Sweet and innocent Sandy




sweet and innocent looking can be a curse, Sandy thought.

For over three years she had lusted after her brothers friends and not once did either of them even think of hitting on her. OK . . . admittedly she was only 16 when she first met them, but she was 19 now and still, they didn’t notice her as a woman. She was always baby sister to them.

She got lots of attention from other men of all ages, but these two seemed oblivious to her. She flomped down on her bed and started thinking. She wasn’t usually very aggressive, but it seemed like she would have to be if she wanted them to wise up. She thought and planned and schemed until she worked out the best plan. Grinning ear to ear she picked up the phone and called Gary’s number. Now . . . as long as her brother didn’t call them before he got off work. . .everything was set. She grinned and rolled on the sheets, imagining the night ahead of her.

Her belly was doing flip flops from fear . . . nerves. . .and excitement all at once. She was giggling. She had never done anything like this before. . .it felt very naughty . . . and that felt very nice. She jumped up and ran to the shower, they’d be here in an hour or so. . .she wanted to be perfect when they arrived.


When the doorbell rang and Gary and Tom were standing outside, Sandy almost didn’t open the door. A burst of nervous fear took over and she froze. Then she peeked through the spy hole and grinned to herself. As she stared at the two of them there, the heat from her want melted away any fear. She had to play it cool, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

As she showed them into the living room the phone rang right on cue. She excused herself and left the room and then returned after just a minute. “That was Billy. . .he’s got to hang out at work for another hour or so.” She lied.

Gary started to get up. “OK. . .we can come back.”

She playfully pushed him back onto the couch. “Silly. . .you can stay.” She grinned and they started chatting again about random mundane things. Sandy thought she would scream. She was in a lacey shirt and shorts and they didn’t even notice.

“You guys want something to drink?” She asked and they both nodded. She sauntered out of the room and then peeked back, they had not even noticed her overly dramatic ass wiggling. Fucking morons!

Deciding they needed more of a hint, she stripped off the shorts and just wore the matching lacey panties and the shirt as she brought them back some sodas. They were watching TV. . .some sports channel and they only looked up long enough to grab the glasses and thank her. That was it. Any fear had been replaced by indignation at the lack of attention.

Sandy stepped in front of the TV and clicked it off, making sure she bent over and gave them a good ass shot as she did. The chatter stopped. Good, she had their attention at least.

“Why’d you turn off the game?” Tom asked.

“And why are you only in panties?” Gary asked and they laughed. FUCK. She was trying to seduce them and they viewed it like a kid sister in her underwear.

“Let me ask you guys something. . . OK?”

“Sure.” They nodded.

“Has it struck you odd that I am in lacey lingerie answering the front door?”

They thought about it and looked at each other.

“Guess I thought you were just goin to bed early.” Gary said.

“Ya. . .me too.” Tom agreed.

“Jesus. . .you can’t be that dense.” She said with a hint of hurt feelings in her voice.

“Aww. . .what’s wrong Sissy?” Tom playfully grabbed at her, tickling her. She hated that nickname. Sissy. . .either they thought of her as a gay male or as a sister. . .neither was a good sign.



“I’m not Sissy.” Sandy stomped her foot. “I’m Sandy and I am a woman. . .haven’t you bozos figured that out yet?” Sandy gave them an icy stare.

“Well. . .” Gary fidgeted and Tom stared at the floor sheepishly. “Well. . .ya. . .but. . .you’re Bill’s lil sis. . .that just sorta. . .well. . .I never thought of you like. . .ya. . .ya know?” He stammered.

“Like what?”

“Well. . .” Tom added in. “Like. . .you know…as a girl-girl. You were his lil. . “

“Ya…little sister.” She cut him off. She gave them a pissed look and then grinned. She pulled up her top and revealed her perky tits. “This look little sister like?”

Their eyes bulged out and they both went bright red. “Jesus Sandy. . .”

“Do they?” She demanded.

“Well…no.” They both said at once.

Then Gary shifted and tried to get that big brother voice back again. “But you are our friends sister. . .that would just feel weird.” Tom nodded in agreement.

“Uuuuughghghg!” Sandy grunted in annoyance and pushed Gary back onto the couch and plopped down beside him. “Oh ya?”

“Well, ya it’s just like. . .” He didn’t get a chance to finish that statement because Sandy reached out and shoved her hands down his shorts. “Hey!” He tried to protest, but she grabbed his half hard cock and pulled it out, stroking and squeezing it.

“That feel weird?” She asked and Gary was bright red. . . . thinking about denying it…saying that it felt weird. . .but it felt really good. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, Sandy shot down and stuck his hard cock into her mouth. He couldn’t deny that feeling, his cock throbbed and twitched as she started to sucked him into her warm, wet mouth, her lips pressing his shaft and her tongue teasing the head.



“Damn dude. . .that feel weird?” Tom asked laughing. She got on all fours and stuck her panty clad ass in his face and wiggled it. Tom laughed and spanked her butt and Sandy moaned. He wasn’t expecting that reaction and stopped for a second. It was then he realized, she knew exactly what she was doing. . .this wasn’t kid games.

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