Traci the Maid

Author: mmm

Traci had gotten a job as a maid in a rich man’s house. She looked just like any
blond 26-year old womanlong legs, slender waist and high size C breasts. She
had a heart-shaped face and giggled at all the right times. Only Traci had a secret
that nobody at her knew job knew about – she had a 6″ cock!

Traci sort of liked cleaning, and they gave her a uniform to wear at work, like a
french maid‘s uniform only less revealing. Traci liked to tease the men in the
house and was always finding ways to show more leg or a little more cleavage.
She had also taken to wearing a garterbelt and stockings to work so she could
show off her thighs over the top of the stockings.

The master of the house was out of town a lot, but she still had the two gardners,
a major domo and a couple other men to entice as she happily straightened and
dusted and cleaned. All in all, it was a good job – reasonable work, good pay, and
friendly staff.

One day, after Traci had been working there for about two months, the master
of the house came into the library as she was dusting books. He sat down at his
desk and began opening files and looking at papers. Traci peeked at him as she
dusted. He was very attractive, with a neatly trimmed beard, dark hair and a
very athletic build. Traci felt very mischievous.

She made sure to dust the top books (how would he know they had already been
dusted today?). That way, whenever he looked up, he would see her black nylons,
garterbelt and white thighs. He would also see her black lace panties. It excited
Traci to think about exciting this rich, powerful, attractive man. She felt her cock
stir and tried to think about something else. An erection, she thought, would ruin
her feminine appeal.

She made a little more rustling noise than usual, so that several times the master
was interupted from his work to look up at her. She hoped she was getting to him.
She must have been, because finally he said “Come here. I want to talk to you”.
He sounded stern and serious.

Traci got down off her ladder, showing as much leg as possible. She also smiled,
showing her dimples. When she stood in front on the desk, she noticed that he
was not smiling. She began to feel a little nervous.

“Traci” he began, standing and looking down at her “how long have you been
working here?”

“About two months, sir” Traci responded in a soft voice.

“And have you been happy working here so far?” he asked her, looking
directly into her eyes.

“Yes, sir” Traci responded, letting her eyes drop.

“I pay a lot of money for people to look after my home and my comfort so that
I can attend to my business interests” he went on. “And you are distracting me
from those business interests” he told her. “Do you wish to continue in your em-
ployment here?”

“Yes, please” Traci responded nervously. This was getting pretty serious!

“Well, then, you must be punished for disturbing me so that you will remember
not to do it again” he told her, walking over to where she stood and towering
over her. “Can you understand this?”

“Yes, sir” Traci said again, feeling frightened.

He took a ruler from his desk and pulled up her skirt! Before Traci could
believe what he was doing, whack! WHACK! went the ruler against her tender
white bottom. It HURT!

Traci looked over at the master of the house – he looked faintly amused. He
reached over and bent her over, exposing her butt through her lace panties.
Then he brought down the ruler three more times!

“Will you disturb me while I am working again?” he asked her.

“No, sir” Traci answered sulkily.

good girl!” he told her (rather like she was a dog, Traci thought resentfully).
Then he sat down on his reading chair. “Come here” he told her firmly.

Traci went over to the big stuffed chair a little reluctantly. When she reached it,
he turned her around and pulled up her skirt again. Then he gently stroked her
poor ass. It stung like fire, but as he stroked her punished flesh, Traci found
herself growing excited. He continued to pet her bottom for a minute, then as his
hand moved further forward, he found something he didn’t expect.

Traci felt the master’s fingers touch her balls and knew she was truly exposed.
What would he do now?

He surprised her. He kept stroking her testicles, teasing them and squeezing.
Then he would move back to soothing her stinging bottom. Back and forth for
several minutes. Traci couldn’t control her excitement.

She found herself pulled over his knees in the classic spanking position, but
he simply pulled her panties up into her crack and played with her buttocks
and her testicles. Traci found herself squirming across his lap as he teased
and tantalized her flesh. He reached one hand down and firmly pinched one
of her hard nipples, then squeezed her breast.

Traci moaned, a wave of embarrassment filling her that became even more

“That’s right, little girl” said the man whose lap she lay across. “Moan for
me. Show me how powerless you are to your Master. Surrender yourself to
me and be my helpless little slave”.

No one had ever treated Traci like that before, but she found herself responding
helplessly, the words stirring her most erotic feelings. Her ass helplessly pointed
in the air, he pulled down her panties and pulled apart her asscheeks, exposing her
tight puckered anus.

Her cock was rubbing against his legs as she felt his fingers tease her anal opening.
Traci squirmed some more, sexual tension not allowing her to remain still.

“I want you to show me you will do what I ask of you on command” he told her, teasing
her ass hole with his finger as his other hand moved from one of her breasts to the other.
“I am going to penetrate you and you are going to cum for me, aren’t you?” he asked
her in a superior, teasing voice.

“Yes, sir” she responded in a voice so passionate she was further embarrassed.

“You will call me Master from now on” he told her, squeezing a nipple painfully
and making her jump. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master” Traci responded quickly, anxious to avoid further punishment.

“Very good” her master told her, tweaking her nipples together and making her
cock throb with excitement.

Then, without warning, his dry fingers pried apart her tiny opening, cruely violating
her anus and making her cry out with pain.

“I want you to move back and forth on my lap” he told her, not removing his
punishing fingers. “I am going to make you like what I am doing to you”, he told
her, his other hand stroking first one nipple, then the other.

Traci had no choice but to move on his lap, and as she did, her cock rubbed
against his pant leg, causing her to be stimulated. She kept rubbing and he
opened her ass wider and wider, hurting and exciting her more and more.

Then, when Traci felt she could not stand it any longer, he pulled his fingers out a little
and plunged them in! “Cum for me NOW” he said to her. “Cum for your

And Traci felt her balls spasm and her cock start to shoot hot thick cum
as her ass was roughtly violated and her tits were teased. Again and
again, she shot her shemale load onto his pant leg, humiliation and pain
adding to her horniness.

When it was over, she went back to work with a sore bottom and a little
smile on her face.

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