The Storyteller

Author: Mr. J

Part one :

They read his stories on the Net. Stories of women being bound and tortured. Stories of women being trained as sex slaves. They enjoyed them. They themselves did not engage in any sexual practices that anyone would consider abnormal. They had never even had anal sex. Indeed, neither of them had ever even had sex with anyone else. But they would fantasize about the stories they read, and they found it exciting.

They wrote to him personally, to ask for more stories. An email relationship began. He even wrote a story personalized just for them. They discovered that he lived in the same city as themselves, and they would fantasize about actually meeting this man. Then one night they wrote him and asked him if he actually did the things that he wrote about. He wrote back a short message.

“Send her to me. I will show you. If you would like to make this reality, contact me.”
They fucked like mad that night, thinking of her going to this man, and having him do things to her. The next day, a Saturday, a new message appeared.

“Send her to me. Tonight. 8 o’clock She will wear a coat and heels. Nothing else. She will take a taxi. You will ride with her and deliver her to me, but you will take the cab back home. You will await my email that she is on her way home. This will be Chapter One of my newest story.”

An address was attached.

They stared at it for a long time. Finally she spoke.
” You can’t really be seriously considering this,” she said.

” Hey, I think we should do it. If things get too far out just tell him to stop. I mean, hell, we know where he lives. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Just find out if he even does those things. Have him tell you about the things he does. He’s probably some computer geek anyway, you’ll probably scare the shit out of him.”

He was excited. He took her right there on the living room floor, telling her that another man was going to see her naked. Telling her how exciting it would be to read the story that he would write about it.

Secretly, it excited her too. But deep in her heart, she knew that this would be a big mistake.
There was no stopping his boyish exuberance. He was in her closet, pulling out things and asking her if she would wear this or that. She now knew for sure that this actually going to happen.

She got into the taxi in a daze. He was babbling about how he’d be waiting in front of the computer for the message that she was on her way back. She sat there in her long, black leather coat and her heels, trembling. She was terrified.

They pulled up to a non-descript house in a housing tract. He reached across her and opened the door as the porch light came on. He kissed her. She almost felt like he was pushing her out the door.

“See you in a couple of hours, hon,” he said.
That was it. As the taxi pulled away, she saw him looking out the back window to get a glimpse of the man that was now standing on the front porch. Standing there with his hand out to take her trembling arm.

“Don’t be afraid my pet, come in, come in.”
He was magnificent. Grey hair, grey beard and eyes that burned right into her soul.
Before she could say a word, she was standing in the front room and the door closed behind her. The room was lit with candles, and classical music played softly in the background. A contraption like something she had seen in a gym was standing just a foot or so away.
He walked to the front of her and began unbuttoning her coat.

“No, please..I..I,.” she started to say. She received a sharp slap in the face. She was stunned. She started to speak again and he slapped her again. Hard.
“You will, shut…the…fuck…up,” he said.

As her coat fell away, her knees buckled and he guided her right onto his whipping bench, as that is what the contraption was that she saw. He tied her naked body to it, and proceeded to whip her. He gagged her and he whipped her. At some point he untied her and turned her over. She was in shock and was a rag doll in his hands. He then proceeded to whip her front. Then he fucked her. Her body that had never even been exposed to another man before, was unceremoniously fucked. He fucked her cunt, he pulled out and fucked her ass, he pulled out and came on her face. Without a word or a kind touch, he used her.

She vaguely remembered being shoved into the back of the taxi. She was a shambles. Her coat was open revealing her body, and she had cum on her face, as he had forbidden her to wipe it off until after her husband had seen it. Somewhere along the way the taxi pulled off the road. The taxi driver fucked her too…..a quick, frenzied fucking that deposited his load in her womb.

All she wanted, all she waited for, was to get home; to release herself into her husbands arms. She could cry and they would talk about what a horrible mistake this all was.
He was waiting. He helped her into the house. He eased her onto the couch and took her coat off of her. He was not prepared for what he saw. Her body was criss-crossed with welts, front and back, head to toe. She broke down sobbing, she wanted him to call the police. He sat as if in a trance, rubbing his fingers on the welts. He licked the dried cum from her face. Then he fucked her. Fucked her with a cock so hard she thought he thrust a steel rod up in her. Her welted, burning thighs screamed at the friction of his rutting.

When he pulled out he fell to his knees and put his mouth on her cunt. He sucked the sperm from her cunt. His and the two men before him. He licked and sucked on her asshole, as if to pull more male sperm from her there.

She could not move. He helped her up and guided her across the room…not to the bathroom though, he guided her to the computer. On the screen was a message. She had to focus to see the words, but her husband read it aloud.

” She is on her way home. She did well. I hope you enjoy the artwork on her body. I created it with my crop and my whip. I fucked her. Everywhere. She is a slut. She is my slut. You may use her. You may suck the cum from her holes, you may lick the cum from her face, but she now belongs to me. I will want her again on Tues night. End of Chapter One.”

Part two

She knew that life had changed forever. She also could not believe the change in her husband. He took great delight in talking about how she had been whipped and fucked, and he made her re-tell the tale over and over. He told her that he would save her asshole for her new Master, that He would be pleased to have the exclusive right to use her there. He would get very excited and undress her, running his hands over her now-fading welts, and he would fuck her on the spot, hard and fast.

When Tuesday evening came, she wanted to tell him that she did not want to do this again. Instead, he sat her down in front of the computer. The message was there.
“Send the slut to me. She is to come alone, dressed as before. I am waiting. We will begin Chapter Two.”

She started to cry, begging him not to make her go. He just told her that there was no way she could consider not going. Then he went in the bedroom and returned with her coat and shoes. She wordlessly began undressing. The taxi was already outside.

He was not alone this time. She saw another man sitting on a couch at the end of the dimly lit room. Her coat was taken from her, and she was made to bend over the bench. . Weighted clamps were attached to her nipples, and she could see them dangling down, obscenely stretching her tits towards the floor. She was gagged.

He started with a leather covered paddle, and beat her with it until her ass and the backs of her thighs were on fire. Then he moved to her side so he could slap her dangling, weighted tits with his crop. She could hear the weights clang together as he alternated his strokes. Then he took a flogger to her back, and she could feel the welts rising. She was screaming behind the gag. She felt a butt plug expanding her ass and offered no resistance to its intrusion.

The gag and the clamps were removed. The other man was in front of her face, his cock erect, and he told her to suck. The Master was working his cock into her from behind. They began to fuck her, one fucking her face the other her cunt, until they both came. She remained there, bent over the whipping bench, cum oozing from her slit and dripping from her chin, and she was vaguely aware of flashbulbs going off.

She was made to lay on her back. It was painful to move with the welts and the plug, but they got her in position. She was re-tied, knees splayed open, her ass hanging over the end of the bench, the plug lewdly protruding from her ass. She was like a zombie, and was barely aware of the clippers and the razor that removed her pubic hair.

That’s when the other man showed her the contents of the box he was holding. Alcohol, needles, a tool like a leather punch, sets of gold rings. When she realized they intended to pierce her nipples she tried to scream. The alcohol was already being applied. Her nipples were pierced, and the gold rings put through the newly punched holes. They weren’t finished however. They pierced her labia and her clit hood, and gold rings were put through these holes too. They brought out a mirror and made her look at her new decorations. She could not believe she was looking at herself. Legs splayed wide open. Three gold rings around her shaven sex, and two gold rings gleaming from her nipples. A plastic plug in her ass.

The bench she was tied to was raised until her ass was level with the Master’s now hard cock. He began to work the front of her with his crop, and she just helplessly lay there. She could feel her juices running from her and dripping on the floor. He noticed it too, and would stop and fuck her slit with the handle of the crop, then pull it out and slap her wet cunt with it. This was driving her crazy. She needed to cum, and she hated herself for it, but she desperately needed to relieve the fire that was burning in her sex.

The beating stopped. He stood before her, greasing his hard cock. The other man was taking pictures again as the plug was slowly removed from her ass. It was replaced with the long, greased cock Once it was in her to the hilt, he began to slowly fuck her, telling her how happy hubby was going to be with her new jewelry, then he’d pull on her nipple rings as his balls rubbed against her burning ass cheeks. She came, she couldn’t help it. The hard cock up her ass, her newly exposed clit rubbing against his hairy belly, the whipping, the pain and humiliation, it all just exploded and she came, her asshole contracting, milking the cock inside her. He had not cum yet. He reached up and removed her gag, then made her tell him how much she loved it, made her beg for it as he continued to fuck her ass. He finally came and withdrew, and the other man moved into position. His cock was very thick, and it stretched her ass even more, she came again, straining to impale herself deeper onto the cock. The man laughed and he pulled out of her ass and squirted his cum on her stomach and slit.

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