Family Hierarchy

Author: FK

Browsing through the items all neatly layed out, Jessica looked
each object over with a thorough precision. Indeed, they seemed quite
novel as far as her world’s concerned. Never before had the twenty one
year old seen such things. With an ever increasing curiousity, the dark
haired Hispanic girl picked one of the objects up and felt its smooth

Eying her with both suspision and a desire to make a sale, the old
lady ask in broken English, “ Young senorita, you interested; do you
want to buy?”

Taking in a deep breath, Jessica gazed around for a moment and took
in the scenery. The mountains of Peru stood majestically in the
background, dwarfing the small village. After musing for almost a
complete minute, the five foot six inch tall girl finally said, “ Yea,
no problem, how much?”

Smiling with the gaze of victory, the elder woman replyed, “

Jessica returned the gaze and ask, “ Oh, c’mon, it isn’t worth that

However, the old lady held steadfast to her price, saying, “ Young
lady, trust me, you get more than money’s worth.”

Making a sigh, Jessica said, “ Alright, here.” The young beauty
reached into her purse and produced the money. Buying the item, Jessica
reached for it, placing the stone into her hand bag.

Walking away, the sexy thing saw a cafee ahead. Stopping in front
of the place, she moved forth and decided on a cup of coffee. With her
order complete, Jessica took the cup and sat her attractive ass at one
of the tables. Drinking away at the black substance, Jessica simply
decided to look the purchase over. As a result, she rummaged through
all the feminine articles of her purse and eventually produced the
stone. Tilting her head to one side, Jessica marvaled at its artistic
decor. Upon its surface was carved an elaborate geometrical pattern.
Not knowing its meaning, Jessica only speculated about the intricate
pattern of circles, squares, and triangles. Aside from that, the piece
seemed like an ordinary chunk of black stone. Finishing her coffee, the
dark eyed lady replaced the rock in her leather hand bag, got up, and
returned home.

Ascending the stairs of the old apartment building, Jessica made it
to her small abode, openned the door with her key, and went in. Upon
relocking, the lady threw her purse atop the old worn out couch and
turned on the radio. Talking of the nation’s economy, the man on the
radio went on and on about what should and should not be done. Speaking
to herself, the young feline said, “ Another asshole promising this and
that; it’s all bullshit!” Turing the tuning knob, Jessica finally found
the music of Haydon, causing her to relax back atop the couch.

Listening on for ten minutes, the woman decided to check her
reservation at the airport. Getting up, the jean clad feline went over
to the phone and dialed the number. A lady’s voice answered. Jessica
inquired, “ Hello, this is Jessica Rodriques, I’ve got a reservation for
tomorrow to the states at eleven.”

On the other end, the receptionist said, “ Ok, wait a second.”
Thirty seconds later, Jessica heard, “ Yes mam, everything’s fine, you
can be here tomorrow and catch the flight.”

Jessica replyed, “ Good, thanks.” Hanging up, the lass smiled and
finally said to herself, “ Great, can’t wait to get outta here, money,
that’s what I want.”

Feeling somewhat happy and exhilerated about her new life in the
United States, Jessica spent the rest of the day packing her suitcase
and dreaming about what’s to come. With all done, Jessica turned in for
the night after taking a bath in an old style basin tub. Lying awake in
the darkness, the feline was overcome by a strange feeling. Not ever
before experiencing such a sensation, she sat up upon the matress and
stared off into space. However, to the side, she glanced at her purse.
The leather thing seemed to glow in some way or another. An obvious
curiosity overtook her. Getting out of bed, Jessica went over to her
hand bag and piered inside. Strangely, the stone radiated a soft
floresence of a type she had never seen before. Working up some
courage, the wide eyed girl stuck her hand in and took out the artifact.
Surprisingly, it wasn’t warm or hot. Viewing it with the utmost in
attention, Jessica turned it over and saw that the glow eminated from
all points. However, what she further observed was a small hole in the
front of the oval shaped thing. Inspecting the indentation, our young
lady observed a red glow come from the interior. Perplexed by both the
blue outer floresence and the red interior, Jessica placed the stone
down upon the nightstand. Immediately thereafter, the object went dark
and returned to normal. Intriqued and anxious at the same time, she
said softly to herself, “ Looks as if the old bitch was right, there’s
more to this thing than one at first expects.” Overcome with
sleepyness, Jessica returned to bed, covered herself, and fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning, Jessica immediately took hold of the
rock and looked it over. Nothing, it was as plane as ever. As a
result, she simply returned it to her purse and got ready for her trip
and consequent new life. Glancing at her watch, the time was now ten to
nine. Therefore, Jessica got up, got dressed, and ate breakfast. With
all done and ready, the woman called a cab. A half hour later, a light
horn sounded downstairs. She looked out the window and waved to the
driver. Acknowleging her, the man nodded and smiled. Picking up her
suitcase, Jessica left the apartment for the last time. Upon making it
down stairs, she entered the taxi with her bagage and said, “ To the
airport.” He drove off. Finally, the vehicle pulled beforesica was up
and on her way to a new world.

Striking the cement, the plane’s tires momentarily screatched as
the jet gracefully landed on the runway. Coming to a halt, the side
door openned and let the people out. Jessica went over to the terminal
and walked inside. After retrieving her suitcase, she passed an
overhang sign saying, “ Welcome to Indianapolis.” Out lady progressed
further until she stood before an escalator. Here, Ms. Rodriques
stepped on board and was carried to an upper level revealing the outside
world via a large glass entranceway. Looking to the right, Jessica
observed a number of people holding signs with names upon them. Knowing
what to do, the dark haired girl went toward the placards and finally
saw her name upon one of them. Moving up to the man, she ask, “ You’re
here to take me to the Shaw’s residence, right?”

The man in black nodded as he inquired, “ I obviously take it that
you’re Jessica Rodriques?”

Jessica answered, “Yes, that’s me.” With nothing further said, the
man escorted the lady out of the terminal to a dark blue sadan parked
along the curb. Holding the door for her, she got in and sat her
beautiful physique atop the leather seat. Looking about the car’s
interior, she knew for sure now, that she’ll be working in an elegant
looking place. Afterward, the chauffeur got in and drove off to the

A half hour later, the vehicle pulled into a long drive flanked on
both sides by trees. After what seemed to be a long time for a poor
girl like Jessica, the machine eventually pulled up before a mansion.
Turning his head back, the neatly dressed chauffeur said, “ Ok Jessica,
you can get out and ring the front door bell.” After saying this, the
man got out himself and removed her suitcase from the trunk. Finally,
he got back in and drove off behind the expensive home to a parking

With suitcase in one hand, and her purse hanging to the other side,
Jessica slowly ascended the front steps. Standing before the elegant
door, Jessica was a sight in and of itself. Dressed in a pair of blue
jeans, a cream colored blouse, and a pair of high heeled black leather
boots hidden under the pants legs, Jessica rang the door bell. After
hearing the chime within, the panel rotated inward and a seventeen year
old blond answered, saying, “ Hello, you must be the new house keeper.”
Nodding in compliance, Jessica was escorted into the beautiful home and
led into the spacious livingroom. There, the girl took a seat on the
solfa. Standing upright with her hands upon her hips, the sexy blond
pointed in the direction of an ajoining entrance and said, “ My mom will
be here in a second.” Sure enough, as Jessica turned her head in the
direction the girl pointed, her eyes fell upon an attractive middle aged
female approximately Jessica’s own height. Further, this lady was
dressed in a pair of white dress slacks and an expensive looking silk
blouse. Moroever, her hair was sandy colored and shoulder length.
Moving forward with her sexy physique, the lady eventually stood before
Jessica. Getting up, the immigrant extended her hand and both females

“ Vera Shaw,” the mother indroduced herself; then she said, “ Sit
back down, Jessica, make yourself at home, for this’ll be your home as
long as you want to work here.” Taking a seat, the Latino girl was
immediately followed by the lady of the house who sat her curvacious
butt about three feet from Jessica’s lovely rear atop the same piece of
livingroom furniture. The daughter, wearing only a pair of designer
shorts and a T-shirt, together with high heeled sandels, turned around
and left, walking away with a sexy shake.

“Ok”, said the lady, “ I’ll explain everything to you; after that,
I’ll show you to your room.” Starting off the general instructions, the
wife progressed on and on about all of Jessica’s duties. She even left
and returned with a list. After over forty five minutes of talk, Vera
stood up and said, “ Alright, Jessica, does everything sound ok to you?”

The attractive Hispanic girl replyed, “ Oh yea, I think I’ll like
it hear; it’s so peaceful.” Smiling, Mrs. Shaw escorted the young lass
upstairs to her chamber. Upon openning the door, our dark haired girl
was greated with a beautifully furnished room, having all the
necessities, plus more that a young female could desire.

While tossing her suitcase atop the bed, Jessica heard Vera say, “
Dinner will be ready at six; you can start working tomorrow morning as
instructed.” Nodding in return, Jessica watched as Vera turned around,
closed the door behind her, and left.

Returning her attention to the suitcase, Jessica openned it and
began to unpack. She removed all her belongings and started placing
them in particular locations. Observing the closet, the young lady went
over and put her clothes inside. With the job all done, Jessica tossed
her curvacious and seductive looking frame upon the matress and piered
out the window. “ Lovely”, she remarked to herself as the dark haired
one reached over for her purse. Zipping it open, Jessica retrieved the
stone and placed it atop the nightstand. She spent the time before
dinner just laying there and taking a nap afterward. Finally, she awoke
to find five thirty stated upon the digital clock. Getting up, Ms.
Rodriques adjusted her hair before the mirror and yawned herself to
awarness. Ten minutes before six, Jessica descended the steps and
entered the kitchen. She was alone. However, dinner was already atop
the table and some coffee was brewing in the maker. Being still
slightly sleepy from her afternoon nap, Jessica reached for the glass
pot and poured herself a cup. Walking over to the refrigerator, she got
herself some milk and poured a little into the coffee.

While Jessica leaned up against the counter and sipped away, the
blond daughter entered and said, “ I’m glad you work here now; from now
on, I ain’t making supper anymore.” Jessica only smiled in response as
the sexy seventeen year old placed her ass into one of the kitchen

As the girl pulled her chair toward the table, Jessica ask, “ So, I
didn’t get your name?”

Eying Jessica with slight agitation, the spoiled rich kid replyed,
“ Wendy.”

Afterward, Vera entered followed by a six foot tall man. Mrs. Shaw
stopped for a second upon noticing Jessica, then turned to her husband
and said, “ Oh, Roy, this is Jessica, the girl we hired to take care of
the place.

Extending his hand, the dark haired and blue eyed man said, “
Pleased to meet you Ms. Rodriques; I hope you really like it here.”

They both shoke and Vera said, “ Well, let’s eat dinner.” Everyone
sat down. Jessica took a seat to one side of the table next to Wendy.

As they ate, Jessica ask, “ So, Mr. Shaw, what do you do for a

The man answered between bites of his food, “ I own a company that
manufactures pots and pans.”

The Hispanic girl quietly nodded as Vera looked in her direction
and said, “ So, Jessica, I hope you plan to be with us for a while; we
really need the help.”

Replying, the young lady said, “ Oh yes, I intend to stay in the
states indefinitely; hopefully they’ll give me the citizenship after a
year or two.”

Continuing with supper, the family ate away until all was done.
Roy got up and left. However, Vera said to Wendy, ok dear, clean up and
wash the dishes.”

Turning her head quickly in her mother’s direction, the blond
snapped back, “ What the fuck do we have her for; I don’t wanna do that
shit anymore!”

Without any reservation, Jessica stood up and said, “ Mrs. Shaw.
that’s ok, I’ll clean up.”

The mother ask, “ You sure, you know you don’t start work
officially until tomorrow morning?”

“No problem,” answered the Latino girl. While Jessica went to
work, Wendy stormed out of the kitchen, followed by her mother.

With everything off the table, our young lady stood behind the sink
and began scrapping the cooking pan as the dishwasher hummed away.
Cleaning the said item, Jessica had a strange feeling overcome her.
Sure enough, she turned and saw Roy had come back, now staring at her
ass! Immediately the man turned his glance and went over to the coffee
brewer. Speaking in her direction, he said, “ You’re an attractive
girl, got a boyfriend back where you came from?”

She only shook her head and replyed, “ I had, but we broke up.”

Causually, he simply said, “ Well, have a great time here.” With
cup in hand, Roy left the kitchen. Finally, Jessica was all done; after
placing the dishes back in their place, she went up to her room and
closed the door.

Night flew by faster than she thought. Sleeping soundly, Jessica
dreamt away about her new life in the United States. Immages went in
and out of her head until she was startled by the sound of the alarm.
Rolling over, the darkhaired one was greated by six o’clock. Her
workday started at seven, hence during the next hour, Jessica showered
off in the stall coming with the room. That done, the sexy beauty
dressed herself in a fresh pair of jeans, another T-shirt, and ofcourse
her boots. Jessica went downstairs, ate her own breakfast, and then
began preparing the morning meal for everyone else.

The day progressed as she expected. However, one thing the girl
did notice is that the pleasantries of Vera were beginning to fade.
The lady became more and more demanding. In fact, there wasn’t much
difference between Vera and her spoiled daughter. Further, when Roy
arrived home, she noticed his constant interest in her. Indeed,
whenever either his wife or daughter wern’t looking, the man glued his
eyes to her rear as if he desperately wanted her.

The days became weeks and months. Eventually, Jessica had a system
set up. Nevertheless, the work wasn’t as much fun as she thought, for
the family became increasingly hostile, nothing was good enough for
them. It was always, “ Jessica this, or Jessica that…” Wendy in
particular became a real bitch. In fact, one day the spoiled individual
was lying upon her bed in her room with a pair of headphones on.
Listening away, the blond yelled out, “ Hey Jess, get me another piece
of that cake!” Immediately, Jessica responded and brought up the food.
However, as the girl was about to leave, Wendy hollared after her, “ Hey
Jess, go downstairs and get me that video dad was watching last night!”
It went on and on. All Ms. Rodriques ever heard from the seventeen year
old was, “ Hey Jess, hey Jess!”

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