The Mirror

Author: David Williams

She stood in the cold room staring at herself in the mirror. The gray walls were blank cinder block and there was nothing but a sparse pad on the floor. She knew what was too happen, but that didn’t make it easier to wait for it. She stood trembling in the chill wearing only a tiny schoolgirl outfit he had bought for this occasion for her to wear.

She could feel him watching her, could feel his eyes on the other side of the full wall mirror watching and enjoying and waiting. The bare bulb burning overhead gave a stark light to the room, leaving no shadows for beauty effects. She smoothed her skirt out and fidgeted a little.

“Stop fidgeting.” His voice came through the intercom box. She jumped at the sound breaking the silence. “Just stand there and wait.”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

Waiting was so hard. A combination of fear and excitement surged through her. She wanted so much to please him, and it was her fantasy he was giving her, but she was worried she would not be good enough. She worried that she would not please him… or them. She swallowed hard and tried not to fidget.

“You look perfect, baby girl.” His voice was soothing, even with through metallic sound of the intercom box. She smiled and beamed with pride. Knowing she pleased him with her looks made her quiver slightly. “Now, just wait just a little while longer for me…” a long pause. “Such a good girl.” She almost cried . . . she felt like she could float right now, hearing that.

There was a click and jingle sound as keys were inserted into the room’s locked door. The dead bolt shifted and clicked open and the door swung in. They did not recognize her as they came in – four men wearing all black with ski masks hiding their faces. She shuddered, the fear impulse rising up. They walked in and stood behind her and waited. She was trembling.

The silence that followed was deafening. She could hear their breathing, hear her own heart racing, and hear static from the intercom, but nothing else. No words, no movement, and no reassuring voice from beyond the mirror. She wished she could see him in a way, to see if he was smiling. To see his face and…

“Take her.” His words cut her thoughts short.

At his command, the four moved in quickly and grabbed her roughly from behind. She squealed as they grabbed her, her mind suddenly terrified. They did not undress her. They ripped her clothing to reveal her tits and ass and pussy, but didn’t bother with the rest. Two men held her as the other two shredded her clothing sufficiently enough to allow them to grab at her and paw her intimate places with leather-clad hands.

There was no warmth of flesh, only the cool feeling of leather against her skin and then against her pussy lips. One man smeared lubricant over her pussy lips and asshole. She was dripping wet, but this was long lasting stuff, greasy, and would not dry up any time soon. She was almost crying. The thought that she would need to be that well-lubed drove home the reality of what was to happen.

His fingers violated her asshole without any warm fluffy tenderness; he just shoved two into her and lubed her up to be fucked and used. He made sure to get enough around the rim and inside so that she would be easy to enter and then pumped her ass with his fingers to loosen her up. She moaned without thought. The sensation hurt, but as the hands grabbed her tighter, the pain was good. She felt another hand fingering her cunt, rubbing thick lube on the lips and preparing her for use.

She was trembling, hands grabbed at her tits and pulled on the nipples. Laughter and their voices, she didn’t listen to what they said, but knew it was evil, dirty comments about her, about how she was a good piece of ass. She was proud to be that for them…for him.

She felt herself lifted, and squealed again, and then she was quickly put back to her feet. She opened her eyes just in time to see the first man swinging, and felt the slap across her face.

“Shut the fuck up!” He said in an angry tone. Another one laughed and pulled off her shredded panties and balled them up and shoved them into her mouth. They all made comments about her being perfect now, and then she was lifted again by all of them.

Tears trickled down her face as she felt the sting of the slap ripple through her. She knew she deserved it, she had made too much noise. Fuck toys do not make noise unless you want them too. They turned her over and placed her face down on the floor and then pulled her ass up so that she was on her knees with her face pressed to the hard mat.

She watched the mirror and wondered if he was stroking his big hard cock watching her. Wondered if he was smiling at her. . .but she never wondered if he was there. She could feel him watching her. She saw the reflection of the men stripping down, pulling off their pants and underwear and stroking their hard cocks to full length. She shuddered, they were all big men.

The first one grabbed the tube of lubricant and added some to his cock head and smeared it all over. He watched her watching him and laughed, shaking his cock at her until a drop of precum flew off and hit her back. He handed the tube to another man and then knelt down behind her. She felt his hands on her ass as he spread her cheeks wide open and examined her.

“Look at the fuck hole on this bitch!” He said and they all laughed. “And that asshole. . .tell me that hasn’t seen a lot of cock.” They all laughed, and she blushed.

She watched the mirror and tried to see beyond it. Instead, she saw him guide his cock between her spread cheeks. She felt it push against her asshole and then push in hard and brutally. She moaned, but the panties in her mouth muffled it. He didn’t go in gently, he fucked in hard and started fucking her immediately, sliding his big eight inch cock in and out of her slick ass.

“Oh, but it’s good my friends . . . nice sweet asshole,” he said, and they laughed. “Fucking sweet and tight. This bitch doesn’t give up the ass often, I bet.” He smacked her ass cheek hard. “Feel good to be fucked up the ass?” They laughed, and he started fucking her harder.

As he fucked her, the others stroked themselves and watched. His hips were slapping against her ass, and she was wincing from the force of his thrusts, almost falling forward each one, but he held her up. His cock felt so huge in her, felt like it went all the way through her. She closed her eyes to enjoy it, but a sharp smack on the ass made her open them again.

“Watch!” He grunted with ragged breath. “Watch your ass get fucked.” To emphasize the point he slammed into her hard.

She groaned, and the panties drank the noise in, and she was nearly silent. “I think she likes it hard,” one of the other men said, and they all laughed and nodded. “Bitch likes to be ridden for sure,” he said as he pointed to her dripping wet cunt. They all laughed, and the man fucking her reached down and shoved two leather clad fingers into her.

“Oh, yeah. . .she’s a fuck horse for sure . . . built for the ride.” They all laughed at her new name. . .the fuck horse.

The man fucking her began to grunt, and then his thrusts became uneven. He grabbed her hair and yanked her up to stare at the mirror. “Watch your ass get filled!” he yelled, and then she felt his cock exploding in her, a geyser of hot cum pumping into her and filling her up. He groaned and fucked into her several more times, milking the last of his cum from his balls and then he let her hair drop and pulled out.

Standing up, he shook the last of his cum from his cock onto her ass and said, “Next…I’m done with her,” and then stepped away.

The next guy didn’t wait for her to recover. He knelt down, and as she was still rising back up, shoved his cock into her sopping wet pussy and started fucking her. He was at least as big as the last guy, and hammerfucked her right from the start. Grabbing her hair like reins, he just fucked her as hard as he could, his cock slamming in and out of her so fast she could barely breathe. She tried to spit out the panties to get a breath but couldn’t, they had stuffed her mouth too much.

Her tits shook as he slammed her harder and harder. His cock gave her a tiny pain each time it penetrated her all the way, a very good tiny pain. She was screaming into her gag as he began laughing and spanking her ass with his free hand. She was shaking and felt the fire in her pussy explode and knew she was squirting all over him as he just kept fucking her though it, the sensations becoming so intense she was worried she would collapse, but she knew they would hold her up and keep fucking her if she did.

The others were making rude comments and cheering him on as he fucked her. He paused and rose up to a squat position and used his grip in her hair to push her face down to the mat, but kept her facing the mirror. She struggled to keep her eyes open and keep watching as he started fucking down into her pussy.

It felt so deep as he hammered her. She watched intently as his cock slid out each time dripping wet from her. Other hands grabbed at her tits as the last two men had squatted down and were grabbing and playing with her. The sensations were like pure electricity now, so good they hurt as he fucked her. She could see her asshole still spread and gaping from the hard fucking she had just got. Cum still around the rim. She felt another orgasm wash over her when she realized how slutty she looked for him.

The man let go of her hair and another one grabbed it, keeping her in the exact same place and position. The one fucking her grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted her up slightly, slamming her cunt back onto his cock so his fucking drove her into the ground with each thrust. Her orgasm hadn’t stopped, she was just cumming non-stop now as he picked her up and fucked her down again and again.

He growled and fucked into her hard and then ground in her pussy. He was staring right at her face in the reflection as he started to cum. As his cock squirted a stream of hot cum into her, he started to laugh and pushed harder, making his cum squish out and down her legs. He kept chanting “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” as he emptied his balls into her and finally dropped her back onto the mat. Pulling his cock out he squeezed the last of the cum onto her ass cheeks and then stepped away.

She watched herself in the mirror. Transfixed at the site of the cum on her ass, feeling more dripping out of her asshole and pussy. She stayed there trembling for what seemed like an eternity, waiting to be used again. She knew he was watching and proud of her. She was such a good fuck horse. She gave good rides.

The third man stepped behind her and spanked her ass hard to get her attention. He was holding a mirror up and allowing her to see the cum dripping from her and running down her legs. Her cunt gaped open from a big cock fucking it and her ass was just now shrinking back to normal size. She looked so well fucked.

He pulled the mirror away, and she whimpered. A series of five brutally hard spanks cured her of any thought of more noises. She apologized with her eyes and sobbed. He laughed and shoved two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out covered in cum. Sliding up around to her side, he pulled the gag out and shoved his fingers into her mouth and rubbed the cum on her tongue. They all laughed as he put the gag back in and said, “She just wanted a taste, I am sure.” She blushed and winced and stared at her reflection in the mirror.

The third man sat down next to her and stroked his cock hard. He was huge, at least ten inches long. She stared in the mirror and watched the fourth one move behind her and grab her hair to pull her to her feet. She stood on shaky legs and he made her step over and straddle the third man facing the mirror. Pushing her down she went to her knees and his huge cock was positioned against her asshole.

She shook her head no and pleaded with the mirror for release, but got no response. Her lubed asshole was pushed down onto his cock and she screamed as the massive thing penetrated her. She felt like she would rip in two as it stuffed her full and she finally came to rest against the balls. She was crying as her ass became accustomed to the stretch and then, it just relaxed and felt so good. She wanted to start bouncing up and down but they held her in place and leaned her back onto the third mans body.

The fourth man stepped between her legs and squatted down. His hard cock was nearly as big as the one in her asshole. She realized what he was going to do and squirmed, but he grabbed her hair and shook his finger at her. She didn’t want to be slapped again, so she stopped and was very still. Staring down intently at her sloppy pussy, he pressed the head of his fat cock into her hole and pushed in.

She cried out, but the panties ate the sound as he split her in two and penetrated her. She had never felt anything so intense. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move. She just shook and moaned. They gave her a few seconds and then the man in her pussy pulled back slightly. The man in her ass grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up, sliding down his cock and onto the other man’s.

They played toss with her, sliding her back and forth on their cocks. She was spinning, unable to focus really. It was all so much. They both had her now and were sliding her up and down each cock faster and faster. She was so full… stretched more then she ever knew she could be. Another man grabbed her head and made her peer around then at the mirror, and she saw herself and them.

The two huge cocks were spreading her so wide open, cum squished out as they fucked her. She watched as they tossed her back and forth and the cocks positioned in and out of her faster and faster. She screamed and bit the panties hard as her body kept cumming and cumming. Her juices squished out and down her ass cheeks. She felt the entire world spin around her as everything slowly began to turn black and dim.

Her nipples hurt so bad, she was brought back immediately awake. The second man was twisting her nipples and laughing, keeping her from drifting off. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get any breath at all as they fucked her; there was no room left in her for air. She spun, but stayed watching the mirror. Then as both men began to pant and grunt, she knew she was going to be filled… overfilled. She was shaking and felt like she had left her own body.

She felt it distantly as they pumped her full of cum. Hot, sticky blasts that filled her cunt and ass at the same time. Both fucked into her hard to empty themselves. She had to be held up by the first two men as they finished with her. She could no longer stay upright by herself. She felt both cocks going soft in her, and then she was dropped to the side and off the cocks.

She heard them leaving and tried to look u, but couldn’t. She just stared at herself in the mirror, her pussy and ass facing the glass, dripping cum into a puddle under her. She was shaking badly, so cold. The room was so cold now. Her clothing was all ripped, tattered, cum covered. She blinked and saw he was standing behind her now looking down at her. She couldn’t even roll over to see him. She stared at him in the mirror.

He knelt down and placed a blanket over her and she shivered and blinked to say thank you. He smiled at her and brushed her hair back. She came again at his touch. Finally flesh touching. . .not leather. She shuddered and moaned. He reached down and pulled the gag out of her mouth and tossed it away. She gasped and drew a long deep breath.

She looked at his face, and he was smiling at her, watching her in the mirror as well. She smiled . . . or at least tried, and he chuckled and ran his fingers through her hair. She moaned and tried to push her head into his hand harder, but still couldn’t get her body to move. He ran his fingers over her face and she shook and purred at his touch.

“Good girl.” He said and she started to drift off again. “My good lil’ cum slut.” He smiled at her. He was pleased. She smiled and watched him in the mirror and drifted off. He was happy with her, she was a good girl.

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