The Veteran

Author: Ramo Kye

Landing in the lumbering airliner was the scariest episode I’d had since I’d enlisted. All that I could imagine was that after four months of infantry combat, the damn thing would crash before I could stand on American soil again.

I sighed when the plane taxied to a stop. Stood and straightened my uniform. Then I grabbed my only luggage – a small, duffel-like sack.

I held my hand up to shield my eyes from the blazing sun as I disembarked the craft. There was a salty breeze coming from the beaches a few miles away. This day reminded me of the day that I’d left.

I saw her before she saw me. Light red hair, cropped short, flying behind her head like an orgy of butterfly wings. She wore a flowery and ultra-thin pink dress that ended halfway above her thighs. Her shoe heels were taller than most bayonets I’d seen and they forced her leg muscles to tighten as she walked.

When she did finally see me, she smiled and ran toward me in that trippy tip-toe gate that high heels impose. We embraced. A simple hug at first. Then a long and enduring kiss.

“I’m so glad you made it home.”

“Thanks for being here.” We kissed again, tongues searching.

“My car‘s this way.” She pointed into the crowded airport parking lot. We held hands and traded small talk as we walked to it. She followed me to the passenger’s side door and unlocked it for me. She stopped me as I began to slide inside.

“No.” Holding me by the arm. “In the back.”

Well shit. I’d been in the military long enough to know how to obey orders. She followed me into the back seat. Before I’d turned to face her, she’d hiked her dress up to her waist and split her legs by resting one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the seat.

“Miss this?” She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened with her dew.

I stuffed my duffel bag on the floor and moved my mouth to gently kiss her pubic hair. She’d scented herself with lemon. My favorite smell. I licked the length of her slit, spreading her lips open with my thumb. She was wet, very wet. My lips found her clitoris and I tickled it with my tongue. She put her hand on either side of my neck, raised her ass slightly, and moaned.

I kept working her bulb with my tongue as I slipped a finger, then two, into her opening. The tight quarters of the car’s back seat cramped my neck. I ignored it as I teased and licked and fingered her to climax. Her thighs tightened against my ears as her hands clutched the back of my head. Her juices spurt along my fingers and into my palm as her panting breath turned into a coo.

“Oh shit!” I straightened and slapped my back against the seat, furiously tugging at my belt.

“What’s wrong baby?” She helped me get my belt off and took down my fly.

“Shit…” I whipped my pants down to my shins so she could see the problem for herself. My hard cock was throbbing and its tip red. “Oh shit!” A jet of sperm squirt out and landed on my thigh.

“It’s okay.” She grabbed for my vibrating dick. Missed. Tried again, this time with both hands, and caught me between them. All I could do as more sperm mixed with her fingers was to dig the heels of my palms into the car seat and tilt my head back. Finally, her mouth made it to my cock, taking the last of my cum between her lips as I kept saying “Oh shit… shit..” over and over again.

“It’s okay.” She swallowed the last of it. “It’s been a long time for me too.” We laughed. But she laughed harder. The sound helped cover over my embarrassment.

While we waited for another hard-on, she hoisted her thin dress up and sat on my lap, facing me. The wetness and warmth of her made my cock begin to grow again. She shifted her hips, forth and back across my staff, and shuddered as a small orgasm overtook her.

I felt her breasts through the fabric, her nipples reacting to my touch, threatening to poke through the cloth. She slowly eased a dress strap down, revealing more and more until she exposed a full breast surrounded by a pale bikini line. She didn’t resist as I took it into my mouth and licked in circles, tasting a hint of her sweet sweat, then fastened onto her nipple with my lips. All the while she moved against my cock and gently stroked the back of my neck.

“I need you. Now,” she whispered when she felt I was ready. She rose so that my cock could slip more easily into her and then she settled lower, wrapping me up in the warmth of her pussy. She moved up and down on the shaft as my hands moved to her bare ass and helped to make the rhythm steady.

“Baby, are you going to cum for me again?” She purred. “I want to feel you go inside me.” I wanted to answer, but could only stare into those beautiful eyes of hers. The movement became more rapid as she ground onto me. She came again, with a shudder. I kept the pace moving by prodding her ass up and down until she came once more, this time in sync with me. Our backs arching away from each other. Her moisture crusting in my pubic hair. Her thighs shaking uncontrollably as my seed became a part of her.

We waited. Enjoying the feel of my dick inside her until it slipped out, entirely of its own accord. She kissed me before she dismounted and sat. Then, for several minutes, pet my shrinking rod with her fingertips.

“What’s your name Corporal?” she asked.

“Scott. Yours?”

“Peg. Just Peg.”

A short while later I was back in the sun, shielding my eyes, as I stood alone on the parking lot’s pavement. My eyes following Peg’s car as she sped away with a toot of her horn.

She was off. Probably to find another lucky GI to welcome home.

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