Slave Leigh

Author: Belle Dimond

I am slave leigh. my Master’s name is dark Hunter. I am allowed to call Him Dark Hunter, Sir or Master.

I was instructed to write this out by my Master and share it with the world. I am to write out:
a) The nature of my relationship with Dark Hunter
b) Why I am the slave of Dark Hunter
c) What I hope to gain from this relationship
and d) What I learn from training sessions with Dark Hunter, citing specific expamples

a) I am the live-in, full-time female slave of the Perfect Man Dark Hunter. I keep Him happy in all ways and He keeps me in line. I serve Him. He trains me. I learn to be a better slave. This is purely consensual and agreeable to both parties. That is the nature of my relationship to my master.

b) I am a slave to Master beacuse I am a slave by nature. I am happiest when pleasing a dominant male, more specifically, I am happiest when pleasing my Master, Dark Hunter. I am not sure why He chose me, but I am so pleased that He did. He treats me well, corrects my bad behavior, and gives me regular training sessions so I can learn to serve Him better in many ways.

c) I hope to become the most I can be; the best slave I can be. I hope I will always be pleasing, pliable and useful to my Master. I hope to gain fulfillment through submission and to honor my Master in every way I can.

d) From training I have learned many things. From the proper way to kneel at His feet to the way He likes His household run to more intimate things. By intimate things, I mean I have learned He desires His slave to be shaved, everywhere including her pussy. He desires a slave who can please a woman orally as well as she can please a man. He desires a slave who can hold off her own desire and need for release until He orders it. It is the training session teaching me not to cum unless ordered that I will specifically cite here:

I was secured to the training table; hands above me, bound together and then to a metal loop on the table. Legs spread wide and shackled to the corners of the table. Blindfold and gag in place. Master does not like to be looked at while training and the gag is to prevent the neighbors from hearing my screams.

The first thing I feel is soft, moist kisses on my breasts. I moan slightly and am slapped on my breasts. I don’t understand this and wonder what I did wrong. He pinches my nipples and rolls them and I moan again, the pleasure of His touch coursing through me. I am again slapped hard on my breasts. This time I remember that this was to be a lesson in self-control, that was all Master would tell me before we began. I immediately understand that Master wants me to control myself; not to moan or react.

He again begins the soft, moist kisses on my breasts and nipples. I resist the urge to moan or sigh or to clench my thighs in an effort to gain some friction in my aching pussy.

Without warning, Master applies a clothespin to my nipple. I jump, but don’t moan. That wasn’t good enough for Him. He removes the clothespin, slaps my breast HARD, and reapplys the clothespin. I don’t move this time, but I have to hold my breath. I am trying not to hyperventilate and just try to breathe easily.

It would be easier on me if my Master would communicate verbally during these sessions, but He knows that the lesson lasts longer if it is taught the hard way.

Soon a second clothespin is applied to my other nipple and I manage to lie still, breathe easy and let the pain/pleasure flow through me. my pussy is so wet by now; Master knows how the clothespins turn me on, that is why He is using them today.

Next, I feel Him planting little butterfly kisses between my breasts, working his way down to my belly and lower. I raise my hips up instinctively to meet His kisses and am met with a slap to my breasts, which stings even more as the clothespin that is attached flails under the slap.

I go limp, wanting to whimper but not daring to! I feel His tongue between my pussy lips now, darting straight to my clit. I lay motionless, trying not to react, but it only makes me hotter. I want to move, I want to moan, I want so badly to cum! When I am so far gone that I think I will have to disobey my master and cum without being ordered to, He stops short. To this I moan loudly and am again slapped, twice this time – once on each breast. I moan loudly and frustratedly to that, for which I am told it’s time to get out the big guns!

I made my Master speak during a trainging session – oh no – this can’t be good. I wait as I hear Him walk across the room and then return a couple of minutes later.

He raises my ass and slips a pillow under it and then I hear Him pull up a chair. I have a feeling this is going to be long and drawn out, whatever it is!

I hear the hum of a vibrator and then feel it pressed against my pussy lips. It tickles as He runs it up one lip and down the other. I force myself not to move or react. Finally, He rests it against my clit; I can feel it vibrate but he applies no pressure, just rests it there, and it drives me insane. I begin bucking my hips in order to increase pressure against it and it is immediately removed.

I hear a jar open and a “moist sound” and the next thing I feel is something against my anus. I feel a steady, slow pressure as my anus is stretched wider and wider and as something is pressed deeper and deeper into me. I feel my anus expanding, almost impossibly, and then feel it suddenly close. He has inserted a butt plug into me.

I can now feel His fingers carressing the wall of my vagina which applies pressure to the butt plug. I can feel the fullness of my ass because of His carressing my pussy. Soon I feel a giant dildo entering my pussy. There is less room for my pussy to expand because of the butt plug in my ass – if it were not for my pussy/anus wall, the dildo and butt plug would be rubbing up against each other.

He worms the dildo deeper and deeper into my pussy. It hurts and stretches me terribly, this must be the big one. As soon as it is in as deep as it will go, He reapplys the vibrator to my clit. Once again He simply rests it there, applying no pressure.

My mind is soaring, my senses are cut off, I have no verbal communication coming in or going out, yet I am more sensitized and alive than I have ever been. I want the friction so badly, but I want to please my Master even more.

That’s when it hits me. This is not about an orgasm for me, it’s about following orders. I lie still, accepting the stimulation for what seems like forever. This must have pleased my Master, because He began applying pressure to the vibrator, increasing the stimulation to my clit.

I ached to grip the dildo with my pussy walls; to pull it further into me. But I just lay there, breathing; feeling with each controlled breath that I was pleasing my Master.

Then He applied even more pressure to the vibrator until it gave me a good, pleasing friction and started working the dildo in and out of my pussy. My breathing became erratic but I maintained control.

I had almost given up when I heard Him say, “Not yet.” And I continued to hold off. I wanted to scream with desire and frustration; the juices poured out of my pussy and I am sure they made the dildo glisten with each stroke.

He then applied even more pressure to the vibrator but worked the dildo even slower, but deeper. my breathing was quick and very shallow now, it was everything I could do not to cum.

It went on like this for at least 5 minutes until finally I was able to live there, right there on the edge. My breathing became controlled and normal again. I longed to cum but knew I could hold out for my Master. I could wait until He gave the order. As soon as this became clear in my head, it was like He picked it up on radar.

“Cum now, Slave.” In those words I heard His approval of the lesson I learned, the reward for my hard work, and an order. I arched my back as much as I could, gripped the dildo with my pussy walls and came hard against the vibrator He weilded in his strong hand. My body shook and my pussy spasmed for a long time afterwards, and He removed the clothespins and gently licked and kissed my nipples.

That was a very hard lesson but a very good one. And now I have offered it up to the world, at my Master’s order, to my humiliation and to my honor. My honor for my Master.

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