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I was about 34 years of age when I was working the night shift about 20 miles out of town. Anyways during the time, I was at work, a very powerful storm hit my end of town, leaving the road I live on flooded by the river, and as I result,I had nowhere to go.So I would go across town,where my mother lived so I could get some breakfast and have a place to sleep, until at least through the weekend.

Well, it turned out that she was not home at the time, but her friend, Melanie was visiting other friends in the apartment next door. Melanie was 48 year old,beautiful brunette with a body of an 18 year old. So I told Melanie that, I was hungry and I also told her I could not make it home because my road was under water.Well, when I told her my situation,Melanie,said that I could go to her place, where she would make me breakfast, allow me to use her shower, and even wash my clothes,I mean after all we are good friends. So I took her up on her offer.

When I got to her home, first thing I did was took a hot shower while she took my dirty clothes into the washer, and she gave me some sweatpants to wear when I was done with my shower. When I got out of the shower, I went to her eat in kitchen, where she served me, bacon, scrambled eggs English muffins, orange juice and coffee.

When we got eating breakfast, Melanie told she was going to get a shower herself and if I wanted to, I could go in the living room and watch TV. So I sat on the sofa and watched The Weather Channel.

When Melanie was done with her shower, she came out to the living in a long shower robe and sat next beside me.
I told Melanie how much I appreciated her kindness im feeding me allowing me to crash at her place. Melanie chuckled as she said, no problem. Than I told her I wish I could pay her back sometime, she told me that was a way to pay her back and I asked her how. Than Melanie told me that she had noticed me every since she has been friends with my mother.

Melanie went further by placing her hand over my crotch, rubbing me over the sweatpants while telling me how she loves her men young licking my neck and earlobes telling me that she wants my naked body.

She quickly seduced me with her experienced hands as she pushed my sweats off,to where my naked body was her property to play with. Melanie would take her tongue down my neck and chest licking my nipples, telling me how nice of a cock I have, as she started massaging my balls and stroking my 8.5 inches piece of meat.

As Melanie got her mouth closer to my cock,she took her tongue around the head all the way down its meaty shaft. Melanie would than started licking my balls, and all the way back to my asshole. Than she came back up and took my cock into her mouth and gave me a mind blowing blowjob.

When Melanie was done satisfying me,she escorted me to her room, pushed me on her bed. Melanie stood in front of me,and let the robe she was wearing fall to the floor, revealing her awesome olive skin colored naked body.
Melanie pushed me to lie down on her bed and she demanded me to ravish her body, telling me to Worship your Goddess and to please her.

First thing I did was took my mouth and tongue all over her titties and kissed her body.
As I continued to kiss her body, Melanie grabbed my head and pushed my down to her crotch, that revealed a very nicely trimmed bush that hid her pink lips.

Melanie, replied to me,eat me slave,eat your goddess! I took my tongue and dove into her snatch,licking her in and out and sucking her clit, pleasing my new goddess.

Than Melanie grabbed my head and pushed me into her crotch and began to fuck my face. Than she pushed my head further down telling me not to forget to serve my backdoor. So with pleasure, I started to eat her hot ass, that I have longed to have. Than Melanie demanded that I fuck her. I took my cock, which could not wait to plunge into her tunnel of love.
I sunk my entire 8.5 piece meat into her hole and began to pump her faster and faster.

As I began to pump Melanie, she took her pussy muscles and began squeezing my cock telling me to give her every single drop of my cum to her. I could feel myself cumming into her hole as I pumped faster and faster until I exploded inside of her.

As I rolled off of Melanie, she gave me a little bit of rest. However she told me she was not done with me yet.
Melanie began to go down on me and took my cock into her mouth again.
She began to suck my cock, but this time she took her index finger and started to finger my ass! Immediately my cock came back to life when she intruded my virgin hole!

When Melanie saw how hard I was again, she crawled back onto her knees, with her back facing me, her telling me, Cum in my ass,I love it!

So I got behind her, slid my cock between her sweet asscheeks,and lined it up to her tight rosebud.
Slowly I would watch my tool slide into her backdoor, like a snake going into their hole.

As I was enjoying my cock in her tight hole, Melanie started to play with my balls, telling me to cum. As I felt myself getting ready to cum, I yelled, Oh Melanie I am gonna cum! She would say to me, oh yeah baby cum baby cum! I could feel the intense heat of my jizz in her ass I pulled out of Melanie as we lied together with total satisfaction.

She asked me if I had to work this weekend, I told Melanie that I did not, than she smiled replying, that I should not plan on sleeping tonight, and there is more in store for the weekend.

The next day after Melanie fucked my brains out, her daughter Christina,age 23 came over to visit her.
I simply could not get over how much Melanie and her daughter look so much alike, in fact they could have passed as twins.

All three of us engaged on small talk about where we all work at,and Christina told me that she works as a server at a local restaurant and that she was working on getting her CNA certificate.

After I took my shower, Melanie went and took hers, and so I would put on some sweats and a t-shirt on to be decent in front of Christina.

I would suddenly, she put me in a very awkward moment, when Christina mentioned her mom told her how not only do I have a nice cock but very good in bed, and how she would enjoy finding out as she tried to slide her hand into my sweats.
I gently pushed Christina’s hand away telling her,I don’t think mom would like it if you came onto her man!
Than Melanie came up from behind me,and replied to me,there are 2 things I forgot to tell you. 1. I always share with my toys with my daughter 2.You are to remain naked in my home, we now own your body and we will do as we please to you.

Melanie shoved my sweatpants off of me, as Melanie and Christina shoved me into Melanie’s bedroom. They both commanded me to crawl on the bed and to remain on my hands and knees facing the headboard.

I could here and feel someone walking around me on the bed and I saw a body standing in front of me in a short skirt and I heard a voice saying to me to look up to my eyes.
As I done as I was told, I could see it was Christina, slowly removing her skirt, revealing she had no panties on showing me her bald pussy.

As I gazed into Christina’s brown eyes I could read her lips, saying Eat Me!
With pleasure, I devoured her young but mature fruit.
While I was eating out Melanie’s fawn, I felt her spread open my asscheeks with her hands exposing my virgin manhole telling me this belongs to me and Christina!

Melanie began probing her tongue in and our of my ass, and I heard Christina asking her mom to let her have some of his sweet and cute ass!

As Melanie and her daughter were eating out my ass,Melanie intruded my virgin hole with her finger as deep it would go.

Melanie told Christina that how tight my ass was,she could tell I had a virgin ass,and Christina laughed and said,Not for long.

Melanie agreed as she went into her night stand and grabbed a strap on and told to kiss your virgin ass good bye, we are going fuck your ass!
Melanie grabbed me by the shoulders flipped me over on my back, grabbing my legs up in the air spread open.

Christina pushed her toy into my tight hole and I tried to scream,Melanie straddled her pussy over my face, telling stop screaming and eat your goddess you slave.

As Christina was fucking my ass it went from the worse pain I felt, to amazing pleasure as she would also stroke my cock to complete hardness.

When Christina pulled her toy out of my hole she and her mother took turns sucking my cock and licking. my balls to the point where I just had to fuck them both.

Immediately, Christina climbed on top of me, allowing my cock to enter her love canal.As Christina was riding me like a cowgirl on a horse I would be tongue fucking her mother’s pussy, and than they would take turns riding my tool and letting me eat their hot holes.

Then when Melanie was riding me,I told her I was about to cum, she climbed off of me, and her daughter, Christina took my cock into her mouth as Melanie started licking my balls and as I started to cum im that sweet mouth Christina’s, Melanie was there to stroke my cock as my juice gushed out of me as they licked every drop of cum off my cock, Melanie and Christina made sure they got every last drop out of my cock as they took turns sucking the remaining cum out of my cock. I would not only find out sharing is good that night, I would find how awesome it having my body not only being owned by cock hungry mother and daughter but being their favorite sextoy they share together.


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