THE MAID part 4

Author: Belle Dimond

I began my day at 6am, showering, cleaning my room, and dressing for my first day of work. I was so nervous I had butterflies, but I knew after last night that I was ready for anything!

At 7am I started work. It didn’t take me long to fall into the normal swing of things. Cleaning the west Wing was just like cleaning a large house. It was sorely obvious that Mr. and Mrs. Bemerton did not sleep together, nor in fact like each other very much, but kept up appearances for some reason or another. The West Wing was Mrs. Bemerton’s area, and the East Wing was Mr. Bemerton’s.

I began with the normal chores and before I knew it, it was nearly 9am and I was to be at the breakfast table for inspection with the others. We lined up according to seniority, so I was dead last, of course.

Mr. Bemerton walked in first and my breath was taken away. Here was a man who was at least 60, but he was so devastatingly handsome he made my heart flip-flop. He had a chiseled face, laugh lines around big, blue eyes, snow white hair, an athlete’s build and, finally, a charming and disarming smile. He walked down the line politely saying hello to each servant until he got to me.

When he got to me he paused, introduced himself, and asked me my name. “Elena Marceau, sir,” I said, and bowed my head. “It’s lovely to meet you, Ms. Marceau,” he replied. This was so odd, in all of my other jobs, the master of the house was never so familiar with the servants. But this was no ordinary house.

Mr. Bemerton took his seat about the time Mrs. Bemerton walked in. She walked directly to her chair and was about to sit down when Mr. Bemerton said, “Won’t you meet Ms. Marceau, dear?” And he gestured to me.

She walked over to me, looked me up and down, then reached out and pressed my breasts with the palms of her hands. “I guess YOU picked this one out,” she said to him, and sat back down.

“No dear, I’ve only just met her this morning.”

“Yeah right,” she huffed. I could the see the jealousy and resentment between them. It was alarming to be at the center of it.

After we were dismissed, I returned to my chores. At nearly 1pm, it was time for me to enter Mrs. Bemerton’s room. I suddenly realized I had a stain on my uniform and that there was no time to go change. I either had to be late or show up with a stain. I chose to be on time, and adjusted my apron so that hopefully the stain would not show.

I arrived and was beckoned by Mrs. Bemerton immediately. “Why is your apron crooked? Fix it now.” I adjusted it and of course the stain became obvious.

“You know you are already in violation of the rules, Ms. Marceau?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And what do the rules say happens when you break one of them?”

I recited, “Any variation is cause for corrective action or dismissal.”

“That’s right. And since my husband obviously has a thing for you, I should let you go right now, but I think I’d rather punish you. Are you willing to be punished for breaking the rules, or would you rather pack your things?”

I did not know what the punishment involved, but I also knew that hesitation was another violation, so I immediately said, “I am willing to be punished, Ma’am.”

“Good.” She looked possessed and I was scared. “Come over here and bend over my knees.”

I did so, draping myself over her knees, she was sitting in the middle of a sofa, so I was supported on either side. I was utterly humiliated, lying over this woman, my ass in the air.

“Well, I’m feeling generous today, so I am going to use my hand instead of my riding crop, but you are to receive 20 strokes on each cheek for your transgression. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

To my further humiliation, she pulled my underpants down to my knees and began paddling my ass, hard and fast. My head jerked up and I started kicking my feet, but I stayed where I was and just held on to the sofa cushion. My ass was stinging under her hand, and when she got to 14 she just stopped and laughed.

“I think you like that, don’t you. Let’s see.” And she reached her hand between my pussy lips and felt around. I was very wet, because just before I came to her, I had masturbated but did not climax, in anticipation of serving her well.

“Well, let’s see how you like this,” and she started hitting me harder. She spanked me for 4 or 5 minutes, angrily and vehemently. It stung so bad that after awhile the air swooshing around her hand would hurt, as she drew it back. And then the fire of pain would grip me as her hand came down. Her hand had to be on fire too, but she was an angry woman, and did not care.

I had had well over 40 strokes – probably more like 150, when she finally stopped and pushed me off her lap.

“Next time it will be with my riding crop. Now go make my bed.”

I did as I was told and finished my chores in the West Wing limping from the soreness of my behind. I thought, “I must never let that happen again.”

At 4pm I was in Mr. Bemerton’s study to help serve tea. Another maid, Ms. Pearson, was there. I stood nearby while she approached Mr. Bemerton with the tea cart and began pouring the tea.

“Ms. Marceau, come over here by me.” I stood near him and he looked at me with his twinkling blue eyes. I smiled back at him.

“You look tired, would you like to sit down for a moment?”

I stammered for a moment, not sure how to react to this, when he pulled me onto his lap.

“Oh!” I was surprised and happy at the same time, at the attention he was giving me. He pulled my hips closer to his groin, and begin running his fingers over the outlines of my nipples, visible through the thin uniform.

“Ms. Pearson, did you bring ice like I asked?”

“Yes sir,” she answered.

“Good. Ms. Marceau, slip your arms out of your uniform and pull it down past your breasts.”

I did so immediately and without question and while I did, he reached for a piece of ice.

He took the ice between his teeth and began tracing it around my nipples, making them so hard. My warm flesh melted the ice and it trickled down between my breasts, tickling me. When the ice was all melted, he licked the moisture from my breasts and began suckling on my nipples, one then the other. He pulled me closer, and I could feel his huge hard-on through his pants.

“Stand up, remove your panties, and bend over the back of that armchair over there,” he said, and pointed to a big, overstuffed chair across the room. I walked over to it and bent over. I heard him removing his pants and crossing the room. He saw the marks on my buttocks.

“Well, how did this happen,” he asked.

“Mrs. Bemerton punished me for having a dirty uniform, Sir.”

“You had to be punished already? Well…it seems a little severe, but then she is a very angry woman. It probably won’t be the last time. Better make sure you keep on your toes!”

“Yes, sir,” I said, and then gasped as I felt his fingers spreading my pussy lips. I was dripping wet from the attention my nipples had received earlier.

Without further warning, his huge cock head entered my pussy, stretching me. God it was huge. I felt him push a little deeper and moaned. The next thing I felt was him grabbing my asscheeks and plunging all the way inside me. I gripped the arms of the chair for support and shreiked!

He didn’t say a word as he plowed away at me, filling my pussy up with his monster cock and sending me to place where words have no meaning! I began to cum and spasm around his cock and he fucked me even harder and faster. His giant cock head was ramming my cervix and my pussy was being stretched by his massiveness.

Soon he was cumming hard and groaning, pushing like he wanted to go right through me. He kept pushing until I felt his cum spilling out of me and running down my leg. Finally he was spent, and he collapsed over me.

I was shaking with physical exhaustion, but I let him compress me between himself and the chair until he got up.

“Ok, very good,” he said, “We’ll see you tomorrow.” He seem distracted while he said it and I got the idea he was somewhere else entirely in his mind.

I went back to my quarters and cleaned up and enjoyed the rest of my day by soaking in a hot tub. I had made it through my first day.

continued in part 5

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