Michelle’s Story – Ch1

Author: Dawn1958


By Dawn1958
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I receive many requests from loyal readers to do stories for them but it takes me weeks to do a story properly. After receiving this request from Michelle, I decided to try doing a real short story for her and see if it comes off okay. See what you think.

Michelle’s Story – Chapter 1

Michelle looked forward to the upcoming trip with great anticipation. She never traveled with her husband when he went abroad, but this time it seemed safe. Rodney worked for a government agency and a lot of his work involved negotiating with foreign governments. He often put in an American presence so the world would know America was helping third world countries. Rodney was slated to supervise state run elections in one of South Africa’s neighboring countries, but he decided to setup his home base in Cape Town.

This was the perfect opportunity for Michelle to go with Rodney. She had never been to Africa and the country of South Africa seemed like the perfect place for a vacation. She decided it was best to stay in Cape Town when Rodney ventured outside the country to carry out his international assigned duties. There was only one scary event to endure, but she overlooked the possibility of anything bad happening before their flight landed in Cape Town.

Their plane was scheduled to make a short stopover in the neighboring country where Rodney would be working. Rodney was obliged to meet with some of the ruling government’s politicians to finalize his agenda so the stopover was planned ahead of time. The country was conducting state run elections and an international committee had assigned Rodney to supervise the voting in the country’s capital city. Everything seemed okay to Michelle and Rodney, as they would not be required to leave the airport during the stopover.

The preliminary meeting was scheduled between Rodney and the government’s military officer in-charge of election security. The two were to make all security arrangements for the upcoming visit to ensure Rodney’s safety when he visited all the voting stations. Rodney assured Michelle that she had nothing to worry about so she became fairly confident the short stopover was safe. ‘After all,’ she reasoned, ‘what can happen in a public domain like an airport?’

When the couple departed on the Africa trip, Michelle was excited. The plane landed at the airport where Rodney’s meeting was to be held and Michelle took her husband’s hand when they deplaned. They chatted while walking to the small terminal and everything seemed very normal. Once inside the brightly lit building, each was directed to a separate line to go through a security check. All the security guards were dressed in military uniforms; obviously that of the country’s ruling junta.

Michelle thought it seemed like a silly formality for the couple to go through security. She wondered why they would have to be checked when Rodney was there merely to attend a meeting, which was to be held in the airport. They each took their place at the end of a line but luckily the lines were very short. Only about a dozen people got off the plane and the screening process moved very quickly.

All the guards were tall, extremely well built and very black. When Rodney reached the two guards at his screening station, he was immediately asked to put his briefcase on the x-ray conveyer belt. In typical airport screening fashion, he had to take everything out of his pockets and place his belongings in a container so it all could go through the x-ray machine. Suddenly one guard talked fast and with a concerned tone when Rodney’s belongings went through the detector. He even pointed at Rodney’s briefcase, as if there was something wrong.

Michelle shuddered when one of the guards in her line guided her to the proper position near the screening table. The man used a tight grip on her elbow and she had the feeling he did it for a reason. “Put coat and bag on table… nothing in pockets,” the guard said. She looked at the guard and noticed how he looked her up and down, which gave her a creepy feeling. With a shrug of her shoulders, she obeyed the man putting everything she was carrying on the conveyer belt so it could go through screening.

There was an older lady in front of Michelle and she went through the walk-through metal detectors very quickly. Michelle was happy that the process was quick and easy. That was until she stepped between the archway of the screening detector. It started beeping like crazy and she really didn’t understand how that could be. Everything except her clothing was on the conveyer belt so there should have been nothing to set off a metal detector.

The guard grinned widely when the gorgeous white woman stepped through the screeching detector. “Lady… over here. You come here. I do check… for beeping,” he said in very good English for anyone in his country. Michelle never saw his thumb moving and covertly pressing a secret button on the hand wand. He wiped the wand up and down her body while actually rubbing against her body with the hand detector. Every time he innocently pressed the stick against her chest or on her legs, Michelle flinched looking at the man trying her best to give him the meanest look.

He grinned at her while acting in an extremely confident manner. “You have something… you hide something?”

Michelle shook her head vehemently. Suddenly a small commotion broke out in the line her husband was in. Everyone’s attention was diverted to two of the big, burly guards physically handcuffing Rodney even though he struggled madly. She stared at her husband when he was led away to an interrogation room with another guard carrying his open briefcase. Michelle almost fainted when she saw some small white, plastic packets openly displayed in the case.

The guard using the wand on Michelle suddenly got her attention. “Husband get caught. He smuggle drugs… white powder into country… he big trouble,” the man whispered making Michelle cry out to Rodney.

Rodney heard his wife shout and he tried to calm her down. “Don’t worry, Honey! Someone must have planted it. On the plane… someone must have planted drugs in my briefcase.”

Michelle watched her husband, as he was led into an adjourning room. The door slammed shut. Her last vision was Rodney being shoved hard so that he fell into a chair and there was a guard standing on each side of him.

Before Michelle had a chance to move, a guard put his big, strong hand on her arm. She was led across the large waiting area to another interrogation room and a second guard took her other arm. She felt dwarfed between two big men. The door opened and all she saw was a big desk with a royally dressed man in uniform sitting behind it. Michelle faced the rugged man who stared at her with the most demoralizing glare. Her heart beat so fast that she was positive her chest was going to explode.

The man didn’t say a word, but merely held the stare for an eternity. He was the obvious leader of the guards and gave off an aura of power and control. “Come in. Please sit. Sit down… we go over options. Maybe… maybe you can save your husband,” he said with his voice steady and confident. “You do want to save your husband… don’t you?”

Sarge looked at the frightened woman seeing a gorgeous white woman who emitted a most desirable sexual ambiance. It had taken much conniving and scheming, but he eventually set up the meeting with Rodney for one purpose. Sarge had assured the president of the country’s corrupt junta that he could influence Rodney’s report about the upcoming election. They needed Rodney’s certification that everything about the election was on the up and up, and Sarge’s fake drug bust would ensure they got a favorable report.

Suddenly his plan was not only working perfectly, it was working even better than he ever imagined. Standing in sheer shock and disbelieve in front of him was a golden goddess; a golden goddess to do with as he pleased. His threat to throw her husband in jail for a long, long time was the perfect blackmail to gain control over Michelle. Sarge loved fucking white women, especially the ones who had no choice but to fall under his devious control.

He looked at Michelle noticing the succulent soft curves of her hips and how her legs stretched long and slender. His eyes paused on her chest, which was heaving like mad. He could hardly wait to see her breasts knowing they were ripe and luscious. Michelle was one refined, well-dressed woman, he deduced. Sarge had fucked many white women, but never one as beautiful and his charcoal cock stirred when he contemplated the prospect.

Some people in Western society may call his rape and seduction of innocent women wrong and disgusting. Sarge thought and acted like most men in his country. Men in his third world country were considered supreme and Sarge believed he could do anything without repercussions. He had everything going for himself. He was the head military officer in charge of not only airport security, but also security in the country’s capital city. If all went as planned, soon he would be in charge of all security forces in the county.

Sarge’s obsession for sex with white women began when he visited American. He went there to visit some of his countrymen who had moved to New York and they bragged to him about how some white women loved fucking black men. They told Sarge that it was a taboo that some women found too enticing to resist. From then on, all Sarge dreamed about was screwing prominent white women of foreign dignitaries who visited his country.

Being in charge of airport security, it afforded Sarge the perfect opportunity to screen women so he could pick the ones he most desired. Sarge took his job, as head of security, very seriously, and he viewed the escapades with white visitors as merely a perk of his job. Many of the women he approached started out horrified, even hating him, but that changed after he gained control over them.

Sarge was a master at knowing how to coerce and blackmail a woman until she was completely under his control. He knew how to get a woman fully aroused and loved seeing the looks on their faces when they had sex with their first black man. He treated them like pieces of meat and enjoyed their horrified expressions when he filled them with his Blackman cum. Sarge hoped Michelle was not taking any birth control, as the absolute best scenario was when the woman feared getting pregnant.

Sarge stared at the gorgeous Michelle noting her frightened appearance. “Please… don’t be afraid. I’m here to help you,” he said. Although he smiled at Michelle, she knew he was deadly serious. She felt totally alone with no friends or anyone around to help her out of the growing despair she felt.

The man glared at her without blinking or turning away. “Did you know that smuggling drugs into our country can put a man in jail for life?” Sarge held out his hand indicating that Michelle should sit down. Slowly and on legs that could barely move, Michelle walked to the only chair in front of his desk.

Sarge stared at the shivering woman testing her patience. “But you don’t have to worry… it can all be forgotten,” he whispered, as Michelle shook in fear. “I can forget all about the white powder in your husband’s briefcase…”

He stopped mid sentence making Michelle hold her breath waiting for his demands. She knew it was futile to protest or tell the man that it was a setup. Michelle realized that Sarge was the mastermind and it would do no good to plead with him. All the guards were probably in on the ruse so she waited for the price that she would have to pay for Rodney’s freedom.

“I will forget all about the smuggling… if we fuck. We have sex… and your husband will be set free,” he said with an evil grin. “I have power to free husband.”

Michelle’s heart stopped and she stared wide-eyed at the chief of security. She suspected something dreadful but this was the absolute worst. Michelle imagined that Sarge might want to see her naked or even feel her up. Suddenly she realized the price of freeing Rodney was extremely high. She felt totally lost and a tear came to her eye when she thought of being forced into having sex with the evil bastard.

All of a sudden Sarge stood up. He slowly walked around the desk until he stood directly behind Michelle’s chair. She dared not look at the man and knew he was looking her up and down. Her heart raced madly while she waited for him to say something. Suddenly she could not resist putting her hand on the top button of her blouse ensuring he could not look down her chest. Sarge stood at her shoulder and she felt his prying eyes trying to look at her boobs.

Suddenly his fingers were on her shoulder and Michelle thought she would die. He lightly ran his fingers down her shoulder and then moved to the other shoulder doing the same thing. “Yes… you can make me forget all about what happened,” he whispered, giving her hand a sudden push away from her chest. She sat perfectly still when he grabbed the top button of her blouse and pulled the material away from her chest. He held the blouse open enough to see the wonderful cleavage and the pretty lace trim of her fancy bra.

Michelle dearly wanted to vanish. She trembled, as the man ogled her womanly treasures, but realized she had to say something. “It’s wrong. Rodney would never smuggle anything… certainly not drugs. Please… you have to believe me,” she said, hoping to convince Sarge. “Please… please let us go.”

She realized her pleas sounded stupid but it was all she managed to say. Sarge grinned watching the gorgeous woman squirm in the chair knowing she would eventually be his willing servant. He loved nothing more than to control a white woman and he always made sure that they knew he was their master. “I gave you a choice,” he said, keeping his voice low but very stern sounding. “You know what you have to do! It’s all up to you. But if you don’t want to do it… to save your husband… then go! You’re free to go,” Sarge said with the devilish grin.

Michelle quickly stood up. She wheeled heading for the door in a rush. Suddenly she stopped, frozen to the spot. ‘It was too easy. This evil man wouldn’t try to blackmail her and just let her leave,’ she reasoned. Michelle stood motionless with her hand on the doorknob and she closed her eyes trying to think.

Time seemed to stand still while her imagination ran wild. Michelle imagined Sarge’s control. He threatened to throw her husband in jail, but he would relent if she had sex with him. Michelle could not think of any other way to save Rodney and she dreaded the thought of letting the evil man have his way with her. She stood paralyzed with her hand gripping the door handle.

Michelle’s eyes remained tightly closed. She dreamed that the horrifying ordeal was over and everything had been a hoax. All of a sudden she sensed movement right behind her. Suddenly she felt something hot, like burning breath on the side of her face. She couldn’t look but her imagination pictured the tall, black man standing just beside her. There was no doubt that the imaginary figure was Sarge and he merely stood still waiting for her to make a decision.

Suddenly she felt his arm reach in front of her shivering body. She did not move a muscle when his strong fingers closed on her hand, which was still locked on the door handle. Michelle didn’t dare open her eyes when her hand was tugged off the handle. Her whole body trembled wildly, as she was swiftly turned around, and pushed hard against the door. With her back flat against the door, the dark, imposing figure moved in front of her.

Michelle felt totally helpless. Slowly and almost too afraid, she opened her eyes. Sarge’s face beamed and he seemed to give orders even without speaking. She whimpered and dropped her arms letting them dangle at her sides because that was what she thought he demanded. She merely uttered another pitiful whimper, as Sarge stood inches in front of her bewildered eyes.

Sarge seemed so tall and powerful, and she tilted her head back to look up at him. Her body shivered, as his fingers touched her blouse, and began unbuttoning the front until it fell wide open. She did her utmost to beg with her eyes pleading for him to leave her alone. Michelle did not try to stop Sarge when he grabbed the two bra cups pulling the flimsy material apart until it ripped. Her eyes fluttered and she could barely look down at her suddenly bare chest. Sarge’s big, black hands cupped her boobs pushing them upward, pretending like he was assessing their rare beauty.

Sarge stared at the luscious breasts marveling at their ripe beauty. “We go… my office is very private. We have sex and I’ll forget your husband tried to smuggle drugs,” he whispered, giving Michelle’s swollen nipple a little squeeze. “You wise… smart. Your husband not like prison in my country!”

He didn’t allow Michelle to button her blouse. He merely took her right hand leading her out of the interrogation room. She desperately used her free hand to hold the front of her blouse closed so nobody could see her nudity. Michelle frantically glanced around the room at all the leering faces. Most were black and all had knowing smiles.

Michelle suddenly saw her husband standing by two guards. His arms were handcuffed and he had a pleading look on his frightened face. Her torn bra cups dangled in her armpits but she managed to prevent anyone from seeing her bare flesh. Michelle had to look away from Rodney because she was too embarrassed and she hoped he wouldn’t notice her helter-skelter attire.

Rodney’s mouth gaped open in dismay. One of the guards beside him chuckled and could not resist adding to Rodney’s anguish. “White sluts… all the same. Can’t resist black cock… but you no worry,” the guard told Rodney. “Sarge no hurt… only fuck wife. He black stud… you watch slut climax with big, black cock in belly,” he said letting out a big laugh.

Rodney felt like hitting the man but resisted knowing it would only make matters worse. “Michelle would never do that… never,” he said feeling a sudden wave of doubt flow through his mind. With horror, he watched Sarge and Michelle followed by two large, black guards, Emu and Mosi, walk to the far side of the waiting room.

Sarge pulled the hesitant woman down a long hallway to a big office with large double doors. They entered what appeared to be a richly decorated office for a king. The room was huge with big, stuffed sofas around the largest desk Michelle had ever seen. Sarge waved his hand indicating he wanted her to sit on one of the sofas while he proceeded into an adjourning bathroom.

The two guards knew what their leader wanted. They each grabbed one of Michelle’s arms escorting her to a sofa where she was ordered to wait while Sarge got changed into something more comfortable. She wound up sitting on overly stuffed, sofa cushions and the guards obediently stood at attention waiting for Sarge’s return.

Sarge came out of the bathroom wearing a velvet robe, which was loosely tied at the waist, and he slowly walked towards the frightened woman. Michelle stood up before Sarge reached her. She desperately wanted to run and escape any dreaded affair with such a devious man. Her legs vibrated so viciously that it was very hard to remain standing. She stared up at the big man and into his dark, mystic eyes, which seemed to stop her protests.

When his hand came up and reached for her blouse, she merely stopped breathing. Sarge slowly and purposely took his time unbuttoning the garment enjoying the way her body shivered. He thought it was quite amusing that Michelle had re-buttoned the blouse even though her plight was hopeless.

Once the blouse hung open, Sarge grabbed the loose front, rotating the material over her shoulders until they fell to the floor behind her. The cool air hit her breasts and Michelle knew what that did to her enlarged nipples. She held her breath, as long as possible, but suddenly her chest started to heave.

Sarge swiftly moved his hands so that his fingers brushed both hard nipples. He grinned at the agony etched on Michelle’s pretty face when he skillfully teased her rosebuds without the slightest retaliation. Her arms remained down at her sides and Sarge knew his blackmail had worked magic. He admired the swollen nipples and noticed how her chest heaved every time his daring fingers brushed across the extraordinary buds.

Suddenly filled with the utmost confidence, Sarge went beyond tenderness. “Standstill! Standstill my pet… so Sarge can see what you have to offer. Maybe you aren’t sexy enough to buy freedom for husband.” She tried hard not to move a muscle knowing she must look silly being only half dressed. Her ripped bra still hung down with the empty cups in her armpits. She still wore her skirt and high heels, but it felt like nothing with the man’s hungry eyes devouring her nakedness.

Michelle obeyed even though she knew what was next. She could not remember her legs shaking so badly or being filled with so much fear. Sarge casually ripped the loosened bra from her torso and he threw it against a large mirror, which decorated one wall. He then moved around her shivering body until he stood directly in front of her. Sarge stared into her eyes seeing a helpless woman. “Take off… strip now!”

Involuntarily her hands moved and began the arduous task of complying with his orders. She kept thinking of the dire consequences for Rodney if she did not obey Sarge’s disparaging instructions. It did not take long before Michelle was stripped of her dignity. She stood in front of the man allowing his hungry eyes to devour her luscious nakedness.

Michelle was positive she had passed out. All of a sudden she was in Sarge’s arms and he was carrying her back to the overstuffed sofa. He sort of tossed her onto the sofa and easily guided her into a sitting position with her feet flat on the floor. Without any warning, Sarge stripped the dressing robe from his body and he stood erect right in front of Michelle.

Her eyes bulged when she saw his hardened length of steel, which stood at a 45-degree angle in front of his charcoal hips. It was not so much the color or the fact the penis was hard that shocked Michelle. It was the fact the penis was so large. “No… oh gawd, no… please no,” she moaned hoping for a salvation. “You don’t understand. I am… I just can’t.”

Sarge loved it when his white slaves begged. He liked nothing more than forcing a woman to be extremely dramatic in voicing her fear and trepidation. Sarge imagined himself being totally irresistible and overpowering, which filled him with a rampant confidence. His eyes never left Michelle’s agonizing face that looked more appealing and attractive than ever.

“Now you pay… pay for husband freedom. You suck… and make Sarge happy… or else,” he whispered. Sarge watched her pretty face twist and her expression turn to one of sheer horror. “You be my white whore… now suck!” Sarge moved forward and he bravely waved his enlarged pecker in front of Michelle’s frightened face. All of a sudden he grabbed her head holding it steady while he rubbed his penis all over her flushed cheeks. First one cheek and then the other, making Michelle turn her head trying to avert his demeaning taunting.

Michelle expected him to shove his penis into her mouth so her hand went out to prevent him from ramming it down her throat. She didn’t mean to hold his penis, but it was that, or obey his filthy command.

Sarge was in complete control and he saw no need for foreplay or for prolonging the inevitable. “Blowjob. Suck my cock… now! Or get the hell out of my office.” He could hear soft whimpering sounds coming from her throat when he thrust his hips forward until his bulging cock touched her lips. Michelle’s mouth seemed to open reluctantly, but it felt like heaven to Sarge when her hot mouth engulfed the head of his cock.

Michelle’s dainty hand looked utterly spectacular around his throbbing pecker. She stroked his rod by moving her hand back and forth while keeping the head buried in her steamy mouth. Sarge dearly wanted to fill her mouth with his burning lava, but that was not his objective.

Michelle resigned herself to fulfilling the man’s disgusting wishes. She vowed to suck his cock in hopes it would save her from actually having sex with the blackmailer. When he suddenly pulled his throbbing pecker out of her mouth, she was a little disappointed. Sarge slapped her hands down, as if demanding that she sit still with her arms at her sides. Then he began rubbing his scorching penis all over her flushed face and even down her neck until he poked each boob with his wet prick.

Sarge purposely coated both nipples with pre-cum and then he ordered Michelle onto her back. “You good slut… now you fuck Sarge,” he stated giving her a stern shove backwards. “Lay down like good white slave… and we fuck!”

She knew what was coming. “Please… gawd you can’t. Please, don’t do it,” she pleaded. Michelle thought crying might help so she let the tears flow freely. She sobbed and could hardly speak when she begged Sarge, “You just can’t… I am not taking anything. Oh gawd… no you can’t. I could get pregnant!”

Everything she did merely enraged Sarge making him more aroused than ever. He loved when women begged and loved watching them squirm trying to stay out of his grasp. Michelle was everything he hoped for and hearing her horrifying affirmation that she was fertile was Sarge’s momentous gratification.

The sofas inside his office were designed with one thing in mind. They were oversized and perfectly suitable for his devious plans. Michelle was no match for the African guards. The three worked together with Emu and Mosi each pinning one of Michelle’s arms above her head so that she was confined flat on her back. She kicked and twisted her hips trying to stop Sarge from getting between her legs, but it was hopeless. He easily pushed on the insides of her thighs pushing them wide apart so there was room for his slender hips between her splayed legs.

“Oh no… gawd, not like this… please, oh please,” she moaned feeling utterly helpless. “Oh my gawd… please don’t do it. Please use something so I don’t…”

Sarge loved hearing her beg, but he suddenly cut her off midway through her dire appeal. He chuckled at her pleas knowing his blackmail would keep Michelle on her back, as long as he wanted her there. All the women he blackmailed would do anything to keep their husbands out of prison, even go as far as having sex with him knowing they might get pregnant. He watched Michelle squirm and twist her body trying desperately to keep out of his clutches.

All of a sudden Sarge pressed forward. Sarge shifted his upper body and dropped down over Michelle, stretching out until he could hold her arms fully extended over her head. He grabbed her around the wrists allowing Emu and Mosi to let go of her arms. Sarge’s dark, rugged face was mere inches above her teary eyes and Michelle could see the man was very determined. Her eyes opened so big it made Michelle appear frightened, but even sexier to the three guards.

Michelle’s heart began beating much faster. Doom swiftly closed in on her, as she felt completely vulnerable with Sarge laying prone over her nakedness. The large African lay on top of Michelle threatening to take her at any moment. Sarge purposely let his swollen cock press against her tummy and he pushed his hips downward letting her feel every inch of his throbbing black prick.

Emu and Mosi knew exactly what to do and they each held one of Michelle’s legs out to the side allowing their boss complete freedom. Michelle began to whimper knowing she was at the mercy of the powerful man. She felt Sarge pushing his oversized penis against her midsection, rolling his hips so that it stabbed her in the belly. Michelle’s panic stricken mind fretted over being his prisoner; yet she could think of no way out of the ominous situation. She quickly conceded to the fact Sarge would keep Rodney in jail if she didn’t cooperate.

Sarge lifted his hips. He arched his back enough so that his hard pecker barely touched Michelle and he merely let the head roam over her overheated flesh. Skillfully, he let his hips guide the head over her tummy making sure to graze every spot while leaving a trail of gooey wetness. Then he shifted his torso downward until the head of his pecker slipped between Michelle’s widespread legs letting her know the end was near.

Michelle’s chest heaved and rolled trying frantically to evade the man. Her breathing was so ragged it seemed she was losing control. Sarge threatened to invade her inner domain, but then he pulled back giving her a temporary reprieve. He grinned feeling her body shudder every time he let his penis graze her unprotected opening. It was music to his ears hearing the loud gasps of maddening distress when he teased her.

All of a sudden Sarge accidentally pushed a little too hard. Suddenly the entire head of his enlarged penis got soaked with burning juices. He planned to pull back and continue the intense teasing, but the heat was overwhelming. Michelle’s cunt was extremely tight and it was so hot that Sarge’s chest filled with cavernous desire. He thrust his hips feeling even more intense desire for the quivering woman.

Suddenly he couldn’t stop his powerful hips. Sarge drove downwards like a beast. Michelle wanted to scream; yet she couldn’t because her breathing had stopped. She felt the thick meat invade her most private haven knowing it was wrong, but still she was unable to fight. The wide head sliced through her cervix with an ease so surprising that Michelle felt completely bewildered. Instead of it being the most humiliating and degrading event of her life, it seemed surreal and her body felt totally alive.

She could not remember holding her breath for such a long time. Michelle kept waiting for the expected pain, but all she felt was the most concentrated sensations, which increased her heartbeat to an unbearable rate. Her chest pounded sending blood rushing throughout her entire body and her temperature rose skyward giving her a fully flushed appearance.

The big, black man was buried to the hilt and the inferno was making his balls swell with buckets of cum. “Now you will have orgasm… show husband what a white whore you are. Feel my black rod in your belly… and cum… cum like a slut,” he whispered.

Michelle was confused. ‘What the hell did he mean? How could Rodney know what was going on,’ she wondered?

“But you said sex… not this. No… Rodney must never know,” she said feeling more desperate with each passing second. “No… I won’t. Go ahead and have me, you bastard… but I won’t do that. Never!”

It was this precise time Sarge waited for with every white woman he blackmailed. The time he became their ultimate master. The time he forced them to climax while their husbands looked on.

He sensed Michelle was on the brink. He rammed his thick cock in and out a few times before grabbing her roughly by the hair. He reached forward jerking her head sideways. “See… see the mirror? Well your husband is behind that glass… watching. He is going to see orgasm… see you cum on my cock,” Sarge whispered, holding her head pointed at the two-way mirror. “There is only one way to free your husband!”

His words hung in the air like morning dew. Michelle realized that she not only had to have sex with the disgusting man, but she also had to make him happy.

Sarge let her head drop onto the leather sofa. He reached for her titties grabbing the nipples and squeezing hard. He pulled outward stretching the elastic buds beyond tolerable limits. “Don’t you want to save your husband? There is only one way!”

She stared into the dark, stern eyes. The dilemma was profound. Suddenly his lips were moving again. “I will wait… wait for orgasm. Then I will fill your white cunt with black chizz,” he whispered bringing an end to her futile struggle. “Fill belly with African cum.”

Michelle was delirious and quickly overcome thinking she was doing the right thing. How her hand reached between the sweaty bodies was a mystery. Michelle’s fingers slipped down her chest tracing a path across the soft under swell of her boobs to her tummy, which was quivering madly. Her hand seemed to belong to a stranger who moved her fingers with a passionate fervor over her heated flesh. She squirmed wildly seemingly trying to evade the self-gratifying caresses, but there was no escape.

The most profound moment of truth shocked Michelle back to reality. Her damning hand slipped downward between the two bodies and over the ticklish indent of her bellybutton. Her tummy jumped in reaction to the tender caresses and that was followed by a shocking gasp when her fingers dropped to caress her raised pelvis. Sarge realized what was happening and he arched his back raising his upper torso above Michelle. He stared at the reflection of naked bodies in the big two-way mirror with a feeling of immense pride and satisfaction.

Michelle was utterly astounded by her brazen immorality when her skilled fingers dipped into the valley of desire. She separated the puffy labia to expose her throbbing control button and it made her blush with immense shame. When she pinched the throbbing clitoris, her heart almost came out of her chest. She could feel the thick, black meat stretching her honey-hole and she did the unthinkable. Her fingers rolled the tiny clit back and forth so vigorously that her hips rocked out of control. It was the most humiliating event of her life, but Michelle reasoned it was the only way to save her husband.

Rodney stared at the utterly raunchy scene. His wife was always overly dramatic when she climaxed and it was very apparent Michelle was in the midst of an earth-shattering orgasm. Her face was contorted with profound lust. Her fingers were moving so fast he could only imagine what it did to her precious clitoris. His faithful wife was creaming with a big, black penis buried deep inside her womanhood.

Sarge was a master of deception. He arched his back and slapped Michelle’s titties making sure to strike her swollen nipples each time. The burning inferno tightened around his enlarged pecker and he used constant pumping to end Michelle’s spectacular downfall. The conquest was beyond Sarge’s expectations and he imagined the husband witnessing his wife’s ultimate demise.

Sarge was at his best when he released his demons. He uttered loud grunting sounds with each powerful thrust, as his lance cut through Michelle’s inner being. Every time he inserted the flared head of his bulging penis into virgin territory, he jettisoned molten lava into the deepest reaches of her womb. Sarge put his dark hands on the sides of her hips pulling hard each time he thrust downward with his hips.

All of a sudden Rodney realized the guard next to him was talking. “She his white whore… she hot bitch. You wait… Enu and Mosi next,” he said making Rodney shudder. “You watch… see wife get fucked by many black cock.”

Rodney was distraught by the revelation. He watched his darling wife’s body squirm and thrust with the African’s cock still embedded in her snatch. There was no doubt she had experienced a violent orgasm matching the one Sarge was going through. As the big man’s hips slowly came to a stop, Rodney’s eyes opened wide in trepidation. The two guards standing next to the sofa were taking off their clothes. It took mere moments until they stood proud and stately beside the unknowing woman.

Michelle thought her turmoil was over. Suddenly she saw a naked man out of the corner of her eye. To make matters worse, the guard fisted his oversized cock making sure it was hard as steel. She watched the foreskin flow back and forth over the bulbous head like a well-oiled machine. A quantity of clear fluid squirted from the slit at the end of the black penis and Michelle realized the blackmail wasn’t finished. These evil blackmailing guards were going to use and abuse her and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

The three guards wanted her to struggle and protest. Sarge encouraged Michelle to fight and he allowed her legs to flail wildly, as she tried to stop Emu from getting between them. Sarge didn’t hold her down or stop her from sitting up. He merely prevented her from getting off the sofa by pushing and prodding her so that she remained spread out on the leather cushions.

Suddenly Sarge ordered Mosi to assist him. Each held one of Michelle’s legs until she was spread wide again allowing Emu complete freedom. The guard rolled onto the sofa and between her splayed legs bringing a scream of protest from the overpowered wife.

Rodney put his hands on the glass pretending that he wanted to help his wife. The guard standing beside him was enjoying the erotic display and he wanted to make the husband suffer. “Not worry… only fuck… not hurt wife,” the guard whispered. They watched, as Emu fisted his pecker, and slapped Michelle’s white flesh all over. First he left a wet trail across Michelle’s flat belly before slapping her raised pelvis.

Sarge was now free to carry out more depraved chastisement. He reached across his desk flicking a switch to allow sound into the secret room so the husband could hear. “Emu see cunt… pretty white cunt,” Emu said, knowing what his boss expected him to do. “Emu stick prick in … fuck white slut.” The guard’s voice shook Rodney to the core. The husband watched in horror, as his wife’s turmoil continued with a second guard mounting her naked body.

Michelle felt the head of the massive pecker spreading her labia wide until he could ravage the puffy clitoris. Emu crushed the tender bud before slipping the wide head inside the hot opening. Amazingly, Michelle felt his cock slide into her cavity without the slightest bit of pain. Sarge had taken care of any required stretching and his semen lubricated her smooth, heated channel.

Instantly the heat of her pussy overwhelmed the big African. He rammed his big cock to the hilt pounding Michelle’s ass deep into the plush cushions. Emu marveled his reward for working with the unscrupulous Sarge. He grinned wide and desperately clung to his last shred of stamina. It sent shivers through the spectators seeing his body covered with sweat, which made his muscles stand out prominently all over his body. He appeared like Zeus, as Rodney watched the powerfully built African ravage his innocent wife.

Emu quickly developed a smooth rhythm with his desire soaring sky-high. Michelle thought he had limited stamina, but she was sorely wrong. The African pumped in and out of her precious honey-hole like a madman enjoying the ride of his life. Emu arched his back and grabbed both of Michelle’s arms holding them stretched out to the sides. He straightened his arms so that his upper body hovered over his precious, white slave, which gave everyone a perfect view of Michelle’s luscious body.

Sarge grinned when he shifted with the intention of getting closer to Michelle. He put his mouth next to her ear and whispered. “You good white ass. Hubby like seeing his wife fuck… fuck big Blackman.” Sarge put his fingers in her hair and yanked so that her head faced the reflective glass. “Husband watch wife fuck… you save his sorry ass when you fuck Emu. You cum … again … and make Sarge happy.”

Michelle’s eyes opened wide when she stared at the uncanny reflections. She stared into the mirror knowing she was looking into Rodney’s eyes. Michelle imagined her husband on the other side of the glass watching her demise, but she didn’t know how to fight the mean, dominant Sarge. She didn’t know how to show Rodney that she was being forced and suddenly realized she couldn’t fool any of the men.

It seemed that every time she acted worried or distraught, she conveyed sheer passion and desire. All of a sudden a spasm shot through her insides, and then another more powerful than the first. She could only imagine what it looked like from the other side of the mirror. Suddenly Sarge nibbled on her ear, which resulted in another spasm so strong it rocked her fragile confidence.

Sarge kept his mouth at her ear. “You very sexy. You like black cock… don’t you?” He kept her face pointed directly at the mirror so she couldn’t hide her despair. “You pay. The price for husband’s freedom is… one more orgasm. You cum or else Sarge fuck ass… fuck ass with his big… black… cock!”

If she could disappear, Michelle would have at that moment. Although she stared at her imaginary husband wanting to fight and struggle with all her might, time stopped for the distraught woman. She could only imagine what it looked like being a captive to the two Africans. Emu hovered over her body with his black cock deep inside her precious opening, as he held her arms fully outstretched to her sides.

Sarge held her head turned directly at the mirror, as he whispered orders in her ear. “You do it… NOW! Do it,” Sarge said a split second before biting down hard. His teeth bit into Michelle’s tender ear bringing about instant pain. She screamed but Sarge merely bit harder. He bit just hard enough to break the skin and her blood was like an intoxicating drug to his crazed mind.

He yelled through his clinched teeth. “That’s it… move cunt… fuck Emu’s black cock. You fuck Emu… put black cock in belly… fuck Emu!”

The pain was gone, but not the screaming agony. Now it was the agony of lust, which quickly robbed her sanity. Sarge had broken her spirit. “No… no, gawd no! Oh gawd, I can’t stop,” Michelle moaned. Sarge bit harder but there was no more pain, only the agony of a woman surrendering her soul. Her voice was loud and shook Rodney to the core. “Fuck… fuck me you bastard. Fuck me with your big cock… so fucking big. Oh gawd, so deep… inside… I can’t stop, I caaaaan’t.”

Her stomach went into convulsion, as she succumbed to the African police officer. Suddenly it didn’t matter anymore. “Oh my gawd… I’m cuuumming… cuuumming,” she yelled at Sarge. Her mind was consumed by pure, unadulterated sex. No love or no tender emotions. There was only pure animal lust.

He twisted her head to keep her face pointed at the mirror. “Tell Sarge what you are.”

She didn’t hesitate. “I’m your white woman… oh gawd… your white whore. Take me you black bastard!” The only thing she cared about was satisfying her raging desire and her body went out of control. Her world consisted of only one thing. Sarge! A big, black cock buried deep inside her womanly being. “Fuck me… fuck me you… you… you cocksucker!”

Sarge wanted her to beg even more and for some profound reason Michelle complied. He thrust his big hand under her thrashing torso, which was driving up at Emu, until he wormed his way to her squirming rear end. Sarge fondled her ass threatening to shove his fingers between her vulnerable butt cheeks, which Michelle desperately tried to squeeze together.

“You cum… or next Sarge will fuck ass. Use big cock on your white ass and show husband… wife is bigger slut.”

What else could she do? Michelle’s gorgeous face was etched with pure agony, which looked exactly like pure ecstasy to Rodney. She was no longer a wife… a mother… an upstanding member of the community. Michelle was a hussy, a jezebel, and a wanton slut who was suddenly filled with profound lust. She couldn’t stop her hips thrusting madly at Emu. She hated the man. There was no love or tenderness. There was nothing but sheer hatred and raging lust.

Her body belonged to an African. Michelle could not fathom any orgasm lasting forever, but she thought the earthquake of desire would never end. The bastard beside her shoved his vulgar finger into the crack of her ass threatening to invade her last sanctuary. Sarge laughed out loud at her desperate measures, as she tried not to succumb to his dastardly demands.

Emu fucked her precious honey-hole like there was no tomorrow. There were three overpowering guards and Michelle was their slave. The intense convulsions consumed every bit of her sanity and she rode the erotic roller coaster at breakneck speed. Her orgasm climbed to the highest peak and she opened her eyes wide realizing how far she had risen. Spasms and quakes erupted in her epicenter, as she teetered on the crest just before letting go.

Sarge had never witnessed such untamed passion. He felt the muscles of Michelle’s butt cheeks tighten knowing she was in the midst of a violent climax. The blackmail had worked to perfection and he was extremely satisfied. Sarge kept up a verbal triad whispering in Michelle’s ear ensuring she was conscious of her husband watching her ultimate demise.

The roller coaster was already on the downward tracks when Emu let go. He arched his back, as much as possible, and then rammed his swollen pecker, balls deep, with a savage thrust of his strong hips. Again and again he drove his hips into her crotch and every time he did, he jettisoned a stream of torrid lava in her deepest regions. The intense heat inflamed her mind with a fiery lust that Michelle had only dreamed about. She didn’t understand how something so wicked and morally wrong could make her lose control?

She lapsed into an unconscious state from utter exhaustion when Emu finished ravaging her body. Sarge let her go and Michelle collapsed on the soft sofa cushions with her eyes closed. How the remaining guard got his pecker into Michelle’s hand was a mystery. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes to Mosi’s enlarged manhood, which was moving back and forth through her small fists. Somehow Michelle was forced into a seated position with Mosi standing at the edge of the sofa right in front of her. She had both of her hands on his cock and her fingers were tightly wrapped around the thick shaft. The cock was so hard that she could feel the blood surging through the swollen veins, which sent a shiver through her whole body.

Michelle would forever ask why she did it? She aimed the bulbous head at her chest expecting Mosi to climax. Michelle was not disappointed when Mosi spewed cum like a raging gusher. Her eyes grew bigger watching the thick, white jets of cum shot all over her boobs. It was like a lust-consuming dream when she fisted Mosi’s cock with perfect fluidity. She aimed the white cream flying from the dark, black penis so that it landed on her titties until each was coated with running streams of African cum.

Michelle wondered if the man had an endless reservoir. Every time she pumped Mosi’s throbbing cock, he shot more cum at her. Nearing what she reasoned had to be the end of his orgasm, Michelle was positive someone’s hand pushed her head forward. All of a sudden the pulsating cock touched her lips, and then pushed between them. Michelle fully realized it would be easy for her to jerk the spewing cock to the side and out of her mouth, but she didn’t do it. Suddenly she felt her mouth filled with cum just before swallowing. Michelle deemed it was either cooperate or suffocate. She willingly drank the African cum acting more like an obedient white slave than a refined woman of the Western world.

All Michelle worried about was trying to explain things to Rodney. She reasoned that her actions during the traumatizing ordeal surely would have upset him. Rodney watched Sarge and his two cohorts slowly gather around his naked wife. They forced Michelle to her feet so that she stood in the middle of the three guards. She appeared almost like a white goddess to Sarge and he vowed to force her husband to bring Michelle when he returned on Monday for the scheduled vote monitoring. With that in mind, he planned one more humiliation before setting the couple free. Sarge peered directly into the mirror and he motioned at his two subordinate guards who were in the room with Rodney.

Rodney didn’t know what to think when he saw Sarge waving into the glass. It didn’t take him long to understand that his mortifying affair was not over. All of a sudden the two guards who were guarding him left the room and Rodney’s eyes opened in horror when they suddenly appeared in Sarge’s office prison. It took a blink of an eye before the two guards were stripped naked and then Sarge shoved his hostage to the newcomers. Michelle stumbled or tripped, but she didn’t fall as four strong hands caught her. The newcomers easily guided her flailing body over to a sofa where they forced her onto her back.

Rodney wasn’t even conscious that he was alone in the room. He was only aware of his lovely, devoted wife being raped by two more black men. He felt totally helpless watching the dire scene unfold. Michelle struggled; yet she was no match for the two determined lust-ridden men. She appeared like a rag doll when the first guard mounted her. Rodney watched the man rub his big pecker over her lustrous flesh until he was ready. Rodney held his breath when the man put the flared head of his black rod at the entrance to the pearly gates. He didn’t start breathing again until the man was in full rhythm driving his massive cock in and out of his wife’s precious hole.

There was nothing he could do so Rodney merely watched. The guard was overly dramatic when he finally reached the end of his long-lasting stamina. Rodney watched him empty his load of African cum into his wife who had ceased fighting the man. Rodney was more amazed than shocked at his own response. His hand was on his crotch feeling something that should not be happening under such dire circumstances.

Rodney’s cock was harder than ever and he realized Michelle’s turmoil had one more chapter before it was over. The last guard stood beside the copulating pair stroking his enlarged cock. It was obvious he was waiting for his turn at the sexy, white goddess.

Rodney had seen enough to drain his stamina. The front of his shorts were getting wetter and wetter. He knew enough not to touch himself, but somehow he lost patience. He rubbed his crotch and made sure to push hard on the head of his cock until he felt it pulsating like mad. Suddenly the last big black man rolled on top of Michelle without any regard for her trodden emotions. Rodney had no idea of the hell his wife would endure when the last guard fucked her.

Sarge moved in close to Michelle until he could whisper in her ear. “Husband almost free man… but… but you have to do one more thing,” he whispered. Sarge wrapped his fingers through her wet, curly hair and turned her head so she could look at her reflection. “He watching… watching to see his slut do it one more time. You will orgasm again… or else husband not free man!”

Tears ran from her eyes, but it appeared like lost passion to onlookers. Michelle cried knowing she had lost every battle to Sarge and now she must surrender one more time. She could see the image of sharply contrasting bodies. Her vivid reflection looked small and overpowered while the man’s looked large and intimidating. The guard could see what was happening with his leader humiliating the woman. He held his hips skyward letting everyone get a good picture show. His big cock hovered barely over the distraught woman.

Rodney’s eyes budged at the sight of the large cock that looked like it would destroy any delicate woman. The guard acted in dramatic slow-motion. He placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of Michelle’s cunt and waited. He gave everyone time to reflect on what was going to happen. When he thrust his powerful hips just enough to sink the head of his cock into the passion pit, it brought a mixture of groans and moans. Michelle uttered the loudest moan, but her eyes never left the mirror. Her husband was beyond the glass and he was going to see her paltry demise even though she knew better.

The heat was more intense than the guard imagined. He gave another thrust sinking more inches of his cock into the fiery hole. Again he paused and all could see there was still space between the black and white bodies. The guard stared into the mirror and suddenly he rammed his hips downward with all his might. All the air came out of Michelle’s lungs, but she did not need air at the precise moment. She held her breath while the guard began pumping his hips up and down in ravaging fashion.

All of a sudden Sarge was demanding again. “Do it… do it to save husband. You make Sarge happy when you have orgasm,” he whispered knowing Rodney was oblivious to his secret taunting. “And I will know if you fake… so you no fake… or husband stay in jail!”

The roller coaster started the rampant voyage again and Michelle jumped onboard. Her emotions rose along with Sarge’s orders and she found it impossible to fight the commanding man. When her hips began thrusting up at the invader, she resigned herself to the fact she was a pawn in black magic. Sarge pulled hard on her hair, but forced her face to stay pointed at the mirror. She was unaware that her legs were splayed and bent with her knees high enough to hug the guard’s hips.

Rodney saw it all. The sight of two animals going through untamed fervor and it was too much for him. He cupped the end of his prick squeezing hard on the throbbing head. Even knowing there would be immense regret for losing control to self-gratification, Rodney soaked his already wet shorts. It was probably the most embarrassing moment of his life and one he vowed to keep secret, if possible.


The aftermath of the orgy lasted for an eternity. The whole affair had far surpassed anything Sarge hoped for and he guaranteed it would not be the last. Once all the guards were dressed in their uniforms, Sarge allowed Michelle freedom to get dressed. Relieved that the ordeal was finally over, she quickly donned her clothes.

When they all exited the office, Sarge gave more orders. “Emu! You take our visitor to waiting room. Mosi! Get husband and bring to my office. We have our meeting… now,” he ordered. “I guess he not smuggle drugs… someone must have planted drugs in briefcase.” Sarge smiled a warm, pleasant smile sending a shiver of doubt through Michelle. As much as she despised the man, Michelle found it hard to hate him when he kept his word. It had been a most dreadful tormenting; yet at least they were both safe.

Mosi followed his boss’s orders and he quickly brought Rodney to his office. “Please come in… sit,” Sarge said, as his hand waved at a chair in front of his extra-large desk. “You lucky… not want to spend time in my jail. It not good for white man.”

Rodney readily agreed and he stared at Sarge trying hard not to convey too much hatred. He was filled with great apprehension thinking about how he would get even. Rodney vowed to file a complaint with the international committee about the treatment he and Michelle endured while with the unscrupulous Security officer. He desperately wanted to get out of the country and get his wife away from the evil man’s clutches.

The two men sat quietly for a brief moment, and then Sarge spoke. “Now we arrange your visit for election. On Monday… voting start at 9:00. I take you to voting stations…. you see all procedures done right.”

Rodney listened and tried hard to concentrate on what Sarge was saying. He felt sort of intimidated sitting across from the powerful head of security while Mosi remained standing near the door. Mosi was an imposing figure dressed in full uniform, which included a firearm strapped to his side, and it appeared to Rodney like the guard was actually blocking the exit.

Sarge and Rodney discussed how they would conduct voting day and the days after the election. The international committee had scheduled Rodney to be in the country for five to six days depending on the outcome of the voting. He was the international delegate assigned to the capital city, but he also had to visit some of the outlying areas. It was his job to ensure all voting procedures were carried out properly and according to international protocol.

All the details were worked out fairly quickly between the two men. Rodney was extremely relieved when it was time to leave, but he got the shock of his life when he stood up. He watched Sarge lean to his right and flick the intercom button. “Emu! Take our beautiful guest to my palace. My wife… is expecting a guest and will take care of her,” Sarge said holding Rodney’s stare daring the man to do something.

Sarge let go of the intercom button and spoke directly to a shivering Rodney. “No need for you to go to Cape Town. I have plenty of room at my house for your wife. You can stay in the luxury suite at the best hotel in the city.” Sarge wanted to make his point so that Rodney understood how hopeless his situation had become. “I have recorded everything… everything you watched,” Sarge whispered while waving a DVD case in front of Rodney’s bewildered eyes.

“Daaa… what?” Rodney was too stunned to say much and he stared at the man.

“The international committee would not think kindly of your wife taking advantage of our hospitality. After all… you are a trusted representative. You come from a civilized country… and come to our uncivilized city taking advantage of our trust?” He spoke with a questioning tone challenging Rodney to defy his demands.

Rodney’s legs almost gave out. He wondered how he could refuse the man’s request without putting himself or Michelle in more jeopardy? Rodney pondered opposing Sarge’s demands. Suddenly he sighed, resigning himself to the fact Sarge had won. All the arguments he thought of seemed senseless. If indeed the DVD contained all the sexually explicit particulars that happened during the interrogation, nobody would believe Michelle was not a willing participant. There were times he even believed his wife acted overly enthusiastic with Sarge and his security guards.

Rodney surprised himself when he spoke. Even though his plight seemed futile, he gave one last try for a salvation. “I… I,” Rodney stuttered not sure how to tell Sarge that his wife had other plans. “I’m really sorry… but Michelle has plans to do some sightseeing. She has already made arrangements to travel all around Cape Town on a tour.”

“What are plans… but arrangements to be broken? She will be safe at my residence. You not worry… besides, Emu is already taking her there,” Sarge said with a most confident smile on his dark, rugged face. Sarge waved the DVD case again when he spoke. “Who will people believe?”

He couldn’t resist taunting his guest. “All that went on in office this afternoon… has been recorded. I have evidence of your wife seducing my guards,” he said. “Also… I have evidence of you when you smuggle drugs into my country.”

Rodney felt like yelling at the man to say that his claims were entirely bogus and false. He fully realized the perilous position Sarge had put him in, thereby giving him no choice, but to comply with the frightening demands. Rodney struggled to accept his cruel fate realizing the man was in complete control. He tried not to imagine his precious wife spending the entire weekend in a stranger’s house without anyone around to ensure her safety. Suddenly Rodney wondered if it was her safety that concerned him or was it her purity?

Sarge was relentless. “Not worry. I took the liberty to notify the international committee of your change of plans,” he said handing Rodney a copy of his notification to the committee. Rodney stared at the document having a hard time focusing on the small print.

All of a sudden he noticed the time Sarge sent the notification. In bold, black print was 1530 hours, which meant Sarge had sent the message before their plane even landed in the country. Suddenly Rodney realized the man was fully capable of anything and that Sarge was shrewd and extremely manipulative.

Sarge smiled at his hapless guest, secure in the knowledge that the junta would reward him richly for securing Rodney’s certification that the elections were properly carried out. What Sarge hadn’t expected was Michelle being such an extraordinary woman, which turned out to be a fantastic bonus.

Rodney would never forget Sarge’s parting words. “I never met white woman who fuck like that. Your wife… she squirms on big black cocks, no? She make good Blackman whore.” Sarge leaned forward grinning broadly at the hapless husband. “We not hurt her, just fuck her,” he whispered in a sure, steady voice. “Whore likes big black cock. Whore wants belly full of black cum.” Sarge patted his belly and roared, “Sarge can hardly wait for her belly to swell; Sarge love getting white woman pregnant!”

The hair stood up on the back of Rodney’s head hearing the man laugh out loud. He could not deny what he saw when his wife was with Sarge. There was no doubt in Rodney’s mind that Michelle had climaxed during the seedy affair or that she stopped fighting after an initial struggle.

All of a sudden he was shocked out of his daydream by Sarge’s voice. “You go with Mosi. He take you to hotel. I send car for you tomorrow night… you come my place for dinner.”

The man’s bold statements stunned Rodney. Before he could react or respond to Sarge, Rodney found himself being led outside by Mosi who went directly to a waiting limousine. When the back door opened, the guard commanded Rodney into the backseat with a wave of his hand.

Rodney was distraught with the numerous possibilities of what Michelle would be made to do during the next 24 hours. He would be forced to endure that many hours of misery without knowing what was happening to his lovely wife. Rodney contemplated the possibility of Michelle’s fidelity over the weekend with Sarge in control of her destiny. He slumped into the backseat, dejected and worried by the most vivid visualizations of his wife being manhandled by the domineering African.


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