His Mistresses mouth

Author: Goblin

Sure, I had my husband trained to eat pussy on command. That was easy and followed his own already-present personal tendencies. He already loved to eat pussy and as I had only recently discovered, he had some deep submissive kinks.

But I wanted a little more obedience. Well, I wanted total obedience. I wanted him to recognize me as the dominant partner, to obey me and serve my whims. I especially wanted him to condone and even enjoy my sexual whims including the extramarital ones. I loved my husband and I really thought this was what he wanted too, many men do. We had to talk.

I brought up the conversation with him by telling him that I had seen he was visiting hot wife sites on the internet. He had a little trouble shifting into a conversation about his personal and up to then mostly private kinks but he answered that he had visited those sites.

“So the idea in general turns you on. What do you think about your own wife fucking other men” I asked him with a smile after a brief conversation about hot wives on the web.

I was expecting a little equivocation from him on this question, it seems to me like a hard one for men to admit. But he had no problem in answering it. It really turned him on to imagine me with other men, and the idea had been with him for several years. In no uncertain terms he told me he wanted me to see other men.

I was in the driver’s seat I wanted. I indicated that with his go-ahead I was willing to give it a shot. During the following week we talked about the idea extensively and there was no doubt in my mind he wanted this very badly. He did want to watch me having sex with the other man but didn’t make this a requirement. I considered this a major step towards a dominant role for me in our lives so I sort of downplayed the dominationsubmission aspect for a while.

I had a sexual green light, but didn’t really know where to start. I had thought that we should only look for men who we didn’t know, strangers, because this whole idea could be somewhat embarrassing if found out in our circle of friends or in our family. He was really excited by the idea of me with one of his friends. The embarrassment or shame, if indeed that was what he would feel, of knowing one of his friends was fucking me was a real turn-on. He did want to keep it on a he knows and I know but the friend doesn’t know that he knows basis.

The choice of which one of his friends was obvious. I’ll call him Dick. Dick and I had known one another for years, my husband had introduced him to me before we were married. Dick was a flirty cutey and he and I had maintained a playful flirtation for years, in the open and usually in front of my husband who played along. We always called each other “sweety” and “babe” and would make comments on how sexy the other looked tonight. Once he had asked me if I was wearing a wonder bra because my breasts were speaking very loudly to him.

Dick was coming to our house along with about six other men to watch a college football game with my husband in our basement television room. I thought about him being at my home all week, alternately planning to ambush him and considering that plan all too risky. When the day came, I was still filled with doubt.

The men were all downstairs, watching a close game with great interest. I positioned myself near the top of the stairs so I could see them as they came up to use the bathroom. I was lying in wait. My husband was unaware of my plan. Finally Dick came up and went back the hall to our bathroom. I followed and positioned myself about an inch from the bathroom door, waiting for him to open it. I was breathing very hard and listening very close for anyone else to come up the stairs.

The door opened and he was a little surprised to see me there so close.

“Your ass is speaking volumes to me” I said, “turn around and let me have another look.”
It was the same playful game but obviously delivered very differently. But without hesitation he turned, bent over, and shook it at me.

I reached out and put my hand on it and rubbed once and slid my hand between his legs and tried to cup his package. He jerked up and away, surprised.

“Come with me, I want to show you something” I said and taking his hand I led him out of the bathroom and into our spare bedroom just next door. I closed the door behind us and out him by the bed facing me. He made a few feeble complaints about my husband being just downstairs. I assured him we would be done quickly and quietly.

“I want to show you how I give a blowjob” I told him as I undid his belt and pants and lowered them to his feet. I sat him down on the bed’s edge and got down on my knees. I took his dick in my mouth and one ball in each hand. His dick was circumcised and about the same size as my husbands, if anything a little bit thicker. I put a really tight suck on it, moving up and down like he was fucking my mouth, and at the same time I gently rolled his balls around in my fingers.

I think he was a little nervous, possibly a little shocked, because it took longer than I expected to bring him off. When he came I ran my fingers along the bottom of his shaft and milked all of the cum from him. I had thought of a line during the week and I used it.

“That was delicious” I said while licking my lips, “Thanks for playing along.”
He was pulling on his pants and saying what if we’d been caught so I told him Shhhhhhhhh! I told him to call me because I wanted a return of the favor and a good fucking. Call me at work I told him.

He rejoined the party downstairs. Later he left quicker than usual making up an excuse. His eyes met mine when he was leaving and I saw nervousness and, I think, lust. He would call and I had a story to tell my newly cuckolded husband.

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