Brian wife

“Are you sure about this honey?” Shelly asked.

Brian kissed his wife and laughed. “Are you serious?”

Shelly grinned. . . OK. . .silly question.

For four years she had been thinking of that night in college when she and her best friend had gotten a little tipsy in their dorm room and kissed. Nothing much had happened, a little kissing, a few quick touches, a lot of blushing, but nothing beyond that. She had been thinking about it since. Mostly hidden thoughts, private fantasies late at night that she never shared with anyone.

Then she had told Brian about it. How she and Carrie had been a little drunk and playful and ended up on the bed kissing without even planning it. How that brief little interlude had haunted her . . . enticed her. . .made her mad with want every time she though of it. They had been married for just over a year and Brian was a very even keel sorta guy, she wanted him to know everything about her. When he had just smiled and listened without rude questions or being a pig about it, it had made her feel she could share anything with him.

He had told her that maybe she should call Carrie. They still kept in touch and maybe she should talk to her about it. . . maybe Carrie was having the same thoughts. Brian wasn’t intimidated . . . he knew she loved him beyond words. He didn’t want as fantasy always lingering and told her so. He told her that maybe, if Carrie wanted, the two of them should go get a drink and discuss finishing what they started that night.









She was shocked, but not as shocked as when she talked to Carrie about it. When she first mentioned that night, Carrie had gotten really quiet on the phone and she thought, “Oh shit, she doesn’t even remember it.” But Carrie did. As they talked Carrie told her how many times she had fantasized about it, about the kissing, the touching. Shelly told her what Brian had suggested and Carrie was amazed that she would be allowed to do that.

They talked for a long time about it and came to the conclusion that even if Brian was OK with it, Shelly wasn’t. Neither was Carrie really. She liked Brian and didn’t want to feel she was cheating with Shelly on him. That’s when they started to hatch their plot. They decided that since they both wanted to play with each other and Carrie was single and Brian and she were friends. . .might as well make it a fun night for all of them.

Brian was, as you might assume, not adverse to the idea. How many men would protest when their wife wanted to have a threesome with their hot blonde friend from college. he made sure that Shelly knew she was welcome to do it alone, without him. When she told him they both wanted it this way, all he could ask was, when?

Shelly turned from Brian and kissed Carrie. It wasn’t the same as in college. It wasn’t some shy, drunken exploration. They both knew what they wanted now and although they were both a little nervous, the kiss had four years of hunger building up in it. Carrie’s lips were so soft compared to Brian’s, he breath so sweet and tongue to wet. Shelly shivered, a small climax tingled through her body. Four years and the kiss had been worth the wait.



Brian was sitting back watching them, smiling and slowly playing with his cock through his boxers. Carrie looked over at him and blushed and held out her hands. He grinned and came over to them, kissing first his wife and then Carrie. As he kissed Carrie, his wife slipped the girls dress down and off, stripping her naked. She had a tight lithe body, like his wife. She was tanned and tight, Brian slipped off his boxers and let his big cock swing free. This was gonna be a hell of a night.



Both women knelt down and began to play with him and touch each other. Brian just stood and watched them taking turns sucking his cock. The one not sucking him was nibbling and licking the others tits. Then Carrie got down to serious cock sucking, stroking him to full length and swallowing him to the balls. She was an amazing cock sucker, her tongue teasing the head and shaft the entire way in and out.



His wife was busy sucking on Carrie’s nipples. She was watching her friend suck her husband and getting hornier and hornier as she did. There was something so erotic about seeing her suck her man. . .watching his cock vanish into her hungry little mouth and knowing, she gave that to him. She began to finger her pussy as she sucked on Carrie’s perky tits, biting and nibbling them until Carrie moaned.

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