THE MAID part 3

Author: Belle Dimond

“Yes, Mr. Coleman, I’m ready for my test.”

He closed the door behind him and walked over to me.

“Kneel and suck my cock.”

I kneeled without hesitation and unzipped his trousers. I pulled out his cock, flacid and small, and sucked it into my mouth. I ran my tongue around it as I sucked and pulled away from him, stretching it out. I pushed my face back to the base of his cock, sucked hard and did the same thing. This time his cock stiffened a little, growing.

I repeated this several times, until his member was hard and erect. I began bobbing up and down on it with my mouth, sucking and licking. He was rigid and never moved for the full ten minutes he let me suck. He did not come, but ordered me to my feet.

“Stand up straight, I want to inspect you,” he said, while he removed all of his clothing.

I stood up and he eyed me up and down, told me to turn around, slowly, and then ran his hand up the inside of my thigh. He slipped his middle finger under the edge of my panties and ran his finger along my slit.

“I see you enjoy giving oral, that is very good, it will help you succeed in this household.” I stood still and enjoyed his finger on my slit, although I was frightened. I had been so near cumming when fingering myself, and giving him a blow job had made me even more horny.

“Turn around and bend over – lean on the bed for support.”

I did this immediately and I felt him raise the skirt of my uniform. He ran his hands over my asscheeks, feeling the roundness, and moaned appreciatively.

“Spread your legs a little.”

I did and he pulled down my panties to my knees. I felt his fingers probing my vagina. Two, then three, soon he had all 4 fingers in my cunt, pushing them in and out. He was using his thumb to tickle my asshole. He pulled his fingers out and said, “Hold VERY still.”

I braced myself and felt his finger on my asshole, lubing it with my own juices. He stuck it in abruptly and began feeling around like a doctor might. He then began shoving the finger in and out and in and out. My pussy was dripping and I wished he would pay some attention to my clit.

He pulled his finger out and told me to strip naked and lie down on the bed. I did so and he told me to move up higher, so I’m resting against the pillows. He told me to play with my tits and pull the nipples, stretch them. I did this and wanted to moan. I was so horny by now.
He seemed to appreciate how hard and alert they were.

“Ok, now spread your legs. Now spread your pussy lips with the fingers of your right hand.”

I did this, showing my gaping wet pussy to this scary man and surprisingly I was loving it. He ordered me to caress my clit.

“Are you turned on,” he asked.

“A little bit,” I answered.

“Oh, just a little bit? Then you aren’t doing it right. Move your fingers in faster circles over your clit. Harder. Harder. Faster.”

I was frigging myself like crazy, under his direction, when he told me to stop and climbed on top of me. He held my shoulders down with his hands and rested his knees on my thighs. He didn’t need to hold me down, but I could tell it’s what got him off.

“Try to get away,” he said, “just try.”

I struggled and he laughed, he was way to strong for me. I got scared and struggled even harder, but I was no match for him. He stuck his cock into me and fucked my hard. It felt so good, but I was so trapped and continued struggling. After a few minutes he stopped, stood up and grabbed my hair, yanking me up into a sitting position on the bed. He held his cock to my face and stroked it, cumming all over me. My face, my hair. He spent himself on me and I was totally humiliated.

“Go wash your face and your pussy right now. Do it good and be back here in two minutes.”

I ran to the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror. The cum was running down my face, my eyes were shining and my pussy was on fire! I washed quickly, my pussy too, and returned. When I walked back into the room, a stocky, rough-looking woman of about 40 was standing there.

“Elena, this is Mrs. Camden, the Head Maid and Mrs. Bemerton’s personal valet.”

“Hello, Mrs. Camden,” I said, and bowed my head once.

Mrs. Camden whispered something to Mr. Coleman while I waited. Then she told me to approach her. She inspected my breasts with her hands, raising them up by the nipples and causing me to wince internally. My nipples had already been very hard, and now they took on very deep rose color.

“Very nice,” Mrs. Camden said. “It’s always nice to have a SLUT come to work for us, isn’t it, Mr. Coleman?” They both laughed while I turned 3 shades of red. I realized right there and then that not only were we lower servants there for the service and pleasure of the Bemertons, but as subjects for the humiliation the Head Butler and Maid enjoyed heaping on us. I stood there and took it.

“Now I have two tests for you this evening. First, you are going to be eaten. Next, you are going to eat me. But it’s not as simple as that. You will be orally stimulated by a servant for 10 minutes. Now because Mrs. Bemerton likes to occasionally go down on a muffin, but she does not worry about whether she brings the subject to climax, she simply can’t be bothered, you need to be able to hold out for as long as she likes. She never eats anyone for longer than 5 minutes or so, so we figure if we test you for 10 minutes and you pass, you will do just fine.”

So I was laid out on the bed and Mrs. Camden held one leg open while Mr. Coleman held the other. They didn’t need to do this, I would have complied, but I think they enjoyed the control. I was ordered to close my eyes and I heard someone enter the room. Within moments I felt my pussy being caressed by a tongue.

I was already so turned on and the tongue felt so warm and liquid and stimulating, that I was ready to cum within a minute. However, I had not come this far just to pass this test. I began breathing deeply and tried to think about other things. But as my breathing slowed, so did the tonguing. It slowed to the rhythm of my breath, but intensified in strength. This threw me off, as I had expected the rhythm to remain constant. The tongue moved slow and steady and with ever increasing pressure against my clit. As my breathing increased, so did the speed of the tonguing.

My heart was beating so fast and hard and I had no idea how long it had been or how long I had to go. I just knew I could not fail this test. Little did I know, the servant going down on me was being punished for something she did and was told her punishment would be cut short if she came in there that night and made me cum in under 10 minutes. I was fighting with all I had not to cum against someone who was fighting with all she had to MAKE me cum! It’s a wonder I made it.

My clit was so oversensitized that every movement nearly sent me over the edge. I concentrated on the places I wanted to see when I got out of here, of the cruises, first-class plane rides, first-class accomodations, and seeing the 7 wonders of the world. I managed to hold off cumming until I heard Mrs. Camden say, “Time’s up.”

I was told to keep my eyes closed until the servant was gone. I almost feel bad now thinking about the fact that the servant put in all that effort and still had to carry out the rest of his/her punishment.

“Ok, get up,” Mrs. Camden said, “now you have to make me cum.”

I was shaking from being so turned on and not cumming. I stood up, weak in the knees, and waited for Mrs. Camden to lie down naked on the bed. I laid down on the bed and put my head between her legs when Mr. Coleman said, “Good luck, only one in three passes this test.”

That’s when I remembered what Janet had told me. I moved up so that I was lying beside Mrs. Camden’s face. I kissed her lips tenderly. Her eyes got big and she looked like she wanted to pull away, but I held her head tenderly in my hands and kept kissing her. I gently parted her lips with my tongue and explored her mouth, daintily flicking her tongue with mine.

I began kissing her neck, shoulders and breasts, and then began sucking on her nipples. I kissed, sucked and flicked one and then the other, until her nipples were as hard as little buttons. I then moved down her belly, planting fluttering little kisses all the while, and when I got down to her mound, I could feel the heat coming off of it and could smell the musk of her wetness.

I planted my head between her legs and licked her clit almost lovingly. I imagined it was sweet Janet who had helped me so much. I licked and flicked with my tongue while her hips pressed towards my mouth and her fingers intertwined with my hair and pulled my head towards her.

After only a minute or so, she was panting, gasping, moaning and bucking her hips against my face, cumming hard. I kept licking until she pushed me away. She pushed me so hard I slid to the floor, where I stayed, my head down, my hair covering my face.

“Well Mrs. Camden, I guess she passed THAT test with flying colors, didn’t she?”

“Shut up, Mr. Coleman,” she answered, and he just laughed heartily.

The rest of the evening was spent quizzing me on rules, schedules, etc. and it was finally decided I would begin work the next day in the west wing.

continued in part 4

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