “ That’s the problem I was just about to tell you of.”

“ I can’t believe that creep; who the fuck does he think he is?”, said Meg.

Then, Lisa interceded and remarked, “ What he needs is to be taught a good lesson.”

Next, Meg spoke, “ Maybe that can be done.” She went on, “ Why do we always have to be the ones who are afraid?” Continuing, she said, “ We can do something to teach that jerk a lesson he’ll never forget.”

“ And what do you propose to do?”, ask Becky.

“ I’m not sure, but perhaps I can think of something.”, answered Meg.

The girls parted in the main hall of the administration building. Each one went to her separate class.

With the school day over, Becky went to her dorm room, wishing to spend the rest of the night with her studies. However, her phone rang and she answered, “ Hello, who is it?”

The voice on the other end was that of Meg, she said, “ Hi its me Meg, I think I’ve an idea how to handle the creep.” She continued to talk, “ I’ll be over at the college in a few minutes; I’ll pick you up, and we’ll go to the bar down the street and talk all about it.”

Becky didn’t know what to say. However, Meg quickly said, “ It’ll be all right, trust me, we’ll have a lot of fun tonight.” Becky finally agreed.

About thirty minutes later, Becky heard a knock upon her room door; it was Lisa. After Becky opened the entrance, Lisa said, “ Hi, let’s go, Meg’s in the van waiting.”

“ So you’re in on this too?”

Lisa just giggled and said, “ Yea”.

Due to the humorous tone of Lisa’s voice, Becky knew that something was up. When Becky got her purse and was about to leave, Lisa ask, “ Oh by the way, where’s Joan?” Joan was Becky’s roommate.

“ Joan’s gone for the week, she’s got some family trouble back in New York.”, answered Becky.

Lisa simply said, “Oh”. The two girls left and went down to the van.

Meg lived at home with her parents. Moreover, her house wasn’t far from the university; therefore, it didn’t take much time getting to the school. After Becky and Lisa got into the windowless cargo van, they proceeded off to the bar. The bar was in fact a practical establishment; it was one of those places having a bar and restaurant all in one. The girls would go there on weekends or whenever they felt like it to have fun. The ladies didn’t drink much whenever they went, just enough to have a good time and not get into any trouble.

Arriving at the bar, they parked the van in front. All three young beauties got out of the vehicle and proceeded to the entrance. Indeed, they were quite a sight as they walked to the door. Each wore a pair of jeans that fit like a glove revealing every outline of her magnificent ass. Further, the girls were dressed in either a blouse or some type of thin flannel. However, the most unique thing about their appearance were the black leather boots going up to the knee with a cuff extension, making them look not only sexy but commanding as well. Entering the bar, the girls sat down at one of the tables. Most of the men in the joint gave them looks; however, the girls just sat at their table ready to order once the waiter arrived. A few minutes later, the employee came over and gave each female a menu. Further, all of the girls had already eaten and weren’t hungry. Hence, they simply decided upon one drink for each together with some soda pop. Taking their order, the waiter rotated and left. A few moments later, he returned with the drinks and gave the beverages to the girls. Saying thanks, the young ladies watched him leave.

However, just as the women were about to start their conversation, one of the men seated at the bar got up and proceeded toward them. After he arrived at their table, he said in a macho voice, “ Can I buy you girls anything?”

Measuring the guy off, they simply replied with one word, “ Fuckyou!” The man looked a bit surprised, said nothing, turned around, and went back to were he was previously seated.

Then, the girls started to talk, continuing for a good twenty minutes as they drank their whisky and soda. Moreover, as they spoke, the felines would at times break out in laughter getting the attention of other people in the bar. Upon completion of their plans, they finished their drinks, got up, and left the building after paying at the front register. Finally, the schemers got into the van and drove back to the university.

At this time in the evening, Lance would usually be out on the campus grounds bothering everyone and being his usual pesty self. In fact, he was a real weirdo; no one wanted much to do with the jerk. He didn’t have any friends, and his roommate spent as much time as possible away from the dormitory just to distance himself from Lance.

The girls knew that Lance walked about much in the evening; for in the past, they too suffered at some of his grotesque advances with no class or taste whatsoever. Therefore, the young ladies could be quite confident they would see him if they drove about campus.

Sure enough, as Meg slowly circumnavigated the grounds, they saw him in the dark walking alone. Next, Meg said, “ Let’s wait until he walks a bit further near the end of that lot, then we’ll get him.” After a few minutes, Lance did indeed walk toward the blackened edge of the lot. He ventured into the darkness and took a piss against one of the trees. As he heard the sound of the van, he looked back and pulled in his cock. The vehicle moved up, and from the back door there emerged Lisa with a revolver in hand. The gun belonged to Meg, for her parents always had it laying about the house. Meg simply decided to use it today.

After Lisa got out of the van, she pointed the pistol at Lance and said, “ Let’s go creep.”

Lance ask angrily, “ What the fuck are you doing bitch?” As she continued to point the gun at Lance, he instinctively knew she was serious by her facial expression. Hence, the frightened boy stepped into the back of the vehicle. Finally, Lisa followed and closed the door behind her.

Putting the ford back into drive, Meg started moving on out of the university grounds toward a wooded area a few miles away from campus. As they drove, Becky said to Lance as Lisa continued to point the gun, “ Take off all your clothes, asshole!” Lance looked on for a few moments but complied as the girls remained silent with evil looking stares. Removing everything, he then sat naked before Becky and Lisa.

As they looked at him, the girls started to giggle. In fact, Lisa remarked, “ I don’t see why you’re so much interested in all the girls anyway, with that little thing, you couldn’t even satisfy a female mouse.”

The ladies continued to mock him when Becky said, “ So you want me, you ugly bastard, well here, how about this?” Pulling down her pants and panties, she stuck her ass right into his face, saying, “lick my asshole creep!” He turned around and looked at Lisa holding the gun. She simply smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Turning back, Lance did as he was told, licking her ass until she ordered him to stop. Next, she simply pulled up her attire and spit into his left eye. She said, “You see, I did play my cards right, and I got you all right, right where you belong!”

Meg finally brought the van into a secluded area. This place was a location where at some future point there would be development, but at this moment, it remained a large and lonely place with much foliage. Parking the van near a spot densely packed with trees and brush, Meg turned off the engine but left the lights on pointing toward a section of the wooded area. Next, all three of the girls got out of the vehicle with Lance right before them being held at gunpoint. Also, Lisa was holding a few strands of coiled rope which was previously in the van. Next, Becky yelled, “ Let’s go creep, in the woods!” The prisoner went into the foliage feeling the pain of the twigs and sticks upon his naked body. Continuing to walk for a few yards, the company reached a small opening completely enclosed on all sides by a thicker growth. The opening was not very large; in fact, it too had a few trees in the center.

Then, Lisa said, “ Lay down between those two trees.” Lance laid himself down. She commanded, “ Stretch out your arms toward this tree.” She motioned to the tree directly before the top of his head. Next, she gave the rope to Meg and said laughingly, “You can have the honor.” Meg proceeded to tie Lance’s wrists together, taking what was left of the rope and tied it around the tree trunk. The woman did the same with his ankles, tying the remaining slack about the other tree trunk directly beneath his feet. Being now helpless, Lance couldn’t free himself in any way; he was completely at the mercy of the girls.

Next, the young women stood around him and started to verbally abuse their catch. They mocked his looks. The vengeful students also made abortion jokes as to the effect of stating that his mother should have had one before she gave birth to his ass. They really let him have it! Just laying there, he took it all in. If Lance did try to say something, Lisa immediately raised the gun and pointed the pistol directly at his head. Sometimes the wench would pull back the hammer as to frighten him silly. With all the verbal torment past, Lisa said to the other two, “ Well, don’t you think its time?” The other girls burst out laughing and agreed. Afterward, Lisa gave the gun over to Becky and said, “ Here, hold this.” With the pistol given to Becky, Lisa walked toward Lance and stepped over him with one of her legs. Standing directly over him with her face pointed toward his feet, the lady unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her knees together with her black panties. After this, she squatted down, placing her spectacular and noble ass directly over his nose. Posed in this position, the lovely young vixen shit right into his ugly face! The other two girls cracked up. In fact, Meg fell to her knees and brought her fist down upon the grass. Becky almost started choking as she laughed uncontrollably. Next, Lisa stood up and sarcastically said, “ Oh no, I forgot some toilet paper to wipe my ass.”

Meg got up off the ground and said, “ No problem Lisa, there’s an old glove in the van, I’ll go get it.” Running through the growth, Meg came back a few moments later with the glove. She gave it to Lisa, and the bitch put it on. With her gloved hand, she reached down to her ass after squatting low again and wiped her butt clean.

After that, she shook off the glove and said to Lance, “ We’re not done yet, I’ve really gotta piss.” Having a lot of fluid in her bladder due to the bar, she pissed steadily in his face, letting it all go. Once again, the other two girls laughed and laughed. When Lisa finished pissing, she stood up and raised her panties and trousers. She stepped over Lance and walked back a few steps. Then, she said to Becky laughingly, “I’ll take that back now.”

Becky returned the gun to Lisa and walked over to Lance, stepping over him with one leg and standing directly over the man as Lisa had done previously. Lowering her pants and underwear down to her knees, Becky squatted over his face, saying, “ I’m the type of girl who always buys the drinks for the guy I go out with; here, have a drink!” With these words, she too pissed into his face. Again, laughter could be heard throughout the secluded area. Becky got up and raised her clothes walking away from Lance.

Finally, it was Meg’s turn. She moved over to Lance and placed herself over the unfortunate man in the same way as the other two did a few moments beforehand. Next, Meg pulled down her leg wear and squatted over his mouth. She said jokingly, “ Have another, its on me!” Lance could now feel and taste the warm flow of her golden nectar upon his lips. She continued the longest of all three, for before she even went to the bar, she had already drunk a quart of milk back at home. With her nice long pissing complete, Meg raised herself and pulled up her lingerie and jeans. She stepped away, and all three lovely young maidens just stood there laughing themselves sick.

A few minutes of laughter transpired, Lisa bent down and carefully raised the soiled glove. Ever so gently so as not to get any of her own shit on her hands, she put the glove back on. The young lady gazed down at Lance’s face and saw there were still some pieces of her shit resting on his face; the piss didn’t wash it all off. She bent down and ask Lance, “ Want a face massage?” She took her gloved hand and gently smeared all of her remaining shit completely over his face. The cunt even made certain that some of the crap got behind his ears and into his hair. Upon completion, she stood up and again shook off the glove, making sure it landed right upon his chest. With the job complete, Lisa moved back a few steps and rested one hand on the gun which she had previously pushed into her belt while watching the other girls piss on him. Now, all three ladies just stood there and the laughter continued for the next five minutes.

The five minutes over, the vixens eventually recomposed themselves. Finally, Lance managed to ask, “ What are you going to do with me now?”

The girls just stared down at their helpless prisoner; then Lisa said, we’re going to leave you here, that’s all.”

Next, Lance started to plead with her, “ Please, please don’t leave me here; no one may find me!”

Lisa’s reply was immediate, “ To bad, asshole, see if I care.” She went on, “ And another thing, if and when someone does find you, you’re not to tell them that it was us who put you here. After these words, she reached into her belt and pulled out the pistol. She held it to Lance’s head and moved the hammer back; she next said softly, “ For if you do, then we’ll kill you, you motherfucken no good son of a bitch; is that clear?” Lance simply nodded in agreement. She withdrew the gun, brought the hammer back and gave the pistol to Meg and said, “ I think someone in your place will miss this; we should be heading back.” Meg agreed and took the gun from Lisa. All three attractive young ladies walked back to the van and drove off. Meg dropped Becky and Lisa off at the university and drove straight home thereafter, returning the gun to the livingroom table drawer where she found it.

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