Anonymous Invitation to a Party

Author: Kinkybrian

I get a lot of odd jobs, handyman type stuff from several different people, most often from someone who owns a house that he rents out, usually to college students.

One job I had was patching up a wall that had some damage to it from a leaking pipe behind the wall. There was someone living in that apartment, a young tomboy.

The first time I started working on the wall I knocked on the door and she let me in, she knew that someone was going to be there to fix the wall. She wasn’t one of the more flash-but-no-fuck college students that we often have in the area, which was initially disappointing to me. All I’d be interested in doing is looking, so even though I don’t bother fucking that type I do appreciate it when they show me their tits. However, I realized pretty quickly that I might still enjoy this one. She was a sexy little no-bullshit tomboy, a healthy, smart, and attractive young woman. She was a little bit shorter than the average woman, had a medium slender body, straight blond hair that didn’t quite reach her neck, and a pleasant smile.

I said “Hi, I’m Brian, I’ll be working on this wall.” “O.k.” she responded, and directed her attention back to the basketball game she was watching on t.v.

Her ass was firm and smooth and nicely on display in her well fitting jeans with one of her legs up next to her on the couch. But I didn’t get as much of a look as I wanted. So I proceeded to get to work, and after a couple minutes passed and I figured it was safe, I turned my head hoping to get a better look at her ass without her knowing.

But when I looked at her she wasn’t watching the game, she was watching me. Before it got awkward, she quickly said, “You’re not the same guy who was here before.” “No, the two of us share the maintenance work for your landlord. I’ll be the one to finish this wall.” “Is that because you know how to handle that thing better than he does?” The question caught me a little off guard. “Uh, no, it just worked out that way. Probably for scheduling reasons.” “But you do know how to use your equipment right?” “Yeah, of course.” “Cause if you don’t I could easily lend a hand.”

I laughed and replied “No thanks, I can’t have your landlord finding out that I’m letting his tenants give me a hand.”

“No one has to know,” she replied, and asked with a puzzled look on her face, “The wall is soundproof right?” “Yes, it’s just as soundproof as the other walls.”

“That’s good, I don’t like to have to worry about disturbing the neighbors when I have guys over and stuff. If you want to take a break just let me know, I’ll be right here on the sofa.”

“Thanks,” I replied, and quickly turned back to the wall, to hide the fact that my dick was suddenly trying to break out of my pants. I think she saw it anyway. There wouldn’t be any chance of the kind of break that she seemed to have in mind. This job was under the table, and between my girlfriend and a few other female friends, I’m not much in need of extra pussy, so I don’t bother taking any chances.

A couple weeks later, I got an invitation to a party in the mail. It was addressed to me, the return address and the address of the party were the same, and I had no idea who lived there. The person who sent the invitation simply referred to herself as “your female companion for the evening.” The end of the invitation said, “P.S. bring lots of condoms.”

I showed it to my girlfriend Sunny, and she said I should go.

The door was answered by a man who said he lived there. There were about a dozen people there, including the woman from the apartment where I had finished the wall a couple weeks earlier. So she became my first suspect, and I walked over to her. “Hi, I’m glad you could come!” she said. I said hi. It turned out that her name was Traci. This time she was wearing cute easy access athletic shorts and a t-shirt that said “Life’s a jungle, eat dessert first.” She continued, “I’m the one that invited you. Do you want to be my date for the night?” I explained, again, that I couldn’t do that.

While I was talking a guy did something as he walked behind her, I think he put his hand under her shorts and squeezed her ass. She turned her head and smiled at him. They winked at each other.

“O.k. well, enjoy yourself. Maybe one of the other women will accomodate you. I’m going to go flirt with some of my friends. Have fun, and if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask me. Maybe we’ll see more of each other later.” She suddenly put her arm around my neck and reached up and gave me a wet peck on the lips, before I even had a chance to realize it. “And don’t tell anyone that I just did that.” She waved and walked off in the direction of the guy who squeezed her ass.

This was obviously going to turn out to be some sort of swingers’ party or orgy. I saw a man and a woman making out, but I’m pretty sure that a bit later I saw the same guy give a kiss on the lips to a different woman.

This was all fine with me, and I looked around to see which of the female guests looked like a good candidate for me to get to know. As I was looking around, sipping my wine, I overheard a couple guys talking. One guy looked at Traci as she walked away from me and said to his buddy, “There’s a hot piece of ass!” Traci looked back at him and said smiling, “Oh my God you pervert!” The guy shrugged and said “It’s true.” Then he turned to his buddy again and said, “So what’s the deal with her, she-” His friend interrupted with, “Her boyfriend is across the country and she wants a replacement.” “Several of the guys here have offered…” “I know, I think the little slut is trying to recruit even more cock. You know how she is, remember that one time..?” “Oh yeah, of course I remember…” I couldn’t hear them anymore as they went into another room.

As this was happening I noticed a sexy, slinky dressed blond walk by and take the hand of a guy and pulled him up from a couch. The two other people on the couch were a couple attractive women with some nice curves so I decided I should take his place. The two women introduced themselves to me and we chatted. They did seem a little preoccupied with conversing briefly to each other. I think it was about which men they had their eyes on to hopefully fuck that night. Then suddenly the woman sitting next to me slid her arm around me and said with an evil smile “Well we could always fuck the new guy.”

The other woman nodded agreement and we laughed. But actually I had a feeling they were not really thinking of me seriously as a potential candidate.

At that moment I felt my wine glass being taken out of my hand. Some random asian woman took my wine glass, refilled it and gave it back to me. Then she smiled through her glasses and walked away and put the bottle back on the table with the other bottles of wine.

I heard some soft moaning coming from behind me, I turned and saw a woman in a short skirt straddling a man in a chair. They were deeply kissing and though her skirt hid everything, she was obviously rolling her hips and probably riding his cock.
The woman sitting next to me had loosened my shirt and put her hand inside, rubbing her fingers over my nipples. “So, shall we get started?” she murmured to me. “Yeah, sounds good to me,” I replied. I was surprised because I thought they already knew which men they were going to fuck and that I wasn’t one of them. But I immediately put my arm around her and casually ran my other hand over her ample chest, the top of which was already exposed thanks to the low hanging spaghetti top she was wearing.

A man walked by and took the hand of the other woman on the couch. “Is it time yet?” He asked. “I think so! You’re going to pop my cherry ?” “That’s right,” he laughed. “As many times as you want.” “Can you do it a dozen times in one night?” She asked, as they walked into another room.

The woman I was with put her arms further around me, pressing her chest against me and started lewdly rubbing her lips against mine. After a few minutes Traci walked up to us and plopped her juicy ass in my lap, straddling me and gently rubbing my shoulders. “So, did you get him ready for me?” She asked. “Yeah, he looks ready,” she smiled. They both glanced at my hardon which I hadn’t bothered to try and make less obvious through my pants.

Traci looked at me and asked, “Are you enjoying the party so far?” “Definitely, thanks for inviting me,” I answered. “So, have you had any second thoughts about having sex with me?” “I would but it’s just not worth it, if word got to my boss that I’m having sex with his tenants, I just don’t think it would look good.” “Well, how about this: we can still have a good time without taking our clothes off. How about we make a rule that we keep our pants on, we can kiss and maybe you can play with my tits, that’s pretty harmless right?” “Yeah that’s cool,” I answered.

The woman sitting next to me kept her hand around my neck but stopped kissing me and got out of Traci’s way. I quickly felt Traci’s soft hot pussy pressing against my cock, as she got more cuddly with me and planted her mouth against mine. The wine had made me pretty relaxed and I figured I couldn’t get in too much trouble for just making out. My boner went from 98 to 100% as her soft tongue slid deep between my lips. We kissed for several relaxing minutes until she rose up just a bit and suggested that I slide down some on the couch. This meant the base of my cock would be directly under her crotch. I slid down and she sat back down in my lap, making sure to rest her pussy right on top of my cock. Then she took off her shirt, revealing her naked tits, and she put her wet mouth back on top of mine. We kissed for a few more minutes, as she ever so slowly rolled her crotch up and down my boner.

Then she held herself up over me with her arms, her tits dangling down right in front of me. She murmured quietly, “You want to suck my tits?” Her tits were small but maybe a little larger than I expected. They were just large enough to form a nice dangling milk drop shape, perfect to suck on. I took them in my hand and brought them to my mouth. Her nipples went from soft to hard as soon as my tongue made contact with them.

As I sucked on her tits, she started pressing her pussy harder against my cock, and started grinding more. She gradually increased grinding her pussy into me until after just a few minutes she was moving her hips pretty hard against me. I could feel the inside of my pants actually getting wet from all the pre-cum that was oozing out of my cock.

I squeezed her tits and moved one in a circle against my tongue like an ice cream cone.

The room was filled with the sounds of several couples having sex, people were naked and fucking all around us.

She started whispering in my ear. “Your dick feels so good, so hard…”

Her nipple felt good and hard against my tongue.

“As it slides back and forth inside me, making my pussy wetter with every thrust.”

I opened my mouth wide to see if I could suck her whole breast into my mouth. It was a little too big, but it was still worth the try.

“Soon your cock is going to be covered in my pussy cream,” she breathed into my ear.

I should have taken that as a warning. But, you know, shit happens.

With my head cradled close in her arms and her sweet tits in my mouth, she kissed me right next to my ear and continued whispering.

“I’m going to cum so hard on your cock, it’s going to happen all at once without warning, from that place deep inside me where the tip of you cock is making me feel so good.”

I was sucking her breast pretty deep inside my mouth.

“My pussy is so good at milking every last drop of cum from a hard penis like yours.”

I wanted to find out whether I could milk her tits.

Then she took her breast out of my mouth and started kissing me hard. While we were lip locked we rolled around on the couch. She wrestled me playfully until I was lying down with her sitting on top of me.

As I lay there, I felt a little dizzy. I thought it was just the alcohol. But then I realized she was moving her hips in a rather sexual manner directly over my head. She slowly moved them back and forth, then around in a circle.

I could see up the legs of her shorts as she rolled her hips around above me. I got to see a couple sweet little glimpses, and could easily tell that she wasn’t wearing underwear, and that she had a nice bush. And she did have nice legs and a nice ass.
“You can put your hands inside my shorts if you want,” Traci said to me. I realized that didn’t break our rule, so I didn’t hesitate to get my hands on those hot legs. I gently rubbed my hands up her legs, quickly under her shorts. I squeezed her hot smooth thighs first on the back just under her ass, then I moved my hands around and squeezed her sexy inner thighs right below her pussy. Whenever I looked up at her face she was always looking down at me with a confident gaze in her eyes that said she was going to milk every last drop out of my balls whether I understood it or not, even if it took all night.

I didn’t concern myself with that. I knew she wanted more, and she wasn’t going to get it. But at the same time I wasn’t going to turn down some harmless, fun foreplay with a nice healthy young woman.

I kept rubbing and squeezing the front and back and sides of her thighs. I didn’t touch her pussy but was right next to it and felt her hot pussy hair tickling my hands. I started grabbing more and more of her ass. Her ass was a great firm round handful. I worked my fingers into her hot moist ass crack, I even slipped a finger just inside her sexy hole. “Keep going,” she purred quietly to me. So I pushed my finger deep in her ass and slowly finger fucked her as I kneaded her cheeks. I opted to disregard the fact that this would probably not be considered “harmless foreplay” by my boss, as I buried my entire finger inside her tight ass, pulled it most of the way out, and drove it all the way back in, over and over again.

When I was sure she wasn’t hiding a little pot of gold anywhere up her ass, I finally pulled my finger out. I started rubbing my thumbs over her pussy. Just under her bush I could feel a pair of hot and ready pussy lips. “Yeah, tease my pussy like that, tease me and make me want to fuck you,” she murmured. “Get me ready so that my juice drips onto your tongue, so that I can’t resist when you flip me over and slide your dick deep inside me.” I thought it was just pillow talk.

She started spreading her legs wiser over me, lowering her crotch closer to my face. Her shorts brushed against my head. The crotch of her shorts was draped over my nose, and she pushed a pillow under my head.

Bringing my head up with the pillow and her crotch down, her shorts covered my face, and then I felt her pussy bumping against my mouth and nose under her shorts. My nose told me she was very ready. She started dry humping my face, moving her pussy back and forth slowly, dragging her pussy up and down my face under the shorts. She went over my nose, slowly enough that my nose was wedged breifly in her swollen cameltoe, then all the way over my forehead and then back down. She made sure to press her cameltoe gently against my lips for a moment. I caught on quickly and started moving my face up against her. So she grinded into me a bit more and rolled her buns against me too. She moved off of me briefly and asked, “Do you like what I’m doing to you?” I said “Yes.” “Do you want me to keep going?” “Yes,” I replied again.

She went back to it, pressing into me harder. Her legs and ass and pussy were surrounding my face and I couldn’t really breath. When I did get the occasional breath it was filled directly with the scent of her arousal. I was working her shorts as far as I could into her cameltoe and ass cheeks with my face, and my hand grabbing her ass, as she slowly thrust her pelvis back and forth over my face, or wiggled her ass helping me work my face in deeper between her pussy lips and ass crack.

“How about just a little sneak peek?” She murmured almost too quiet for me to hear. She started pushing the top of her shorts down. Slowly the top of her pussy was exposed, and then her lips, until her whole pussy was naked right in front of my face. “Take a taste,” she said quietly. She spread her pussy wide open with her fingers, and brought it to my mouth. I quickly slipped my tongue into her pussy and her lips pressed against mine. She pushed her shorts further down below her ass. She gently pressed herself deeper into my mouth letting me get a good deep taste. She put her hands under my head and held me to her.

She rode my mouth for several minutes, holding my head firmly in place and thrusting her pussy against my face just how she wanted, as I stuck out my tongue or sucked her clit, or let her smear her juices all over my face.

She laid down on top of me again to kiss me. She started kissing my face all over, and told me that my whole face smelled and tasted like pussy. This was while she reached her hand down into my pants and wrapped it around my cock. While we were making out she loosened my pants. I felt the tickle of her bush against my dick. Then the tender feel of soft and ready pussy lips sliding against my dick. Then she easily popped me into her pussy and all the way down to my balls before I could even think about staying out.

She gave my boner a few badly needed strokes with her pussy while continuing to make out with me. Then she sat up and rolled her ass over me in a sexy rhythm like a professional cowgirl. She was working my dick real nice inside her pussy, there was no way I could stop her now.

I told her to lie back. I pulled off my pants and then eased my dick into her steamy bush and I continued fucking her with the same steady rhythm that she had used on me, working her pussy into a creamy froth.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Oh you do know how to use your equipment!” she moaned lustily. She closed her eyes and relaxed and enjoyed what I was doing, her pussy clamped perfectly against my shaft as I pumped her in at a medium pace, then out slowly, many times over.

Then I took her hand and gently urged her into a kneeling position leaning against the back of the couch, as I got behind her. I slid in and fucked her just slightly faster, as we watched the other couples around the room fucking or having oral sex in a variety of positions. I felt pussy juice soaking my dick and trickling onto my balls. I pressed her hard against the couch, her firm buns squashed against me just above my dick, my dick going deep into her pussy. Each of her tits was in each of my hands the whole time we were in this position. I gently squeezed them, both at the same time, then put my hand against them and rubbed in circles, or wrapped my hand around them and rolled her nipples between my thumb and fingers.

She wanted to ride me some more, so I lay back down and she spread her legs out over me with my dick up her pussy, and she erotically moved over me, not up and down but more forward and back. It was very relaxing. Then she moved forward with her pussy over my mouth briefly so that I could taste juice dripping from her pussy.

Then I got her into the doggy style position with her ass in the air and fucked her hard. She had an orgasm then, her pussy squeezing my cock like mad, her cum dripping from my balls. We changed positions until she had another orgasm, and did that 4 times altogether, a different position for each orgasm.

Finally she said that she hadn’t sucked my dick yet. So I sat on the couch with her between my legs. She sucked my dick for over an hour. She kept me close to cumming the whole time, I was impressed by how she was able to get me close to orgasm and then could tell when to ease up even though this was the first time we had fucked. She wrapped her lips around my cock and brought my dick into the back of her mouth, and kept her tongue sliding against me, bobbing until I got close to cumming. Then she wrapped her hand around my shaft and licked or sucked on my balls, and would run her tongue up and down and all over my dick. Then she would bob on me again until I was close to cumming again. He wet mouth was a nonstop slice of heaven.

Half way through, another guy came up behind her and started fucking her. She even had I think two orgasms, and it’s like it didn’t even phase her or distract her, she kept sucking my dick like a pro.

As the other women in the room were having cum unloaded down their throats, on their backs or on their tits, she kept sucking me, gradually increasing the pace. As I got close to cumming, she kept going, bobbing her head and molesting my dick hard with her mouth as I came hard, and shot string after string of my cum down her throat. My dick was really sensitive but I just let her keep bobbing on it, until it finally went soft. Then I stopped her, as she continued to suck my floppy wang in and out of her mouth. We were kind of sweaty but I had her sit on my lap and we kissed for a bit as we waited for there to be more space in the shower. Then in the shower I sucked the shapely melons of some other woman who had a nice body. Then I thanked my new lover and went home.

The next day I got a call from my boss. “Hey Brian, my daughter was a little disappointed when I told her you had a girlfriend.” I responded, “Well I’m sorry to hear that.” After a brief silence he continued, “Why didn’t you tell her?” “Well why would I do that?” “My daughter Traci invited you to a party, she wanted someone she could fuck on a regular basis.” “I tried to tell her that I wasn’t available…” He interrupted laughing, obviously he was amusing himself greatly. “Will you be able to put in a new sink for me by Tuesday?” I told him yes and we said goodbye. I did fuck his daughter on a few more occasions at the great parties that her friends had, and I brought my girlfriend along.

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