Shopping Spree

Author: David Williams

“Mmmmm, red silk.” He said such a simple thing, but he said it in a way that made it anything but simple. It was lecherous and dirty, filled with lust and want and hunger. And as he looked at her, she knew all the nasty things he was thinking.

This made shopping a little more challenging than normal. She was blushing bright red, almost unable to talk. His look seemed to be stripping her down right there and baring her for his pleasure. She was almost certain that others would see her naked through his eyes if they looked hard enough.

“You like red, sir?” she asked, trying to keep the tremor out of her voice.
“Mmmhmmm,” he nodded and smiled. “Ruby red…fire engine…mmm,” He picked up a sheer silk teddy with matching thong. “Slut red.” He smiled at her and she blushed, not so much at the words but at her own reaction. Her pussy was instantly wet as he said ‘slut’ and looked at her.
“You like that color, sir?”

“But we need to get matching lipstick for you,” he said, leering at her. Instantly she knew he was imagining his cock sliding between her lips and her sucking his full length down. As his grin broadened, she knew he was imagining making her do it here, in the store, for everyone to see.
“Would you like me in whore red, sir?” she asked in a low voice that she hoped no one else could hear.

“Yes,” he nodded. “Yes, I want you to dress like a slut for me.” He grinned and licked his lips. She knew there were so many evil thoughts running through his head right now, she would most likely blush until she exploded if she knew them all. He walked around the kiosk and stood next to her. “But you’ve got to earn it if you want it,” he whispered.
“Earn, sir?” she asked, suddenly afraid in the most wonderful way.
“Yes, earn.”

She looked at him and gulped and tried to smile bravely, but his smile made her realize that this was going to be a very different shopping trip then she first thought. She nodded to him. “I’ll do whatever you’d like, sir, if you’ll buy this for me, and the slutty lipstick. I want to be your little slut, sir.”

He kissed her and smiled. “I know you will, baby.”
They walked together to the register, her blushing like a virgin the whole time. He kept letting his fingers run over the material that would be over her breasts, playing with the crotch, sliding his fingers all down where her wet pussy would be. And then, after he amused himself with the outfit, he would look at her, and she knew he was touching her in his thoughts, making her cum right here in the store.

The sales girl was a cute little perky brunette who had a habit of talking way too much. She went on and on about the quality of the outfit, how durable the silk really was with proper care and how nice it would look on her. They listened with polite smiles but their thoughts were far away. His hand on her back would flex, digging his fingers into her, grabbing, taking. She was smiling, her own mind wondering what the payment would be.

They took the bag and walked out into the mall, the busy shoppers hurrying around them as they sauntered along. They were in no hurry. She was wondering what was next. He was enjoying teasing her by taking his time. The excitement between them was almost tangible to others passing by. They were definitely up to something.

He led her to a department store and to the makeup counter. The overly ornate sales girl, who had the appearance of someone who had actually used a palette brush to apply her makeup, offered them shade after shade to examine and then expounded upon the beauty of each and the incredible bargain it was. Finally he looked at the sales girl put his fingers to his lips to motion for her to shut up for a second.

“I understand that you are very knowledgeable in the manufacture and design of each shade of lipstick and that she is an earth tone apparently and should wear browns.” The sales girl smiled and nodded. “But what we really want is some very trashy looking slut red lipstick, O.K.?” He waited for her to nod back and then he smiled.

Poor girl was all flustered, she didn’t know how to deal with the brutal honesty he gave her. She pawed through the shades until she had the brightest red, most fuckable looking lipstick they sold. It was perfect. He handed her his credit card and she rang up the order without saying another word.

Taking their bags, they went once again into the mall. She was all aflutter, knowing payment was next, and she couldn’t begin to imagine what he was planning; he kept his smile very casual and wouldn’t give her even a hint. The tease made both of them even hungrier. They were nearly ready to fuck right there in the concourse by the time he finally told her part of his plan.

“See that door over there?” he said, gesturing with his eyes. She looked and followed his line of sight and saw a steel door beside the entrance to a software store. She nodded. “That leads to back delivery alleys that run behind all the stores in the mall. On weekdays they are full of people bringing things in and taking them out but today, on Sunday. . .” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “They’ll be virtually deserted.”

“Virtually?” She asked. He nodded and grinned. “As in, not really, just almost deserted?”
“We probably won’t see anyone back there,” he said and led her to the door.
“Probably?” She started to laugh a nervous laugh. “But what if we do?”
“Then. . . .” He looked at her in the eyes as he opened the door. “We should do our best to make sure they get a great show, shouldn’t we?” Grinning an evil grin, he ushered her into the cinder block hallway.

“Sir, isn’t this sorta risky?” she asked, her voice hushed in the echoing hall.
“Yup,” he answered and led her around a corner to a steel stair case.
“I mean. . .can’t we get arrested for this?”
“Ohhhh ya. That is a definite if we get caught,” he answered her and led her to the stairs and set the bags down.

“Then. . .sir. . .” she fidgeted nervously. “Why are. . . ” He put his finger to her lips to shush her. She looked up and down the hall and up the stairs nervously. There was a door just fifteen feet down the hall and a sign that declared it the back entrance to the software store. She looked at him and saw him grinning from ear to ear. She knew there was no chance in avoiding this now.
“Walk up three stairs,” he told her. She complied and walked up the three steps and turned back to him. He measured the distance, took a good look and decided that was the right height. “good girl. Now . . . strip nude.” She was shocked and started to protest, but his look told her this was not negotiable.

Undoing her blouse, she slipped it off her shoulders and handed it to him. Smiling, he folded it up nicely and set it on the bags. She undid her bra and the cold air in the hall struck her big breasts, sending shivers up her spine. Her nipples were instantly hard from the chill. She smiled and handed him the bra. She was starting to enjoy this.

She undid the buttons on her skirt and then slipped it down and off her legs. Balancing it on a toe, she held it up for him. He smiled and took it and placed that on the pile. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down as well, leaving herself only in heels as she stood there. She turned around and bent to pick up the panties, making sure to give him a great view of her naked ass and pussy. Picking them up slowly, she handed them to him between her legs and smiled.

“Good girl,” he said as he took them and dropped them on the pile of clothing. “Now, swing a leg over the steel railing.” She looked at him questioningly. “Swing a leg over the railing. You are going to hump the stairs for your teddy.” He answered matter-of-factly.
“Umm.” She started to protest.

“This is not a debate. Now put your damn leg over there and grind your pussy on the cold steel until I see cum dripping down it,” he commanded her, and she jumped to it immediately. Swinging her leg over, she began to rub herself on it like a dog humping a pillow.

“Yes, that’s it. Fuck it for me. Show me how much you want to be my little slut. How much do you want the clothing?” He asked her, urging her on as she humped the cold steel. The feel of it against her pussy was amazing, so cold, hard, unyielding. She ground on it and humped it hard enough to shake the entire staircase.

“Good girl,” he said as he stepped up to her and then grabbed her hair. “Now . . . cum for me . . . cover it with your cum. Cum for me!” His voice hard and commanding set her off. She began to shake and bit her lip to keep from screaming. Her legs clenched the steel bar like it was one huge cold cock and she came. Her cum left in a long slippery trail up the railing.

“Dismount,” he said, and she shakily swung her leg back again and stood for him to inspect. “Show me your cunt,” he said and she spread her lips. “No. Turn around, bend over, and show me your cunt,” he ordered. She quickly complied and spread herself wide open for his viewing pleasure.

“You look wet enough. Fingerfuck yourself,” he commanded, and she immediately slipped two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck herself deep. Her cum was squishing out as she frigged herself for him. He smacked her ass hard. “I said fuck yourself, not play with yourself. Now…Fuck yourself!” He smacked her ass again hard.

She began to finger her pussy fast, hard and deep. The sound of it echoed in the hallway and she was sure someone would come to investigate it, but she was beyond caring, really. As she slammed her fingers in and out of her pussy she felt his hands on her ass, thumbs spreading her cheeks so he could see her fingers going all the way in.

“Good. . .now stop.” She stopped instantly, fingers half way inside her pussy. “Good girl. Now get your fingers out of my way.” She pulled them out and immediately felt his hard, big cock slam into her. She hadn’t even heard him undo his fly so it took her by surprise when he thrust into her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto his cock and began to fuck her hard and fast.

She was biting her lip almost to blood to avoid screaming as his nine inches stretched and filled her to the breaking point. He was grunting and sweating as he hammerfucked her harder and harder. She had to hold the railing, slippery with her cum, to keep from falling forward onto the stairs. He growled and pulled her hair viciously as he sank his cock to the balls up into her pussy and growled.

She felt his cum filling her, hot sticky geysers of cum squirting into her. The sensation made her cum immediately; she loved the feeling of his cum in her. She moaned way too loud for the clandestine back alley fuck they were having, but she couldn’t help it. She groaned as he shot blast after blast of cum into her and kept fucking, making it squish out of her and down between her swollen lips.

When he was finally done he pulled out and stepped back. “Lick me clean,” he ordered in a harsh voice, ragged from lack of breath. “suck me clean now.” She squatted down and began to suck his cock and lick it. She licked all his cum off and her cum, making sure every inch of it was totally clean. “Good girl.”

As she cleaned him, she felt his cum dripping out of her pussy. She was trying not to pay attention to that, but the sensation got to her and an aftershock went through her, a tiny little climax feeling his cum oozing out and knowing it was puddling on the floor below her. She finished and he slipped it back into his pants and zipped up.

“Get dressed. You earned the teddy and lipstick. You can be my little slut, baby.” She felt a swell of pride knowing she had earned that, and she stood and began to dress again, putting on her bra and shirt and then taking up her panties. He put out his hand and took them from her. She looked at him questioningly, wondering if she did something wrong. He smiled and kissed her.
As she slid her skirt on he walked up behind her and slid his hand with her panties between her legs and rubbed the soft satin fabric up and down her slit, covering it with cum. “Get the bags,” he ordered as he walked to the door just down the hall. She took up both bags and watched him as he walked up and placed the panties on the doorknob and gave the door one hard knock.

Suddenly terrified they would be caught, she panicked and he started to laugh. They grabbed each others’ hand and walked as fast as they could back to the safety of the mall concourse. When they walked out the door and into the obscuring crowd, they both started to laugh and kiss. People gave them weird looks, but walked around them and went on their way.

He kissed her and whispered in her ear. “You still dripping my cum?”
She nodded.
“Good. We have to go get you some slut heels to go with that outfit.” He smiled and she blushed. Shopping was always such an adventure with him.

Prayer Service

“Get on your knees.” She looked up at him and felt so small. He stood over her, his hair falling like a shroud around his face. He looked almost holy standing there.

She obeyed him without question and got to her knees, her nude body lit only by the candles burning to the side, the shadows enhancing her naturally busty form and making her look warm, almost liquid as she knelt and then looked at him again. He reached out and touched her face, and she allowed herself to drift into that gentlest of touches. As his fingers brushed her skin, she almost felt like she was reaching out of her body to feel him, to feel his caress. She felt her mind drifting as he held her tiny chin in his hands.

“I want you to pray for my soul, baby,” he said and tilted her face to look up at him. “Be my redemption.” She nodded to him and he released her precious little face. Stepping back, he watched her rise up onto her knees and clasp her hands in front of her and begin to pray.
“Bless me, father, for I have sinned… ” She began.

As the words were spoken, he drew a short-falled flogger from behind his back. The leather was rough and stiff. Weighing it in his hands, he waited for her to pause to take a breath and then slashed out with the whip, hard and brutally across her bare back. The sting and burn made her wince and falter but she stayed up and continued the prayer.

“I saw temptation and welcomed it in…”
The flogger slashed across her back again, she felt her skin immediately begin to welt under its brutal kiss. She winced and forced her voice to go on. He stood and waited for her to continue.
“Like Jezebel, I was weak in flesh…”

Again the whip struck her and again she nearly crumpled under its awesome pain. The pain also brought a deeper fire in her, her pussy began to burn with desire as the pain washed through her. She felt the lips, open, wet, the cold air caressing them.

“I took evil to my breast…”
Now the flogger was more than just pain. As the falls slashed across her skin and set it afire, her pussy burned with an equal intensity. She moaned as he struck her again and then a third time in a row. She was shaking from the force and also her own body’s reaction to the extreme pain.

“I suckled it with my soul’s own milk…”
The flogger struck her a half dozen times from the ass to the shoulders. She felt her pussy actually dripping with cum as the blows sent shivers through her.

“Cause I am just a slut in silk…”
He struck her with great figure eight strokes that worked her body hard and lifted her ass cheeks up from the impact. She cried out and came, but kept her stance; never once did she need to unclasp her hands to keep her balance. He was sweating and in a frenzy, his cock hard and bobbing up and down as he struck her again and again, his face set with grim determination.
“I used my flesh to cause the fall of this man…”

The flogger struck again and again. He was panting from the effort. She took it all, almost beyond feeling it now. She endured it for him; she suffered for him. He whipped her until his strength gave out, and then he collapsed next to her on his knees, head bowed.

“So bless me father, I’m going to do it again.”
She unclasped her hands and reached out, taking his cock in her sweet little hands. He moaned and leaned back. Leaning forward, she took his head into her mouth and pumped the shaft of his cock, trying to milk his cum out.

“Oh, God!” he cried out.
She sucked harder and harder, taking half the length of him down her throat, sucking and licking him as she pumped his shaft hard and fast. She wanted his cum, needed it. She pumped him harder, moaning and mewing, begging him without words for his seed. Her tiny face bobbing up and down his cock. He couldn’t hold back.

“Oh God!!!!” He cried out and began to cum. She sucked down what she could and then allowed the rest to splatter on her face and breasts. She kept pumping him until he was drained and his cock was starting to go flaccid.

She caught her breath and then assumed her kneeling pose once more. Hands, covered in cum, clasped before her. Face dripping with cum, breasts glistening with the salty liquid.

He slumped to the floor and she crawled to him and curled up next to him. Bedtime prayers were so good for the soul.

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