Asian Appetite

Ann confessed to Jeff that she had never given a blowjob before. It didn’t really surprise him. She was one of the sweetest Asian teenagers in high school. ‘But I’m more than willing to try it with you, if you’ll teach me,’ she said.

Jeff was the school’s football star, on his way to college and success. Ann had adored him from afar for years as a cheerleader on the sidelines. This time, she decided to take action and move from the sidelines and on to the playing field.

Though she had small breasts, her body was beautifully shaped and toned. Just the anticipation of having this demure asian beauty suck his cock made Jeff hard. He had never been with anyone other than white girls.

‘It’s always been a dream of mine to have sex with a handsome white boy like you, Jeff,’ she admitted. ‘I would do anything for you.’

‘Then be a good girl and be nice to my penis, Ann’ he replied.

‘I’ll be happy to,’ she said. And with that, she lowered her moist lips onto the tip of his throbbing hard-on, soaking it with her saliva and rolling her tongue around it greedily. She stopped for a moment and looked up at him.

‘Am I doing it right” she asked, breathing hard from excitement.

‘Yeah, baby. Don’t stop now.’


Jeff was a jock, so his body was hard as steel and built for sex. Though other girls had given him blowjobs before, Ann was making up for lost time with her eagerness to please, and giving him the blowjob of his life.

There’s something special about getting a virgin blowjob, no other feeling like it in the world. It’s like having total power over a girl.


His 8-inch dong was a tough fit in her little mouth, and she choked a couple of times trying to take in too much at once, but he was patient and so was she. He simply waited until her throat relaxed enough to swallow most of his shaft. He began moaning softly, and she made quiet little noises as she moved her head up and down the length of his dick.

Jeff started to get more and more excited. He grabbed the top of her head and began moving it up and down faster. She got the hint and took over on her own, bobbing up and down, her tongue gliding smoothly over the shaft and tip of his rock-hard penis. His balls contracted in that familiar way, signalling a huge teenage orgasm on the horizon.

He felt an electrical charge run the length of his spine to his groin area and he involuntarily jutted his hip higher in a spasm as he came. Loads of white semen spurted into Ann’s mouth and she grabbed hold of his cock to ensure that it wouldn’t slide out of her mouth.

Jeff was shocked to discover that this seemingly demure asian babe was lapping up his come and swallowing it down her throat. There was so much sperm shooting out of Jeff’s dick that it started to trickle from Ann’s mouth and dribble down her chin, but she kept on licking and sucking and swallowing until all the sticky white stuff was rolling down her tongue and into her body.

Breathing hard, Jeff managed a few words, his mind still reeling from the intensity of the orgasm he just experienced. ‘I–I guess I didn’t have to teach you much,’ he said.

The two got cleaned up and took a shower together. Water cascaded down their lithe bodies, rinsing them clean, water and soap rolling over their torsos, nipples, thighs. Together, they made a perfect couple, their young bodies lean and strong, and they planned to use them to get as much sex as humanly possible with each other.

Jeff didn’t have any condoms, but he was ready to try anything with Ann. In minutes, his penis was hard again.

She laid back on the bed and instantly spread her legs wide open, signalling her desire to go all the way with him.

She smiled up at him, but her smile had changed from angelic to lustful. ‘I want you in me, Jeff. I have such an intense longing to have you deep inside of me, I can’t stand it any longer!’


The beautiful dark readdish-brown hair on her pubic mound was rising and falling as her body moved with excitement and anticipation. Jeff knew she was a virgin, but didn’t mind. He knew she was the type of girl that would save her first time for someone special and he felt honored to have the opportunity to be the one.

He decided to take his time with her, and began exploring her body with his mouth.



Ann couldn’t believe the pleasure she felt as Jeff’s expert tongue and teeth played with her nipples. She felt spasms and warm shooting sensations coursing throughout her body. she could sense the wetness enveloping her groin and her defenses, what little she had left, wither away in a sea of desire.

When Jeff finally buried his dick inside of Ann’s waiting snatch, he slid into her easily and she arched her back to meet his initial thrust, and every thrust afterwards. The two fucked each other like they had been doing it together for years.

As Jeff was reaching the first of many powerful climaxes inside of Ann’s pussy that afternoon, she raised her hips and planted the soles of her feet on his shoulders to get maximum depth for his long cock. Her eager young pussy stretched to take most of him inside of her and she felt a tingle every time he pushed deep within her.

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