Thanksgiving scenarios

Author: cowgirl_up

3 Thanksgiving Scenarios:

1.) You are best friends with your favorite star and have been for a long time, she comes over for Thanksgiving. You both prepare the meal and eat with your family. Afterwards you clean up the whole mess. It is now about six o’clock and you go upstairs to relax a little bit and take showers. You both collapse on the bed, and you begin to stare into her eyes, just looking. She leans over you resting on her arm and looks into your eyes as well. She then says “You know that you look really cute like that.”…

2.) It is Thanksgiving and your whole family eats a really big dinner at your house. Afterwards your best friend comes over to spend the night. You stay downstairs and talk to the family a little bit then you go upstairs to get ready for bed. You are both in your pajamas and watching TV. She is Smoking a cigarette and you are consciously glancing at her. She then finally notices. “What are you looking at?”. “Oh nothing just looking.” you reply. You then lay down and try to go to sleep. About thirty minutes later she turns off the TV and lays down too…

3.) On Thanksgiving day you come home from work all exhausted and you find a beautiful dinner for two set up on your kitchen table. Being amazed you then walk into your living room to find your best friend sitting on your couch. She looks so amazing wearing a bright red sweater and black dress pants. You sit down beside her and ask her whats going on. She answers with a really big kiss

A New Years Eve Scenario:

It is New Years Eve and you are at this awesome party that some of your friends are throwing. You set down at a table by the pool and your all by yourself. Then suddenly you glance straight ahead and see the hottest girl at the party staring at you so you freeze because she is your biggest crush. In a few minutes you get up and go inside to try to get your head straight. You are now looking for her but she is nowhere around, your bummed because you were finally going to talk to her but now you cant. So in all of the boredness going on around you you decide to go to eh bathroom and freshen up. You get there and knock on the door and no one answers so you go ahead and walk in. There she is looking so beautiful doing her makeup in the mirror, you freeze again. “Oh sorry, I’ll coem back later.” “Oh no don’t do that.” she replies as she moves closer to you. “Besides I was hoping it ould be you…”

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