Mandy and big daddy

“God damn what a day.” Big Daddy said as he flopped onto the couch.

“Rough day Daddy?” Mandy said as she cuddled next to him.

“Oh fuck me. . .” He said rolling his eyes and stripping off her shirt and tossing it away. “All fuckin day with these lawyers. . . theretoandwhatfor this and that.” He reached up and cupped her tit in his hand. “It’ll drive ya fuckin nuts baby girl.”

“Awww.” She purred and stroked his hair. “I’m sorry you had a bad day, but I got a surprise for you.” She said and smiled.

“Ya?” He smiled at her and squeezed her tit. “What you got for me baby girl?” He asked.

“In a minute.” She grinned and then got a pouty look, her lower lip jutting way out. “But you gotta promise not to peek.” She said.

Big Daddy laughed and nodded. “I promise.”

“Good.” Mandy was all grins again.


“So. . .if the surprise is in a minute . . . we got a few free minutes then right?” He asked, getting a big, hungry wolf grin.

Mandy nodded.

“Good.” He pulled her bra down under her tits and began to play with her. “Cause I got something I want you to do for me.” He smiled and she giggled. She knew just what he wanted.

Her hands played with his cock through his pants. He was already hard as she teased him through the fabric. That was one great thing about him, he was always ready to fuck and he had a nice fat cock to do it with too. She undid his zipper and pulled his cock out, he moaned and grabbed her hair.

“Oh ya baby girl. . .that’s what I need.” He leaned back to enjoy her sucking his cock, groaning and moaning as she took as much of it into her mouth as she could. The more she sucked him, the hornier she got. The feeling of his cock in her mouth was the biggest turn on she knew of.


She pulled up her skirt and pulled at her panties to get them down. Daddy reached down and helped her kick them off, her sweet pussy free as the panties ended up against the far wall. She giggled and nearly choked on his cock in her mouth.

“Take it easy baby girl. . .don’t wanna choke yourself.” He began to play with her pussy as she sucked him, always watching her as she slid her mouth up and down his cock. “good girl. . .suck Daddy’s cock deep baby. . . .mmmm good. . . .now. . .you wanna get fucked?”

She nodded and let go of his cock with a popping sound. She squirmed up and swung a leg over his lap, grabbing his cock and shoving it into her sloppy wet pussy. He was so thick it always hurt just a little going in, but that felt so good. She slid down onto him and moaned as his big cock filled her up.




“Ya baby girl. . .ride me . . . bounce that sweet ass.” He grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up and slammed her back down. The entire time he was sucking on her nipples, biting and nibbling them until she wanted to scream. She was groaning and shaking as the first orgasm of the night hit her hard. Daddy kept fucking her all the way through it, she felt like she would explode.

Finally she pulled off his cock and slid down between his legs again.

“You all done fucking?” He asked. She shook her head no.

“Surprise time.” She said and grinned.


She nodded.

“OK.” He smiled.

“No peeking!” She said. Daddy laughed and closed his eyes tight.

“OK. . .no peeking…I promised.”


There was a long pause, he almost opened his eyes to see what was happening, but he had promised. He heard her go away and then felt her between his legs again. She took his cock back into her mouth and began sucking him deep, licking her cum off the shaft like a lollipop.




There was something very different though, he couldn’t quiet place it. She was sucking like normal. It felt damn good, but not like she normally did. He moaned and reached down to grab her long hair and found it short and pulled back. He stopped. Short? She didn’t just cut her hair. What the. . .

“Surprise!” She whispered in his ear.

Daddy opened his eyes and looked down at the redhead sucking his cock. “Hello.” He said.

She pulled off his cock and smiled at him. “Hello.”

Baby girl kissed Daddy’s cheek. “Surprise!” She said again.


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