The captain

“You know this mission is volunteer only right?” The Captain asked her.

“Yes, sir.” She answered and nodded.

“If you want to be pulled out, just let us know.” She shook her head and he smiled. “Good. How close are you to the inner circle?”

“You mean big Danny?” Sally asked.

“Yes. . .and Dutch and Bugsy.”

“I see them every night, they know me, flirt with me. They usually come see my shows and tell me how they liked it.”

“I see. . . hmmm. Do you think you could get close enough to tell us when they are disarmed? We have a warrant to serve on them all, but we don’t want a big shoot out.” The Captain leaned forward, “If we can catch them without their guns . . . well. . .I know a lot of the brass will be very happy with that officer who sets that up.” He gave her a nod and a wink.

“I’ll do it sir. How shall I signal you?” Sally perked up proudly. This could be her big career making case. Would be nice after 3 years of being a meter maid. . .A gold shield. a desk. . .a little respect from her peers. “I’ll make sure I get them unarmed.”

On the way back from the meeting she fidgeted in the cab. How exactly would she get them all unarmed at once? They always had their guns on them and lots of goons hanging around who had guns. Hell, the cigarette girl in the cabaret where she was singing for her undercover identity even carried a small handgun. They were armed to the teeth.

Sally bit her lip. Why had she promised she could do it? Now she would look stupid if she couldn’t pull through. Ya, they knew her as the singer, but she didn’t really know them that well. She had sorta fudged the Captain a little to make herself look good and now she was screwed. She needed to find a way out.


Her show was good that night. Her nerves made her anxious, but she had settled in to her act and her voice had sounded especially sweet. She wore a black slinky number that always tended to get attention and pearls. The male members of the audience were definitely appreciative of it. By the time she was off stage she had six drinks bought and a bottle of champagne from Big Danny himself.

Bugsy came back stage and smiled at her, motioning for her to come over to him. She sauntered up to him seductively, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Good show tonight kid. Ya caught Big Danny’s eye.” He said.









“That has been a life long goal of mine. Now I can retire.” She quipped back, knowing Bugsy liked em sassy.

He grinned. “You got spunk.” He nodded. “I didn’t think you did, but you do. I like that.”

She smiled and turned to look at the next act going on. It was a tap duo that she enjoyed watching. Bugsy leaned in close behind her so that as he spoke his breath tickled her neck. “So. . .Big Danny asks me if you are single or got an old man. I told him that I thought you was single. So he asks me to come ask you if you’d like to come up to the office tonight for a private performance for just us boys.”

Oooo, Sally thought, This could be my chance. “What does he want me to sing?” She asked, all excited now.

Bugsy laughed. “Ummmm…kitten. . .not that kind of performance.”

Sally was confused at first and then she felt Bugsy’s hand on her ass, gently squeezing. At first she was offended and about to tell him off and then she thought about it. OK. . .this was not really what she had planned, but she was in dire straights to get them alone without weapons. maybe she could just flirt and play and then use the window shade to send the signal and call in the calvary.

“You do understand what I am sayin right Doll Face?” Bugsy asked.

“Ya. . .Ya Bugsy I do.” She took a deep breath and turned to him. “Just you and Danny and Dutch? The divine trinity of 43rd street?” She asked and winked at him.

“You want there should be more?” He laughed.

“No. . .that is perfect.. . .but lets be clear. . .what’s in it for me?”

Bugsy started digging in his pocket for a wad of bills he always carried. Sally shook her head no. “What do you want then Kitten?”

“I want Danny to call his friends who do movies. . .I wanna be a star.” She said and smiled. She knew they loved girls with stars in their eyes. . .it was one of their big ploys.

“Just sing good for us doll…anything you want if you make Danny smile.” He grinned and she kissed his cheek.

“Oh. . .he’ll be grinning ear to ear.” She laughed to herself. “What time?”

He told her and she excused herself to get ready, promising to be up there in just a while. Entering her dressing room she sat down in front of the mirror and struggled with a nagging thought. She had been excited at the prospect of closing this case and looking the hero. . .but there was something else too. As she stood there thinking of those three hard men using her all at once, she felt a burning between her legs that was undeniable. By the time she got to her dressing room, her panties were soaked through and she had to admit, the idea was not as repulsive as she would like to say it was. In fact. . .it sounded like a lot of fun.

The thugs at the door let her in immediately with a knowing leer. She smiled at them and made a mental note to make sure they were busted too. They were just muscle. . .no finesse. the thing about Danny and the boys that made them more was the fact that they had real power. They didn’t bat around with coy attempts at seducing her. . .they said what they wanted and then expected it. That made a man sexy.

She strutted into the room, her nipples poking against the silk of her dress, her bare pussy already wet. She wasn’t even sure what she was doing. Coming up the stairs she had gone back and forth on a dozen ideas of how to get them naked and then call in the reserves to bust them all, but she knew none of them would work. These men weren’t the type you could easily get corralled.

Then, there was also the thought that they were expecting something and she didn’t know if she could do it. But, she knew deep inside that not only could she, she also knew that somewhere inside her, she wanted too as well. As they crowded around her and hands began to fondle her through the silk she knew then, she was going to. she told herself it was for the job, but she knew better. She wanted to. She could deny it, but she knew it.

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