THE MAID part 5

Author: Belle Dimond

Life went on like that for almost the entire 5 years. It was amazing how much it was the same from day to day. I serviced the Bemertons sexually in addition to my housework, was punished for a (very) few trangressions, and reaffirmed to Mr. Coleman and Mrs. Camden on a monthly basis that I was still worthy of keeping my job.

I became great friends with Janet during my first three months there, and then it was time for her to leave. The last day she was there I saw her turn from a healthy, able woman into a dejected, exhausted, frightened animal. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but something was wrong. She didn’t even say goodbye to me. I thought maybe, although she was happy to be going and getting her money, she realized she would miss me and the others and was perhaps a little wary of the future.

The day before I was to leave, I returned to my room after my shift was done. I had only 24 hours to go and I was very happy and excited. But when I got back to my room, I could see that this would be no picnic.

Mr. Coleman and Ms. Camden were there, along with a lawyer, to go over the settling of my contract here. It was explained to me that all of my work over the last 5 years was to culminate in the events of the next 24 hours. A section of the contract that I had not read was pointed out to me and explained in detail.

The contract stated that I was to be on duty for the next 24 hours straight, no sleep or rest breaks. I was to serve not only the Bemertons in my usual fashion, but also Mr. Coleman and Mrs. Camden. All the usual rules applied, and then some. The additional rule stated that I was allowed no underwear, no bra and no sexual release for the coming 24 hours.

Any fracture of these rules was cause for severe punishment or immediate dismissal – with no bonus. Thus, this clause was set up to make it hard for me to keep up my end of the contract; to try to make me void the contract and deny myself the bonus I had worked the last 5 years for. In addition, I was to speak of this to no one, and when my time was up, I had to leave without saying goodbye and I was never to make contact with any of these people ever again.

Well, I wasn’t about to give up the bonus I had worked so hard for, so I steeled myself for 24 hours of hell. I initialed the paragraph, as the lawyer asked, and the lawyer gave Mr. Coleman an envelope and left. As Mr. Coleman put the envelope in his pocket, he ordered me to come stand beside him. He reached under my uniform, felt my panties, and informed me that I was in violation of my contract and to remove my panties and bra immediately. I did so immediately, and he put his fingers in my crotch again.

“That’s better,” he said. “You know, this last 24 hours is the best part…for US anyway.” He looked at Mrs. Camden and they both laughed hard. He was still playing with my pussy and I was breathing hard and trying not to get excited.

Mrs. Camden came over and reached around me from behind, grabbing my breasts and squeezing them hard. I closed my eyes and I felt Mr. Coleman’s middle and index finger slide up into my pussy. he fucked me with them, his thumb bumping my clit with each stroke, until I was panting.

“Don’t cum,” he said, “you wouldn’t want to void your contract after all the hard work you’ve put in, would you?” And he pulled his fingers out and wiped them on my uniform.

“Oops, looks like a stained uniform; you’d better change and quick, before Mrs. Camden decides to punish you!”

I changed, grateful for a chance to escape his probing. But when I took my soiled uniform off, I felt his eyes bore into me.

“Before you change, come over here. Mrs. Camden, why don’t you lie down on her bed? Elena, go down on her right now.”

I lay down between her legs and began eating her the way she loves, when I felt Mr. Coleman come up behind me. He shoved his cock in my wet, sloppy cunt and stroked a few times. Then he pulled out and pushed the head of his cock against my asshole.

“I want you to make Mrs. Camden cum before I cum. That’s a direct order and is not to be disobeyed.”

He began slamming into my ass while I worked on the pussy in front of me. My chin was wet with her juices while my tongue worked her clit. I almost had lockjaw from the tonguing I’d given Mrs. Bemerton earlier today, but I kept working. Finally, she came hard against my mouth, while Mr. Coleman shot into me. He was grabbing my hips and pulling me back against him hard, and it hurt. But it also made my pussy drip with desire.

After that I was ordered to clean up and get into uniform and that I had some special duties to perform tonight.

I was up all night polishing the entry way floor with a toothbrush and a nail buffer. It was exhausting and I had to be very careful not to soil my uniform. Every hour either Mrs. Camden or Mr. Coleman would come by and tell me to stand up and they would finger my pussy until I was panting. Once Mrs. Camden picked up the toothbrush and reached inside my uniform and scrubbed my nipples with it hard. It hurt terribly, but I did not budge. I took it.

When morning came and it was time for my regular shift, I was exhausted. I looked hunted and I was on fire with desire. I was paranoid of failing and of people trying to make me fail. Of all days, Mrs. Bemerton chose that on to be one of the days she wanted to go down on me. I held out for all I was worth and did not cum.

At a quarter to 4, fifteen minutes before I was to assist with tea in Mr. Bemerton’s study, Mr. Coleman came to me and pulled me into a pantry.

“Go down on me now,” he said, cruelly.

I did my best to make him cum as soon as I could, so I would not be late for tea, but he was obviously holding off. I finally pulled out the big guns, deep-throating him for all I was worth, swallowing against the head of his cock and nearly gagging. That sent him over the edge, but instead of cumming in my mouth, he pulled out and came all over the top of my uniform.

“Oh no, a soiled uniform. And you’re due in the study in less than 5 minutes. Better hurry!”

I jumped to my feet and ran through the house to the tunnel leading to the servants’ quarters. I ran to my room as quickly as I could and changed and ran back to the study. I was a minute late. Mr. Bemerton was angry.

“Ms. Marceau, over the years I have always allowed you to take punishment rather than dismiss you for your shortcomings, but I grow tired of meting it out. Why shouldn’t I just let you go right now?”

“Please Mr. Bemerton,” I begged, “I did my best. I’m exhausted and trying to please everyone. I will take whatever you can dish out, just please, please punish me!”

I couldn’t believe I was begging to be punished. It was so humiliating. Mr. Bemerton saw that and loved it, relished it…it made him hard.

“Alright, alright, I always have had a soft spot for you. I’ll tell you what. I’m going to let Mrs. Bemerton take her riding crop to you. After that, you come back to me and tell me all about it and I will fuck you. Then you can go.”

“Yes, sir,” I said with confidence. Only I was not confident, I was scared to death. I had only met with Mrs. Bemerton’s riding crop on 2 other occasions and it almost killed me. Now here it was, my last day, her last chance at the cause of her jealousness and bitterness. I was really afraid of what she might do to me.

I surprised her, because she wasn’t used to seeing me at this time of day. I told her the situation and her blood seemed to boil.

“He only sent you to me to remind me that he’s going to be fucking you blue when I’m through with you. Well, that can’t happen if there’s nothing left to fuck!” She screamed at me to get across her knees, which I did with fear for my life.

She laid into me with her crop in a fit of anger and tears, while I tore at the couch cushion with my nails. My ass stung and felt bruised, but she actually ended her beating sooner than I thought she would.

“I used to have a nice ass like this, you know,” she said. Mr. Bemerton is a shallow, though rich man. And I suffer for staying with him. That is why you suffer – you have to suffer for the money just like me. All of you who come through here.”

While she said this, she played with my pussy and caressed my buttocks. I was soon calmed down and she told me to leave her and not to look at her. I did as I was told.

When I returned to Mr. Bemerton, I cried and told him how she had been with her crop and about her jealous rage. He seemed smugly satisfied and I decided not to tell him about her pathetic confession.

He pulled out his cock and told me to climb on the chair and straddle him. I did, sitting on his gigantic cock and settling onto it as it entered me inch by inch.

I pressed against him on the downstrokes, and squeezed my pussy hard on the upstrokes, trying hard to make him cum before I lost control. This was my last duty. I he buried his face in my breasts and I gave him the fuck of the year, moaning, grinding, gyrating. Soon he came inside me and pushed me away, exhausted.

It’s been 2 years since I left that house. I got my money and have traveled to many of the places I always dreamed of, with many more plans in the works. I’ve been careful with my money and don’t see it running out before I die.

The only problem is I am now an incredible slut. I love to be ordered around and punished. In fact I need it. Watch for me, I may be coming to your town next!

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