How Clean

Author: Steph

I started this job at the beginning of summer. I admit I only got the job so I could be near the beach all day and wear those tight little uniforms. Ok so maybe not the last bit. I’m a housekeeper for one of the many condos that line Perdido Beach. My family says I’m in a dead end job and I need to do better for myself. The fact is, they don’t know all the services I provide for the patrons of the Seagull. I hadn’t always done the extras. And I don’t do them for all the folks there. Just the women.

It was a day like any other, the sun was shinning and the water sparkled. I got my list of rooms to be cleaned and grabbed my cart. The first room of the day took me up to the 17th floor. I’d never been up there, and was excited cause I knew the view was going to be awesome. I knocked lightly against the door and said loudly “Room service.” I didn’t hear anyone so I let myself in.

As I entered the room and closed the door behind me, I heard the shower running. This room was huge! I turned towards the bathroom at the other end of the place and hollered “Room Service.” I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I headed over to the kitchen and started cleaning up around the bar. As I moved onto the living room and pulled out my vacuum I looked around. She was definitely rolling in the money. The decor was definitely not bought at Sears. I shook my head. As I vacuumed I danced along with the song in my head as I stared out the sliding glass door. It must have taken me a good ten minutes to vacuum that carpet. I turned it off and turned around to get the glass cleaner for the doors. That’s when I saw her.

“Hello Ma’am.” I said obviously startled. She smiled, “I’m sorry if I scared you. I saw your dance and just couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I didn’t want you to stop.” She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and I saw no pictures of family on the walls. I felt myself blush. “Oh come now, there’s no need for that. God gave you a gorgeous body, and why should you be bashful about it. Honey, I’ve got a saying, if you got it, flaunt it!” With that she dropped her bathrobe to the floor. I about fell over. She was HOT!!! Her curves were all in the right spots, her legs went on forever, and her breasts were perfect.

I wasn’t sure what to do or say so I stood there with my mouth wide open. She didn’t leave me much time to figure out anything. She quickly pressed her body to mine and ran her hands up my body. “And this tight little number you have on is sexy, but I want to see your natural beauty.” For some reason that didn’t feel awkward and I removed my outfit.

As I stood there naked, she looked me over and nodded her head in approval. She pressed her body against mine again, this time our nipples rubbed together. Her soft skin sent shivers down my spine as her hands began to explore my body again. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. She pulled back and asked me if I wanted to see the rest of the place. I simply nodded. She took me on a little tour, which of course ended in the bedroom.

She kissed me again and slowly pushed me back onto the bed. Her body rested on top of mine, our bush meshing together. Her tongue slipped from her mouth and lightly licked my lips. I moaned lightly and slipped my tongue into her mouth. Her hands worked their way up to my breasts, lightly cupping them in her hand as she rolled my nipples between her fingers. I began to squirm underneath her. I couldn’t believe how good this felt, let alone I was doing this with a complete stranger. She let one of her hands slide from my breasts down my body to my hips. She slid her body off to the side of mine and let her fingers trace my moistening lips. And as quickly as all this started her finger found my clit.

Her finger finding my clit made me jerk. I immediately spread my legs for her. She smiled seductively and began to kiss her way down my neck to my breasts. Her tongue flicked around my nipples, making sure they were hard and sucking them into her mouth to make sure they were standing as high as they could. As she continued her trek down my body her hair passed over my extremely sensitive nipples causing ripples of pleasure flow over my body. Her kisses made their way to my mound.

As her mouth got closer to my pussy the higher I tried to raise my hips, hoping that she’d reach my clit sooner. The anticipation was killing me. She was moving so slowly. Her soft giggle told me she knew what she was doing to me. I finally felt her mouth against my lips. She knelt between my dangling legs. Her hands grabbed my hips and pulled until my ass was at the edge of the bed. She rested my thighs on her shoulders as she blew lightly across my wetness.

She slowly pressed her face against my pussy, her nose lightly grazing against my throbbing clit, her hands holding onto my hips firmly. She let her tongue slip from between her full lips and began to stroke my clit lengthwise. My hands immediately went to the back of her head and laced my fingers into her still damp hair. She worked her tongue up and down, side to side over and around my clit.

My hips tried to rock against her face but her firm grip held me still. My moans filled the large bedroom as she worked my clit. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take much more of that. I felt her slip one of her fingers into my hole and began to wiggle it inside me. I grunted as I arched my back and squeezed tightly around her finger. I felt the familiar stirring as my orgasm began to build. She increased her speed around my clit, letting her tongue dart in and out of her mouth, randomly hitting my clit.

My body tensed as my climax washed over me. My moans were loud and desperate as I pushed against the back of her head, forcing her face deeper into my pussy, my thighs squeezing tightly around her head. My hips rocked against her firm grip and I spasmed around her finger. As my moans began to die down so did her stroking. She eased me down from my peak and made her way back up my body.

Her kiss was as firm as her grip was on my hips. Her tongue entered my mouth and I could taste my sweetness. We both moaned as the kiss deepened. After a few moments she sat up and smiled down at me. “You should get dressed and get your other rooms done. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble.” I lay there astonished and speechless, but got up and found my way back to my clothes. As I dressed she told me not to worry about finishing her place, and that I’d done more for her than I’ll ever know. With that she handed me a one hundred dollar bill and told me that she was going to make sure I was the one to ‘clean’ her place.

Since then, twice a week we would give each other the time of our lives. And people wonder why I keep my job.

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