Breaking Her

The little cockteaser was having a field day. All summer long, she tormented Dan, who was just putting up with the little bitch because she was his wife Doris’ niece. Usually Tracy would wait until Doris was out shopping or at work before she would turn on the tease, lying out in the sun half-naked, pretending to read or listen to music. Occasionally, she’d glance over at Dan, who couldn’t help but watch this gorgeous, 20-year old sunning herself.  

“Little Miss Innocent when Doris is around,” he thought. “But a hellcat when she’s not. Typical!”

And then to pour salt on the wound, Tracy would smile or giggle to herself. If Dan were to approach her, she’d feign surprise, shock and anger and quickly wrap herself in the towel and shout something like, “Hey, what’re you doing? I don’t have my clothes on!” And he’d have to slink away, red-faced and confused, mumbling some kind of apology, terrified she would tell his wife.

Then there were the showers. Tracy would always have to shower off the lotion, and naturally she’d leave the bathroom door open just enough for Dan to catch a glimpse. He was really pissed off at her for teasing him, but the more he saw her lithe, young body, the more he came to admire it.

Nearly 35, and married for 10 years with no children, Dan always thought he had a lot of self-control. After all, he was a security guard in a  high school every day, and never once made a pass or thought seriously about sex with those much younger females.  Dan even remembered laughing about the time his colleague, the gym instructor, got busted for secretly videotaping the girls’ locker room. Later, it came out that the same teacher was having an affair with a sixteen year old. Dan was shocked and disgusted.

But now he was beginning to feel the same frustrations his poor co-worker must’ve felt.


“I hope you’re enjoying your little head fuck, Tracy,” Dan finally blurted out.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, and if you don’t leave my room, I’ll tell Doris. Can’t you see I’m dressing?”

“I can see. Just like I see you walking around here half-naked all the time.”

“So do something about it, Dan. That is, if you’re man enough. Otherwise, take a cold shower and piss off.”

“Why you little—”

“—Cocktease? And so what? I’ve got the equipment and I know how to use it. Too bad the little boys my age just don’t know what to do with me.” Her voice took on a sarcastic whimpering tone. “If only I had a REAL man to put me in my place.”

Dan smiled at the invitation. She opened the door and he was going in. “Make sure you know what you want, Tracy. You just might get it.”

“Break me,” she said. “Or I tell your wife.”

With pleasure,” he said.

In no time, he had Tracy on her knees, stuffing his limp but still thick cock into her mouth.

“Mmgphm!” Tracy muttered. But Dan was in control now. His hands grabbed her head firmly and began moving it back and forth so that her mouth slid up and down the shaft of his prick. Her saliva quickly lubricated his dick with a shiny wetness. Before long, they were like a well-oiled machine: they’d found a rythym and they both liked it. His hips began thrusting deeper and deeper into her mouth, and she took every inch like a pro.

This was no innocent young woman. Dan knew she’d done this before, and it would take some doing to make her bend to his every wish.


Dan’s cock moved in and out of her oral cavity so rapidly that her mouth began making slobbering noises and she coughed a little.

Dan could feel the pre-orgasm sensation filling his body, starting in his loins and tingling throughout his body. He knew this one would be a massive explosion of come.

Then suddenly, and unexpectedly, Tracy reached around and grabbed Dan’s balls, cupping them firmly in her fist, her nails digging slightly into his flesh.

“Oh yeah!” Dan cried out sharply. “Grab my balls!”

The more he cried out the harder she squeezed, and the quicker her movements became.

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