Teen 3d girl

Too young

“But I’m so small,” she cried. “and you’re so big. What if you hurt me?”


“I won’t,” he replied, trying to comfort the nervous young teenager straddling his waist. “I promise, I’ll go slow and gentle with you.”

He had managed to get her  out of her clothes after thirty minutes of tongue-to-tongue kissing, but she was still having second thoughts about going all the way with her next door neighbor.

“Your parents won’t be home for hours,” he said. “Just take it easy. It’ll be fine,” he assured.

He was several years older than she was, and they had known each other for a long time. He didn’t realize how much he was attracted to her until she had grown up and become such an attractive young woman. He slowly seduced her over many months, giving her money and buying her things. He did not want this moment to slip away.

“Okay,” she whispered. That was the word he’d waited a long time to hear.

He turned her to face him and lifted her leg over his thigh. As he did this, he stroked her nipples and breasts. Their mouths met again and they kissed some more, and she found herself automatically pushing her hips up and down against the tip of his dick.


They spent some time working the first length of his cock slowly into her pussy, until they had a movement going together.

After a few more minutes of pleasurable, sensuous fucking, she got more confident and courageous. She slid her thighs up until his dick popped out of her vagina with a noisy “pop”, then gently pushed him down into a position on his back.

She mounted him with ease, grabbing his hard shaft with her hand and moving it underneath her until it found its home.

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