Best friends

They were best friends.

Jessie and Linda were. . . let’s just say. . .sexually adventurous. They liked to fuck. They fucked each other, they fucked guys, and they fucked other girls. They liked to cum. So when they met two Greek men on vacation that could barely speak any english, they got an idea. The only idea they ever got. They decided to fuck.


They had never managed to have two men at the same time before. They had threesomes and had even had two guys alone, but never together. It was something new and more importantly, something a bit kinky. So the guys tried to be suave and hit on them and they laid down the law. Forget the chase. . .lets fuck. Suffice to say, the two men were OK with this arrangement.



Jessie was a fast starter; she liked to suck deep and hard right off. Her greedy mouth swallowed the big Greek cock to the balls with ease. She had never met a cock she couldn’t deep throat. As the guy lay back, she began to slide her face up and down his cock, applying just enough pressure with her lips to keep his eyes rolling back in his head. He was perfect size; a challenge to suck and yet not so huge that she couldn’t have a lot of fun. A good eight inches of cock and nice and thick, he was perfect for her.




Linda, on the other hand, liked to tease the guy. She licked and teased the head and shaft until he was begging in Greek for her to suck him deep. She pinned his hands back to keep him from pushing down on her head so that she could tease him even more, leaving him so hungry he would fuck her like mad.



They looked at each other and grinned, pulling off the guy’s cocks at the same moment and getting on all fours, pussies facing each other. The men needed no urging, they slid in behind each of them and shoved their cocks deep into their sweet cunts. Grabbing their hair they started to ride them hard and deep. Jessie and Linda were moaning almost in unison as they got a good fucking. These men knew how to treat a girl.

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