Earning Her Stripes II

Author: Dan

Lost in thought, twirling a lock of hair between her fingers, Ariele was startled as the doorbell rang and was preceded by 3 heavy knocks. Not wanting their scening parties to be crashed by outsiders, her Master had devised the secret code, to ensure that such a thing did not happen.

Ariele tuned her ears to the sounds and voices and instantly knew that it was Miss Jackie and her sissy pet Stephen, who was known by the club as dreamy. Miss Jackie took great pleasure in dressing dreamy to the hilt for Master Oberon’s parties, and paraded him around proudly on his leash. Before Ariele’s thoughts turned back to her own uncertain punishment, she wondered how Miss Jackie had her punkin dressed that evening, but was sure that it was well done, over done and that as she made dreamy stand in the center of the room, showing off her handy work, dreamy would eat it all up proudly for his Mistress.

Another ring of the doorbell and three knocks had Ariele tuning her ears again to listen for the familiar voices that she had come to know so well, during the last five months of being her Master’s girl. A few soft barks and she knew that it was Ms Deviant and her whiney pup Jonathan. Ms Deviant was Ariele’s favorite Domme, a leggy, tall and very funny redhead whom seemed to breathe the most creativity into any party she attended. Jonathan would usually be on all fours beside her and after commanding him to piddle on the paper beneath him, she would rub his nose in it and while cropping his ass until he howled would scold him harshly, “bad boy! Bad, bad boy! What did I get myself into? Instead of a pissy puppy like you, I could have had a sweet obedient kitten that wouldn’t have given me half the grief that you do! Bad, bad boy!” After the scolding and cropping, Ms Deviant would lock her pitiful pup in Master’s cage, where he would sulk for the rest of the party, while watching his Mistress join in on other scenes and dole her creative expertise on other submissives and slaves, at the urging of the other Dominants. Indeed, she was Ariele’s favorite Domme.

The house was soon full of familiar voices and as the voices faded, Ariele knew that all had made their way to the sound proof dungeon where they would party the night away, intermingling scenes, hot sex and leaving all Dominants and their slaves spent and very satisfied, as well as leaving some rather messy situations for Rebecca and Ariele to clean up the day afterward. Master Leather’s messes were the worse. His scenes were long, intricate and well controlled, often times with his girl strapped to the horse and he cropping her clit until her pussy literally gushed all over the floor. That was Ariele and Rebecca’s least favorite mess to clean up after, but because Master Oberon commanded them to do it, they did so, showing no distaste for the task at hand.

Before too long, Rebecca entered her Master’s room and taking Ariele by the hand, lead her down the stairs toward the basement door. “Master has summoned for us sister.” Before opening the door to the dungeon, Rebecca pulled some long strands of Ariele’s hair forward, draping them across her shoulders, assuring her that their Master loves her and to be strong for him.

Kneeling at the now open door, Ariele and Rebecca begged entrance into their Master’s dungeon. “Enter”, he beckoned to them. Rising to their feet, both girls made their way to him, flowering again to their knees before him, eyes cast to the floor, hands resting softly upon their slightly parted thighs. With one snap of his fingers, Rebecca placed a kiss upon his hand, and then moved with care, to kneel upon a soft pillow at the left side of his chair. Two snaps cued Ariele to do the same, and she did as her Master commanded.

Worry was causing Ariele to fidget as she glanced about the room. A sharp snap of her Master’s crop to her thigh, made her aware of her posture and restlessness, so she rearranged herself accordingly and sat in proper form.

As dreamy stood in the center of the room, Miss Jackie withdrew her favorite punishing tool, a large wooden hair brush, from her purse, and laid it upon the spanking bench that she had in front of her. As the Dominants Oooooo’d and Ahhhhhh’d over dreamy’s make over, Miss Jackie commanded him to turn around, and he did so proudly, showing off his black micro mini skirt, red latex bustier, white ruffled bobbie socks and red sequined stilettos, which made him a bit wobbly, but he handled them pretty well. Despite his rather heavy make-up, ass length platinum blonde wig and deep red fake nails, dreamy looked better than any slut that Ariele had ever seen, and if she could have, she would have applauded with the rest as he bent over, at Miss Jackie’s command to reveal his red satin thong. “See my punkin’s poor white ass? Looks like I am just going to have to spank it until it’s as red as his pretty little panties”, Miss Jackie sighed, while motioning him with her index finger to return to her presence for a sound spanking. Over the spanking bench, Miss Jackie wailed her punkin’s ass, one cheek at a time, until he was screaming through tear soaked ruby lips for his Mistress to stop. His cries of both pain and pleasure and Miss Jackie pulling him to her lap for consoling, marked the beginning of the night’s events and the gnawing feeling in Ariele’s stomach, told her that it was also the mark of her certain punishment. The dungeon came to life once again with chatter, laughter, commands and the clinks of ice into glasses as slaves moved about the servery preparing refreshments for their Dominants.

Master Oberon tapped his crop on Ariele’s shoulder “Up girl, face me”, he commanded in a stern tone. Heavy hearted, Ariele rose to her feet and turned toward her Master, head bowed, but daring to glance up through wisps of hair at her Master’s face. “You caused your Master great worry girl”, he noted to her, his crop tapping against his leather boot. She throated a soft, “Yes Sir”, as her hands moved nearly unseen behind her back to rest upon her soft round rump. “What do you think your punishment should be Ariele? How do you think I should punish you?” Master Oberon questioned her, getting a feel for her thoughts, getting an idea as to whether she realized the seriousness of her forgetfulness. Ariele thought for a moment and chirped, “Rub lotion on dreamy’s sore butt and make me clean up Master Leather’s mess alone, then send me to bed without being able to party?” As Ms Deviant howled with laughter, Master Oberon raised one eyebrow and swatted Ariele’s hip sharply with his crop, causing her to squeal aloud. “She’s such a challenge, my girl”, he remarked to Ms Deviant, his hand now gently rubbing Ariele’s velvety bottom. “Unfortunately, she hasn’t learned that no matter her answer, it will always be the wrong one”

Tapping a cane that had been tucked into his long leather boot, Master Oberon commented on how perfect and smooth his girl’s bottom was. Ms Deviant agreeing with him remarked, “No stripes yet I see” Shaking his head, Master Oberon sighed, “My girl here found it more important to do what she wanted, instead of obeying her commands and pleasing her Master. Perhaps it’s time that Ariele join the ranks of the trained and obedient by earning her stripes. What do you think Ms Deviant? With your help of course?”

Ms Deviant looked over at the caning desk, then to her pouting pup tucked away in his cage, then back to Master Oberon. “I would be honored to assist Ariele in earning her stripes”; she spoke through a smile, then rose and walked toward the desk. As the room grew quiet, everyone’s focus now on Master Oberon and his slaves, he patted the girl’s bottom with his hand and commanded her to follow Ms Deviant and to obey her every command also. “You are a very lucky girl Ariele, Ms Deviant loves you too. Both she and I will earn your stripes, for there may come a time when I will entrust you to her care. Go now!”

Ariele moved quietly to the desk, aware that all attention was upon her. Ms Deviant tucked the girl’s hair behind her ear, leaning in to whisper, “You are going to be a good kitten aren’t you Ariele?” “Yes Ma’am”, she responded, voice quivering with nervousness. Pressing Ariele’s back, Ms Deviant bent her over the desk, locking her delicate wrists into the cuffs that had been bolted toward the other end. Tapping the insides of her thighs with a crop, Ms Deviant ordered the girl to spread her legs, and after doing so, ran the flat tip of the crop softly up and down the pink slit of her shaved pussy. Lifting the crop to her nose and inhaling the scent of the girl’s sweet flower, Ms Deviant leaned to her ear again, “good girl

Ariele’s legs trembling, ears catching the sound of her Master’s footsteps as he approached the desk, felt tears coming to her eyes. Very aware that others were watching, anticipating, probably looking between her thighs at her very bare and very exposed pussy, Ariele pleaded, “I’m sorry Master. I promise that it will never happen again” At her side, Master Oberon kissed her flush cheek then whispered into her ear, “It’s too late for I’m sorry’s my pet. I love you”

Ariele’s spread thighs made it impossible for her to tense her ass as Master Oberon pulled the cane from his boot and laid it upon her soft round cheeks. She had never felt his cane before, but was soon to feel its pain and held her breath. Master Oberon raised the cane and as it hissed through the air, he brought it down hard against Ariele’s bare ass, and again! “Swishhhhh Whack!!” and again “Swishhhhh Whack!!!!” Ariele, releasing the air from her lungs screamed out, each strike of the cane against her tender ass sending a new flood of pain throughout her body, each stinging strike of the cane causing a new red stripe to form on her bottom’s soft pink skin. “Swishhh Whack!! Swishhh Whack!!! Swhishhh Whack!!!!!” the cane repeatedly, in repetitions of three or four, brought new pain, new stripes and new screaming cries from deep within Ariele’s lungs. Then just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Ariele, bent over the desk, face soaked with tears, sobbed heavily, chest heaving with both sobs of pain and the sadness that she had disappointed her Master. Ms Deviant, laying her green flogger in the small of Ariele’s back, took a ball gag from the table and placed it into the whimpering slave’s mouth. After securing it around her head, she moved to Ariele’s red striped bottom, rubbing it softly, placing soft kisses upon the hot skin. Taking up her flogger again, Ms Deviant deliberately let the soft lips run between Ariele’s thighs, across her now wet pussy and with a hard “SWATTTTTTTTTT!! SWATTTTTTTTTT!!! SWATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!” let the lashes tear into the girl’s already burning ass. Ariele’s screams were muffled by the ball gag held tightly between her teeth, her chest rising and falling in deep gurgling sobs. A few more soft rubs by Ms Deviant’s hands, then “SWATTTTTTTTT!! SWATTTTTTTTT!!!! SWATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! SWATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!” Ariele brought her feet off of the floor, trying to cover her burning ass with her legs, to no avail.

Ms Deviant laying the flogger aside, moved toward Ariele’s face, Master Oberon doing the same. Removing the ball gag from its place in Ariele’s mouth, unleashed loud painful wails that resounded through the dungeon. “I’m sorry Master! I’m sorry!!, I’m sorry!!”, cried Ariele, barely able to see through tear filled eyes. “We know you are”, Master Oberon spoke softly to the girl, as both he and Ms Deviant unclasped her wrists from the cuffs that bound her in place, allowing her to bring her hands down to her painful bottom.

“Your punishment is finished. Now, you will go with Ms Deviant who will tend to you and stay with you through the night” Standing the girl up, Master Oberon held her close, stroking her hair and whispered into her ear, “You are forgiven my pet” “Thank you Master”, Ariele throated a sobbing whisper, pressing her lips to his cheek, bidding him good night.

In the guest room, Ms Deviant rubbed cooling lotion on her bright red ass, kissed the tears from her soaked eyes and cared for Ariele with tenderness and compassion. Laying down and propping herself up with pillows, Ms Deviant ordered the girl to lie across her lap. Ariele hesitated; bottom still burning from her punishment, feared that she was to be spanked again. Ms Deviant chuckled, “C’mere Ariele, I’m not going to spank you, silly girl”, and tapped on her lap.

Ariele did as commanded, whimpered herself softly to sleep as Ms Deviant, gently running her fingertips across the beautiful slave’s freshly striped bottom, fingers slightly brushing the pink shaved lips of the pet’s pussy, found herself wishing that this precocious little kitten was hers.

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