THE MAID part 1

Author: Belle Dimond

I drove up to the gate of a huge estate where I had been sent for a job; it looked a little overwhelming until I remembered I would only be one member of a whole houseful of servants. Up until this point, I had only been sent on jobs at smaller houses where I was in charge of making the entire household run smoothly.

I pushed the button on the intercom and a man’s voice said, “State your name and business.”

“Elena Marceau. I’m the new maid for the west wing.”

I heard a buzzing noise and the gate began to roll open. I pulled in and drove around to the back as instructed by my employer. I had been warned that this was a tough position and that I would be asked to do many things above and beyond the call of duty But I also was informed that if I worked 5 years and served them well, I would be given a bonus large enough to make it possible for me to retire early. I could then travel and do all the things I’d ever wanted to while I was still young enough to enjoy it.

It was my understanding that this substantial bonus was offered due to the fact that it was hard to get and keep good help; and it was also due to the fact that many personal and odd requests would be made of me over the 5 years. That last part had me worried a bit, but I was determined that nothing would make me lose this job. I had no family to speak of and no money. The one thing I had was this opportunity, and I intended to make it work for me.

I parked my car and walked in with 2 suitcases and a toiletry bag. The servants’ entrance led into a kitchen area where I saw 2 cooks bustling about with the pots & pans and 2 helpers peeling vegetables and chopping & dicing.

“Where do I report for work,” I asked, to whoever was willing to answer.

No one would look at me except for the young maid peeling the vegetables. She looked around and then said quietly to me, “Go through that door and down the hall until you see a door marked ‘Mr. Coleman/Head Butler’. Knock and wait until you hear an answer. When you go in, you will see Mr. Coleman, the Head Butler. He will scare you, but you look like you can handle it. Go ahead.”

I thanked her and walked through the door and down the hall. I swallowed hard and knocked. I waited and waited, and just when I thought no one was in there, I heard the voice of evil, deep and commanding, “Enter.”

I wanted to turn and run, all of the things I had heard from my employer and from the maid in the kitchen had my imagination racing, but I hadn’t come this far to run away at this stage. I stood up straight, turned the handle and walked in through the door.

A man of about 45 or 50 sat behind a huge oak desk, pouring over papers, signing things, etc. I watched for a minute or so before approaching the desk.

“Elena Marceau. I’m the new maid for the west wing,” I said bravely, and stuck my hand out for him to shake.

“Well, maybe you are and maybe you aren’t, my dear.” He looked up at me and I felt the blood drain from my face. His dark, beady eyes bore into me as he smiled coldly. I feared him unreasonably, and I could tell the liked and expected that very reaction.

“Well, Marie from the agency told me…”

“Yes, I’m sure she told you that you got the job. On certain conditions.”

“Yes, I understand a lot will be expected from me above that of a normal servant, but…”

“But nothing. Your first day will be a series of tests and they will begin right here in my office. I have been with the Bemertons for 18 years. When my original 5 years were up, I planned to leave, just as I’m sure you are planning to do. But my services were so valued that they told me they would double my salary and my bonus if I stayed another 10 years. After that 10 years was up, they offered to double it again. I will leave here in 7 years a very wealthy man – that is if I continue my unparalleled service to the Bemertons.

“It is my responsibility to see to it that this house runs smoothly, and that includes the weeding out of unsuitable staff. If I do not do that particular job particularly well, that is when I am in the most danger of losing my position here. Mrs. Bemerton insists upon her home running like a well-oiled machine.

“Weeding out undesirables and keeping the staff in line is not as easy as just being strict and scary. I have to keep in mind that not everyone who is right for this job will take it, even with the large amount of money offered. So I have to go about this the right way.”

I nodded, taking this all in, my mind racing at the prospect of not only being a servant to the Bemertons, but having to answer to this man as well. I hadn’t imagined this job would be a piece of cake, but this was starting to sound like a more than I could handle. “Don’t give up just yet,” I thought to myself.

He continued, “Here is a notebook with the rules and the uniform. I will be up to your room at 9pm sharp to see if you pass muster. I want you bathed, in your uniform, and ready to follow every rule in that book to the letter. Do you understand?”

I nodded as he pressed an intercom button. “Janet, come show Ms. Marceau to her room.”

A tall brunette came through a door in the back of the office that I hadn’t even seen before, dressed in a tight black uniform, but was not wearing the frilly apron and cap I had seen the others in the kitchen wearing.

“Come with me,” she said, and led me out through the door where I had come in. We walked further down the long hall and to a door which led to some steps. We walked down the steps and through another door.

“This is the tunnel that leads from the house to the servants’ quarters. Mrs. Bemerton does not like to see any more people milling about on her property than absolutely necessary, so the only one’s allowed outside are gardeners and maintenance people unless it’s your day off. Then you are allowed to go into the servant’s garden. Your car will be stored for you until you quit or are fired.”

I just nodded. I had heard that these were requirements and was ok with them, as I said, I had no family to speak of. My interests were in travel, so I didn’t care if I went anywhere or not until my 5 years were up.

We arrived at the stairs that led up to the servants quarters and I put my hand on Janet’s arm.

“Stop for a minute. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” she said, “but make it quick. No one should see us lingering here.”

“Ok. What is the most important thing I will be tested on tonight that I should be ready for?”

Janet looked at me for a long time before answering, “Sex.”

I had considered that that might be what was behind all of the money, but my jaw dropped anyway. I thought Mr. Bemerton might want something like that every now and then, and I was actually ok with that. But when she said I would be TESTED on the sex, I was definitely take by surprise. And the thought of that scary Head Butler, Mr. Coleman, putting me through my paces, I almost hyperventilated!

“Look,” Janet said, “it’s really not that bad. If you can just get through tonight then trust me, you will be able to handle it here. I made it through and look at me, I’ve only got 3 months to go and I am free! And rich! You can do it, trust me.”

“But let me tell you a secret,” she continued. “It will not be just Mr. Coleman you have to worry about; it will be Ms. Cramden as well. She is the next highest in power after Mr. Coleman and she is personal valet to Mrs. Bemerton. No one is more trusted than she is except for Mr. Coleman. And since you will be working as a maid in the west wing, Mrs. Bemertons’s wing, you will be expected to serve her sexually as well. So Mrs. Cramden must test you too.”

I stood in stunned silence. I had never been with a woman at all, not even experimentally, and now I was supposed to service a woman sexually! And be tested on it no less!

“Let me give you a tip,” Janet said, “and then we have to go. Take a short nap when you get to your room. Maybe an hour or so, and I will wake you up at noon and bring your lunch. After that, pour over the notebook and learn everything you can. Pay special attention to how to dress, when to report to which station throughout the day, and the likes and dislikes of the Bemertons. Then, at about 8pm, take a leisurely hot bath. It will relax you. Then get dressed in your uniform & put your hair up. About 5 minutes before 9, begin to masturbate…”

“What?!?” I thought she had to be crazy!

“No really, it is for the best. Don’t climax, just get yourself nice and loose and horny. It will make your eyes shine and in your heightened state, you will be more open to the sexual demands made of you and will be better able to perform them!”

What she said made sense.

“Ok, let’s go.”

I arrived in my room, dropped my things, and sat on the edge of my bed. I stared into space as all these things went through my head. The thought of leaving crossed my mind several times. Then I thought of London, Greece, Egypt; all the places I’ve always wanted to go and the things I’d wanted to do. I don’t know how long I sat like that, but I was soon exhausted mentally and I laid down.

I must have fallen immediately to sleep and slept hard, because the next thing I remember was Janet waking me up. She knocked and entered, bringing a tray which contained a wonderful lunch. Fresh canteloupe, a small salad, grilled chicken, rice pilaf and orange sherbet.

“How do you feel,” she asked.

“I must admit, I feel a lot better! My head is clear and I am ready to take on this notebook.”

She smiled back and me and I felt like we had begun a friendship.

“AND,” I added, “I’m starving. Thank you for this!”

“No problem. I’ll be back around 6 and see how you are doing and bring you your dinner.”

continued in part 2

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