THE MAID part 2

Author: Belle Dimond

She smiled and closed the door behind her. I started my lunch and opened the notebook. It was heavy and had many sections. I’ll highlight the most interesting sections here.

You will have 5 day uniforms in your closet. You will wear a fresh one daily, putting it in the laundry at the end of the day when you undress. Every 3 days your uniforms will be returned to you by the laundry staff cleaned and pressed. You thus have 2 spare uniforms. You are never to have a dirty, soiled or smelly uniform on in the presence of the Bemertons. This is cause for corrective action or dismissal.

You will have 5 night uniforms in your closet. The same rules apply. You are always to be wearing one uniform or another. You are always on call, but regular hours are from 7am to 5pm, during which you are to wear the day uniform. The rest of the time you will wear your night uniform unless it you are bathing or it is your day off.

On your days off you may wear any casual clothing and you are not to go anywhere outside of the servants’ quarters or servants’ garden. If you must return to the main house on your day off, you must wear your uniform.

Your uniform consists of a black cotton dress, lace apron and lace cap. You must wear the undergaments (new, provided) that go with this outfit. white lace panties, thigh high stockings, garter, and 3/4″ heel black shoes. Your hair must be worn up at all times except for on your day off.

Any variation of this is cause for corrective action or dismissal.”

I read this section several times because it seemed important. I also read the section with the schedules of Mr. and Mrs. Bemerton and the times I was expected to be at certain stations. No matter what I was doing, I was to be at the Bemertons’ breakfast table, in a line with the other servants, at 9am for inspection and special orders for the day.

At 1pm I was to be in Mrs. Bemerton’s room for any “special requests” and to make her bed after her nap.

At 4pm I was to be in Mr. Bemerton’s study for any “special requests” and to help serve tea.

This was in addition to my regular duties of cleaning the west wing on a daily basis and helping Mrs. Camden and Mr. Coleman with whatever I was ordered to do.

In the section marked “Obedience”, there contained only a few words. “All orders are to be carried out immediately and with full compliance and humility. Any hesitation or insubordination will be cause for corrective action or dismissal.”

I studied these areas especially, and the rest of the exhaustive requirements, eccentricities and expectations of the household. It was 6pm before I knew it, and Janet was again at my door.

“Well, are you an expert now,” she asked with a laugh.

“Um, I think so,” and just laughed too. Then I frowned.

“What’s the matter, Elena?”

“Well, I have a good idea of what’s expected of me, but I am a little apprehensive about only one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I’ve never been with a woman – at all – and I am worried I won’t pass that test.” I laughed nervously, but did not feel at all happy about the situation.

“Well, I did think that might be a problem for you. That’s why I came to check up on you. Would you like to learn? Right now?”

As taken aback by this suggestion as I was, I felt myself grow immediately horny and immediately inquisitive!

“Sure, I guess so.”

Janet turned and locked the door, and walked over to the bed. She took off her uniform, very matter-of-factly, and hung it up in my closet. She threw the notebook on the floor and laid down next to me on the bed.

“Just close your eyes and think for a minute. Yes, close them and relax. Now, think about your last boyfriend kissing you. Think how you like to be kissed.” And she kissed me long, slow and soft, slipping her tongue in between my lips.

“Now think about how you like him to carress your breasts.” And she squeezed my breasts over my shirt, one then the other. Then she slipped her hand under my shirt and began pulling and squeezing my nipples.

“Get undressed, Elena.” I stood up and got undressed. I laid back down on the bed gingerly, but she grabbed me, hovering over me.

“Now think about how you like him to feel your pussy, to open it and caress it. Dipping into your moisture and massaging the nub of your clit.” All the while she was doing what she was describing, her mouth inches from mine.

I was fairly panting now when she started kissing my neck, my stomach and the mound of my pussy.

“Now think about how you like him to go down on you…” and she dove into my pussy. Tonguing my clit and lapping the moisture. I was moaning, running my fingers through her hair, holding her to me while she ate me better than any of my boyfriends ever had.

Then she stopped. I looked down and she was grinning up at me. “Ok, you got that?”

“Mmmm-hmmm,” was all I could say.

“You ready to try it?”

WAS I? I was kissing her deeply almost before she finished asking. I laid her out on the bed and was ready to dive into her pussy when she said, “Remember to build up to it. Think of how YOU like it. And if you do a good job, I will finish you off when you are done.”

I was so incredibly turned on and in need of release, that I paid extra special attention to what I was doing. My tongue flicked so gingerly and deftly at her tongue, her neck, her nipples and finally her clit. I caressed and sucked, I licked and massaged. Bringing her closer and closer. It was incredible that I was so into this so fast, when I had never done it before. I just thought of what I would want done to me, and the thought of getting my reward when I was done, that I just figured out instinctively what to do.

My mouth was on her clit, my tongue flicking and licking when she began to stiffen and gripped my head with her thighs. I just kept licking and licking as she squirmed under me, panting and squealing. God, why hadn’t I found out about this before? It was the most wonderful thing I’d ever discovered – and I could have been doing this all these years?

“MMmmmmm, you’re a natural!” I moved up and lay beside her while she recovered from her orgasm. In a moment, she was kissing me again, and then moved immediately to my clit. She did not have to work for more than a minute before I rewarded her with my juices, cumming and cumming. Oh God it was good.


“See what,” I asked.

“See how it works to be all worked up when servicing someone. You can cum when you are done, but you need to be turned on beforehand to really motivate yourself.”

Wow! Two lessons in one. How to service a woman and how to service well.

It was about time for my bath. My heart leaped a little as I thought about what the night was to bring. Janet got dressed and I headed for my bath.

“Good luck,” she said with a smile.

I just laughed and walked into the bathroom while she left.

At 5 minutes before 9, I was dressed in full uniform, hair up, and every seam straight. My room was in order and I was ready for my test. Almost. I didn’t want to wrinkle my uniform by lying down on the bed, so I put my foot up on the toilet seat and reached my fingers in under the edge of my panties and fingered my clit for 4 minutes.

I was thinking about that afternoon with Janet, while doing this and was very close to cumming when I realized I had to stop. I straightened my panties and my uniform, washed my hands, and took my place by my bed at a few seconds to nine.

When my clock read 9pm sharp, there came a knock on my door followed by the immediate entrance of Mr. Coleman. He looked at me hungrily and asked, “Are you ready for your test, Elena?”

continued in part 3

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