Suzzy 1

Suzy was so excited. She checked and rechecked everything a dozen times; her hair, her outfit, making sure she looked a little innocent and a little slutty too. For six years she had come to the lake each summer with her parents and for six years she had sat and watched Mike and his friend Bill in the next cabin with Mike’s parents. They were six years older then she was and always looked at her as a sorta kid sister. For her part, Suzy had looked at them with unabashed lust.

Now she was back from her first year of college. She wasn’t a kid any more. She was legal, lethal, and on the prowl. She checked her outfit again and made sure it showed off her perky lil tits. It was perfect. She fidgeted and waited, peeking out the window, praying that Mike and Bill got there early like they did every year, a day before Mike’s folks showed up.

She had managed to persuade her parents to let her go open the cabin a day early and get it ready for them. It gave her the place to herself for a whole day; a whole day to satisfy the fantasy that had her soaking wet at night for years now. At first she tried to figure which one she wanted, but she finally had to admit it, she was greedy, she wanted them both.

She was no virgin, but she had never done two guys at once. The thought of living out her fantasy made her pussy ache and throb as she peeked out the window again. Today she would get what she wanted. . .what she had waited so many years for.








About noon they arrived, right on schedule. They pulled up in Mike’s 72 mustang and climbed out, stretched and went into their cabin. Suzy saw Bill steal a glance towards her cabin and then say something to Mike. They both turned and looked over at her place and chuckled and then vanished into their house. Suzy felt herself get instantly soaking wet. It was actually going to happen.

She gave them well over an hour to get through their yearly ordeal of opening up the house and getting things in shape for Mike’s parents to come. She waited, peeking out the back patio door from behind the curtains waiting for them to come out back with a beer just like they always did. It seemed like lifetimes waiting there, she was barely able to keep from running over and banging on the door and asking them what was taking so long, but she waited and fidgeted and waited some more.

Finally they emerged with a couple beers and sat down on their deck. She gave them a few minutes to get comfortable and then emerged from her own doorway, bright and cheerful and surprised to see them.

“Mike!” She squealed and ran up to them. “Bill!” Suzy hugged them both close, making sure that they got a good feel of her tits pressed against them, each in turn. She tried not to grin as she noticed them checking her body out, her tight ass and perky little tits. They were sly about it, but she noticed and felt a flush of excitement.


“How ya been?” Mike asked and they launched into the typical “catch up” banter about her life and theirs and college and Mike’s new job. She made sure that she very subtly posed for them, laughing and bending over to show her cleavage and ass at key moments. She saw them grinning at each other when they thought she wasn’t paying attention.

“So. . .” Mike started. Suzy turned to look at him. “You’re all legal now huh?”

Suzy grinned. “Yup.”

“Want a beer? What’s it been. . .” He paused to think, “Six years now you’ve been asking for one?” He laughed and Suzy punched his arm.

She knew she had to get things rolling soon or she was going to soak through her bottoms and make an ass of herself. She slid an arm around Mike’s neck. “Actually, a beer isn’t what I was hoping you’d offer.”

“I’m gonna go check the windows, make sure things are airing out. “Bill said as he tried to excuse himself.

“The windows are fine.” She said with a wink. Both guys looked at each other and back at her in surprise.




“So what were you hoping I’d offer?” Mike asked, his voice with as light hesitancy. He definitely didn’t need some weirdness between them with their folks coming.

“Well. . .” Suzy grinned and looked down at Mike’s lap, his cock was getting hard under his thin shorts. “.. .ummm.” She giggled and the guys looked at each other again. She knew they were up for a threesome, they had bragged about a couple last year, which had started her thinking about it.

Mike was about to ask her again and Suzy realized she couldn’t say it. She felt her mouth go dry and the words she had carefully planned all flew away. Instead she decided to show him. It was the only thing she could do.

Reaching down she stuck her hand under the elastic waist of his shorts and grabbed his hard cock. There was an awkward moment of hesitancy on his part, she was worried he was going to say no after all and she would be crushed. Suzy pulled his cock out and bent down, taking it into her greedy mouth before he could speak, sucking and licking up and down the huge shaft.


“Wow. . .I. . .I need to go check the windows. . .” Bill was obviously feeling like he was intruding watching.

“No.” Suzy said and Bill raised an eyebrow in question. Well, it worked once; she figured it would work with him too. Grabbing at his shorts she pulled them down and his cock sprang out. He hemmed and hawed and looked uncomfortable as hell until her hot little mouth swallowed his whole length.

She had Mike in her other hand and was sucking Bill, he leaned back and relaxed, pulling her pigtail to the side so he could watch her suck him. Suzy was beyond thinking now, this incredible rush of complete horniness was washing over her and her head was swimming. Her fantasy was at hand and all she could think of was how big they both were. She wanted them in every way; she had waited long enough for it.





She bobbed back and forth, sucking one and then the other. They both relaxed and began to moan as she sucked them deep or stroked their hard cocks. She went back to Bill and began to suck him faster, making loud slurping sounds as she did. She felt Mike pulling her bottoms to the side and playing with her, not penetrating with his fingers, just getting her sloppy wet.


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