Football Hunk

Author: Cecilia

My husband is the best guy in the world. Sounds like I am talking him up a lot but trust me on this. No one can even compare to Stephen. He’s Seven foot two inches tall and plays for the state football team. And he plays the quarterback.

We look like such a mismatch cause I am 5 foot 9 and darker than most black women are, so we draw the occasional stare and joke. He’s quick to put them to rest with just a look. He looks very intimidating but once you get to know him you’d see he’s just a big old pussycat.

Now everyone will try and tell you that once you go black you don’t go back but not Steve. He’s more than enough for this woman I’ll guarantee it. Let me tell you about this one evening with the two of us.

It was a Sunday night and we had just come home from a game. He was sore and dragged himself in the door with me. The other team had sacked him hard and his huge muscles were sore and tired. But even still he had come through and won the game.

I helped him to the bed and lay him down, peeling his clothes off his nearly limp body. I liked to give him a nice long massage to relax him and get him good and in the mood for his reward for winning.

Every time I rubbed my hands over his tense muscles, he let out a long and low groan. I knew it hurt but it did him good. With him lying on his chest, I slowly worked my hands down from his shoulders over his back. I pushed my thumbs in hard to relax him good, all the way down over his tight and sexy ass.

When I started massaging further down I brushed my fingers over his swollen balls feeling the heat within. It had been a few days since I had sex with him and those balls were getting backed up with cum. I would have to let that out tonight.

My ebony hands stroked down his inner thighs and I could tell by the soft sighs in his voice that his cock was solid as a brick under his belly. But he would not get that release just yet. Oh no. I had to wait days to be with him when he went out to one of these away games so he was damn sure going to wait to get my tongue on that cock of his.

He reached back to me from his belly, touching those huge hands over my black thighs and as usual I succumbed. I really wanted him more than he wanted me. Making him wait just was not going to cut it as soon as he touched my body.

I rolled him over to his back, kneeling between his legs. Every time I saw him hard, I had to take a double check to make sure his cock was real. He was ten inches long and thick as a beer bottle. Bigger than any black man I had ever been with in my life. So much for that old myth.

When I was done gawking at that shaft, I leaned forward, wrapping both my arms around his length and parted my lips to take the tip of that flanged head into my mouth. I needed to get him all nice and slickened up so I could fit that monster inside me.

He never minded my fashion of getting him and myself ready. I nursed on his cock like a baby on a bottle. My tongue wrapped around that all day sucker, getting quite the groan from my huge husband.

His hand rested to the back of my head wanting me to go all the way down on him. I looked up at him for a moment and smiled. When I returned my mouth to his shaft I slowly drew him down into my throat. I had to practice at this with him for the whole first year I was with him. Before me, he had never had his cock buried in someone’s throat and as much as I love him I had to make that dream come true.

Inch by inch I slowly took him down my throat. Even with all the practice I got, it still took awhile for me to get him all the way in. And when my nose touched at his belly and his balls touched to my chin, he shivered from head to toe. I felt the first drops of precum rolling down my throat and I pulled my mouth from him. He was not going to cum without getting that thing inside me.

He looked a little disappointed at first when I took myself off him but he knew full well what was about to come. I straddled myself over his waist and with my breasts covering his face, I lowered my body back slowly onto that hulking elephant trunk of a cock. Just the tightness of my pussy was enough to make him wrap those huge biceps around my tiny body.

I reflexively impaled my soaked with anticipation sex down onto him, immediately gripping around him like a hot and steamy vice. I gripped tightly to him as I shivered in the pleasure mixed with a little pain from the way he stretched my body nearly apart. He was absolutely enormous. It took me a moment to get used to the pressure but still I lay against his for a few more moments just gyrating my thighs around that pole.

I liked the feeling of him inside me. Just holding in my hot sex even though I knew it was not enough for him. And soon it happened.

He couldn’t take anymore of me teasing him. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest against my breasts. In a flash, he flipped me onto my back, taking me in the heated throes of passion. Thrusting his cock into me like an engine piston. Every drive within, mashing my clit as he sank himself down to the hilt.

His body was so large I could barely fit my arms around him and instead I leaned back, gripping hard to the sheets with my legs grabbing around his back to hold on. Every time he sank himself into me I thought I was going to be split apart but GOD what a pain that was.

I couldn’t help it anymore. His rapidly thrusting cock sent me over the edge so hard that I thought I was going to pass out right then and there. My entire body shook just as he pulled his thing out from my sex just in time to literally shower me in his cream. It seemed like gallons of the thick white stuff shot all over my body.

He fell to my side panting hard, nearly exhausted from the ordeal he had just gone through. I drew off those succulent wads of cum that didn’t fall in my mouth and rolled back over onto my side. He was still hard and still pent up. This was only round one of my hard body husband’s game winning reward. One for each quarter. And his game went into double overtime. We would be here for a very long time.

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